In the 2020 red dot awards, the award -winning works are first seen!

Jimmy Home Infrared Test Gun

Jimmy’s infrared temperature testing gun takes non -contact, fast temperature measurement as the cut -off port, and enters the home thermatulating gun market. With excellent appearance design and leading temperature -sensing technology, Jimmy’s infrared thermostat can be completed in only 0.5 seconds to complete the temperature measurement. The high -efficiency experience experience has won unanimous praise from users.

Insulation cup (Metro)

“Metro) Thermos cup is a product that Lexiele buckle and well -known Korean design companies. Its shape breaks through the limitations of the previous thermal insulation cup, and with a modern design lines and unique appearance appearance, it intimately reflects the lifestyle of modern urban people, and finally won the favor of the Red Dot Award Jury.

Toothbrush sterilizer

“Toothbrush sterilizer” is one of the healthy small home appliances products that will soon be launched in the Chinese market. It was first launched in the Korean market in January, designed for 1-2 people. The round and cute shape, the functional characteristics of cleaning the toothbrush are sought after by many young consumer groups in Korea. This product uses the “UV-C LED” sterilization system, which has the function of killing 99%of harmful bacteria. It can also avoid fragile risk that can be used in the previous mercury light ultraviolet generator, and has received praise in environmental protection and safety.

Wave (WAVE) pot

The “Wave” pots adhering to the consistent gravity casting tradition of the high -end pot series of music buckles, and use traditional craftsmanship to create a pot with good quality and design sense. The product is expected to be listed in China in the first half of this year.

Stay series table lamp and wall lamp

In 2020, the NordLux product Stay series table lamp and wall lamps were designed by Danish designer Maria Bernesen. The designer’s wish is to use a design style to create a work that can achieve both a variety of functions and bring beautiful lights. Different from the traditional wall lamp, the STAY wall lamp adopts a floating design with its own storage small table, making people’s eyes shine. Both the small tables and lights can be used. The table also comes with a USB charging port, and there is a beautiful and low -key touch lighting switch.

ASUS Lingyao X2 Pro

ASUS Lingyao X2 Pro is a breakthrough 15.6 -inch laptop, equipped with a 4K ultra -high -definition OLED display and a 14 -inch full width 4K resolution touch screen, creating unlimited possibilities.

ASUS ROG Ice Blade 4 dual -screen

Jya new light platform lamp

Limited shape, focusing on “light”. The unique 30 °/45 ° side luminescence forms a unique independent light field. After retreating the lamp body, create a concentrated atmosphere. The top button can be lit, with two types of light fields: scattered light and focusing light. The near -light color rendering index is as high as 95 and the high -beam color rendering index is 85. The exquisite magnetic base, close the table lamp closer, and the base will automatically adsorb the bottom of the platform lamp. Type-C charging holes can be portable everywhere.

Jya pair -pairing heater

The elegant “string” grille stretches like a string. Deep gray matte texture and exquisite metal edges are simple and very layered. The fingertips are gently controlled, and the temperature can be set at 16 ~ 28 ° C, and the 0 ~ 9h nine gear is timed. The Wi-Fi connection shows more accurate real-time temperature and humidity. Preset the temperature you want, the built -in intelligent temperature control system will automatically adjust the heating power according to the environment so that the room temperature is always as needed. IPX4 -level sputtering water level can not only be placed in the living room, bedroom, but also for bathroom heating. Flexible moving bottom pulley, enjoy comfortable warmth at any time.

Pamu slide real wireless noise reduction headset

PADMATE PAMU SLIDE’s Pamu Slide True Wireless Noise Call headset won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2020 with outstanding design concepts, excellent innovation functions, and excellent appearance. PAMU Slide has a double microphone, the main microphone picks up human voices, supplemented by the microphone picking environmental noise, filtering noise through artificial software intelligent algorithms, and providing users with the best hearing experience. Even in the noisy environment, you can clearly speak. This feature solves the difficulty of calling users in the noisy environment, and it is also the most popular feature of Pamu Slide.

Chasing high -speed hair dryers

The pursuit of high -speed hair dryers as the first hair dryer product to pursue technology can be described as the ultimate in terms of innovation, functions, aesthetics, and communication. Relying on its strong motor technology, self -developed 110,000 rotor high -speed motor SPACE4.0 has become a domestic brand. Innovative drivers, it uses to directly revolutionize the product’s work power problem directly on the hair dryer product, and combines the outer airflow multiplication technology to achieve 58-60m/second high wind speed. It only takes 3 minutes to quickly dry the hair to the strong airflow, which becomes a domestically produced Representative of high -end hair dryers.


Flexo LAMP signed by the famous Spanish design studio Bambú, which is signed by Mingchuang Youpin, won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award in one fell swoop. The hose light adopts the charging mode, which is freely adjusted at 360 °, which can be folded lightly and easy to carry. The lamp with folding and soft characteristics greatly improves the applicability of under various environments and conditions. It can not only be used in the desktop reading or office scene at home, but also can be used for the popular web live broadcast and selfie camera supplement. Light.

