Now every family must install the socket, but the socket is directly connected to the power supply, so the socket cannot be ignored in the safety of electricity safety. In order to ensure the safety of the socket, many families have begun to use the socket protection cap. So, what is the meaning of the protective cover for the socket? How to buy and use? With the protective cover, is the socket really safe? Let’s take a look together.

Socket protection cover

The protective cover of the socket is a small object used to protect the jack that is not interfered by the outside world, and it is also a favorable helper for home electricity safety. The protective cover of the socket is not only available now. Its development has undergone three stages:

Phase 1: external protective cap

Because many consumers report that children in the family always like to insert into the jack with fingers or other hard objects, plus children in the society frequently. The company in the production socket thought of a simple and rude way, directly installing external insulating materials on the jack, that is, the external protective cap.

Phase 2: ground pole driver open type

The external protective cover is more troublesome, and the effect is not as ideal as expected. At this time, the socket company came up with a new design solution that set the protective door as a ground -driven. That is to say, only the ground is driven, and the socket can be powered normally.

Phase 3: L extreme/n polar driver open type

The design upgrade of this protective cover has only after inserting the L extremely and N pole of the trigeline or the bipolar socket, and the socket can be powered on, and the single pole cannot be inserted. This is the most popular and the safest socket protection cap.

什么是插座保护盖 插座保护盖有必要吗 插座保护盖如何安装

Is the socket protection cover necessary?

As you pay more attention to the safety of electricity, the sockets with a protective door or a protective cover are favored. But some people say that this is just a gimmick of a merchant. The protective cover cannot really ensure the safety of electricity consumption. So, is it necessary to install the socket protection cap?

With the advantages of protecting the cover socket

First, prevent foreign objects from entering

After the jack is protected, it is equivalent to having a “protection door”, which isolate the jack and the outside world. The short -circuit due to foreign matter.

Second, reduce the occurrence of children’s electric shock accidents

This is particularly critical. When the children at home play the socket when the parents are not paying attention, the socket is blocked by the protective cover. The child will not be able to use sharp substances or fingers to go deep into the jack. occur.

什么是插座保护盖 插座保护盖有必要吗 插座保护盖如何安装

Third, extend the life of the socket

If the jack is exposed in the air for a long time, it is easy to be affected by the air, which causes the bronze chip rust and poor contact. When there is a protective cover on the jack, these situations can be avoided well.

The socket is to install a protective cap

In general, if there are children in the family, it is necessary to install a protective cover for the socket or buy a socket with a protective cover. The protection door can not only prevent foreign bodies from entering the socket, but more importantly, it can ensure the safety of children’s electricity and reduce the occurrence of electrical shock accidents.

How to choose the socket protection cover

Since it is necessary to install the socket protection cap, what if you buy it? In fact, although there are diverse types of socket protection doors on the market, many brands, and uneven quality, as long as you have mastered the following 4 methods, all this is not a matter.

First, choose a brand

什么是插座保护盖 插座保护盖有必要吗 插座保护盖如何安装

Try to choose a brand with good reputation, good reputation, or “old name”. Big brands of products are