Realmex2 Pro Master Edition

Realme X2 Pro Master Edition is created by Realme and the world -renowned industrial design master Fukawa. X2 Pro Master Edition Product. In addition, in order to achieve the ultimate pursuit of craftsmanship, Realme exclusively customizes RP paint, and cooperates with the industry’s leading Lacqured Glass glass spraying method, after 32 sandy tests, eventually creates a soft matte touch on the smooth glass; The nano -chip manufacturing industry’s leather picosure laser technology is carved out of hollow glass logo on a matte paint high -precision.

Science group sweeping robot

Such a product that is derived from the user. When designing, the team tries to abandon the extra modification, reduce the interference of the user’s vision of the design language, and restore the minimalist aesthetics of “white”. Based on the consideration of increasingly paying attention to privacy in recent years, the product has combined the camera and storage module into one, which can not only meet the clean needs, but also meet the needs of some users to cover the camera to protect privacy.

NOUHAUS classic massage chair N -0003

N-0003 is a very beautiful massage chair. No matter what space, it can create a natural atmosphere. Its beautiful curve lines can just reconcile the tough straight lines of the furniture, making the space look more vivid. The semi -package design fits every part of the body, which is comparable to the comfort of real people to make you feel deep in it. Lazy time passes quietly in the rubbing and pinch. The LS -shaped rail that conforms to the ergonomics, covering the neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips and other parts, kneading, knocking, and stressing massage to give you a comprehensive massage enjoyment.

Fast “side sliding lock” installation of solid wood flooring

The rapid “side slide” installation of solid wood flooring of Yangtze Invention patents is a solid wood floor with gum -free, keel, flat -pushing, and low -cost paving. It has the characteristics of stability, moisture resistance, ground fever, resistance to deformation, convenient disassembly, low loss, recycled use, continuous release of negative oxygen ions, antibacterial ions, and antibacterials that can be purified. Environmental, healthy, and convenient home lifestyles have subverted the revolution of solid wood flooring.

YOGO unmanned delivery robot Kago5

Yogo Robot is a leading brand of unmanned delivery service robot. The award -winning unmanned delivery robot KAGO5 is designed by Yogo Robot for the last 100 meters of the building. It has a 360 -degree holographic perception system. Through multi -dimensional dynamic perception of surrounding people and the environment, to adjust and plan a walking path in real time. With the help of the Internet of Things, KAGO5 can achieve cross -floor material transmission through independent call elevators and barrier -free gates, and promote the last 100m logistics network to enter the era of intelligent mobile.

Nature vision (intelligent control panel)

Nature Vision (Smart Control Panel) is a central control panel launched by Lifesmart Yunqi in 2019. Nature uses aviation -grade aluminum profiles. The body with deep space gray metal texture with a 10.25 -inch large touch screen highlights the connotation of simple and atmospheric atmosphere. The designer eliminates all excess designs. Design of space. Nature can control all smart devices in the home through physical buttons and touch screen linkage, which can bring users a personalized human -machine in -depth interaction experience, and smart technology tentacles can be reached.

Zhaoguan Smart Health Ring

The Zhaoguan Intelligent Health Ring launched by Hangzhou Zhaoguan Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., as a smart blood oxygen monitoring equipment, uses medical grade monitoring technology, weighs only 10 grams, can be delayed, not only suitable for different finger size, but also suitable For a long time, you can achieve 12 -hour continuous blood oxygen monitoring on the fingertips, which can be used for daily health monitoring, chronic obstructive lung (COPD), and sleep respiratory suspension syndrome (SAHS) screening. Related supporting apps can provide users with health suggestions for monitoring data and professional doctors to truly realize portable health management.

Yamaha Motorcycle Ténéré700

Yamaha “Ténéré700” is an adventure motorcycle that inherits the design and transportation of the “Ténéré” series. It has a glorious history in the “Dakar” in the 1980s and 1990s. The car is equipped with a 689cc displacement of a 270 -degree stagger engine. The design elements of off -road+adventure+tourism have a high degree of freedom in the riding pose, at the same time with high durability and maintenance, and the highly adaptive body when loading luggage. Essence Based on the design concept of “Excition Adventureténéré”, the high face that combines a three -piece cover in the unique headlights and fuel tanks expresses the adventure spirit.

Yamaha Industrial UAV YMR-08

“YMR-08” is an industrial multi-rotor aircraft (commonly known as “drone”), which is developed based on the concept of 1 hectare of fields in 15 minutes. In order to meet the needs of suburbs and small agriculture, weighing light carbon fiber body and quieter motor. Thoroughly pursue the beauty of the needs of sprayers and farmers, and the design is exquisite and energetic.

Qinglang food delivery robot peanut

Qing Lang Smart’s “Peanut” food delivery robot is the “Internet celebrity” food delivery robot in the catering industry in the past two years. , Realize the long -term stable operation of the complex indoor environment. From the three dimensions of unmanned distribution, multi -point distribution and multi -machine collaboration to create better dishes for catering companies: without the need for personnel to contact directly, only according to the tracking table number, you can realize the meal delivery to the table to liberate the curator Legs.

Zhongqing AI Environment Monitoring Controller

Zhongqing Technology AI Environmental Monitoring Controller is a product that takes into account both functions and appearance. It perfectly integrates environmental monitoring, cloud analysis, control, and final data. For closed buildings and buildings, the traffic is dense, the environment is complex, the air quality and temperature and humidity are in an unhealthy state, but the current situation of the problem of unclear problems provides an efficient solution.

Smart Sleep Ear earbuds Amazfit Zenbuds

Huami Technology Intelligent Sleep Ear earbuds Amazfit Zenbuds perfectly integrate minimalist ideas and technology aesthetics. The earplugs adopt Yunmu white color, the single ear weighs 1.78g, light and small, supplemented by tilted into the ear design and innovative ear support design, so that it can stabilize the auricle, effectively block the external noise. Relax your body and mind, soothe anxiety, and provide an unsightly wearing experience. The earplugs can record the user’s sleep status and stage, monitor the user’s sleeping position and sleep quality, and generate sleep analysis reports, which helps users develop good sleep habits. Amazfit Zenbuds also has a built -in private alarm function, using a ringtone with a stronger volume to wake the user more peacefully from the sleep without disturbing the pillow. And, earplugs can be used for 12 hours of sleep battery life. With the rotating charging storage box, it can bring a total of 8 nights to sleep, which is very convenient.

Zhimi Smart heater

Zhimi Smart Hemotiny is the latest smart heating device. Its 2000W strong power combined with high -efficiency PTC ceramic heating can achieve faster heating efficiency. The fuselage uses ROHS -certified environmental protection materials, which will not produce harmful substances during use. In terms of manipulation methods, Zhimi Smart Hemotiny has four control methods: 2.4GHz wireless remote control, fuselage key remote control, mobile APP control, and Xiaoai classmate voice control. sex.

Zhimi humidifier

Zhimi humidifier is a good life with convenient life. In addition to the high -efficiency humidification capacity of 200ml/h, its injection water design is more convenient to use the user’s daily use. The idle water purification at hand can be added to the water tank at hand. 2.25L large -capacity water tank can be used for more than 8 hours to meet the demand for humidification all night. Open water tank design is convenient and clean in time to ensure humidifying environmental hygiene.

German DJM Black Head Instrument

Blackheads are simplified, abandoning extra functions, focusing on removing blackheads, and using the principle of negative pressure vacuum, can remove skin garbage such as blackheads and keratin, and intimately match the guidance out of the export and hyaluronic acid contraction solution, so that customers are no longer worried about worrying The pores are rough.

Chenguang automatic glue belt seat

The Chenguang automatic glue belt seat AJD957F0 is the first domestic automatic tape zone with independent intellectual property rights. It is also one of the few products that have won the German IF and Red Dot Award International Design Awards in the stationery office industry. The appearance adopts a stylish and simple white car shape, integrating popular elements with innovative concepts. Based on the pain points of consumers, the automatic knife of the automatic glue belt seat can quickly cut the tape with one hand, and the knife head is also specially designed by special safety, which will not hurt your hands. Effectively improve office efficiency, interest and security.

Mijia Kwap Line electric heaters

The Mijia Kainet Batscale uses a windless convection heating. The 127 dragon scales -type heat sink with a dual heating pipe can quickly heat up, power -on, heat, and heat radiation. Air water evaporates. It has the LCD touch screen, which provides 900W/1300W/2200W three -speed power adjustment, and increases the automatic transmission mode, which can automatically adjust the power output according to the indoor temperature.

Sony Bravia® Z8H series 8K LCD TV

This Sony’s 8K LED TV built -in high -resolution processor brings excellent 8K image quality, equipped with a new and original audio system, and vibrates the TV as a flat audio through the screen and frame. The Z8H has achieved unimaginable audio depth with the ultra -thin design of its fuselage, so that the sound is emitted from the right position of the screen. In order to further enhance the user’s immersive viewing experience, the Z8H removes all the screen elements that may be decentralized. Sony’s design concept is to divide the TV frame into two areas-internal orbit and external orbit, and for them to distinguish the color and surface treatment. By maintaining the internal track and the color of the screen more tightly, the design weakens the visual presence of everything around the screen, except for the thin line of the external rail. The bracket has also been reduced much compared to the previous generations, and placed on both ends of the screen to avoid reflection. The peripheral line of the screen extends to the bracket to create a sense of continuity of the TV frame, which can effectively guide the audience’s sight to the screen.

Sony full -frame digital camera system

Sony real wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset wf-1000XM3

Sony wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset WH-H910N

Sony smartphone Xperia-1

Sony robot toy Toio ™

Sony wireless controller rear key connection board

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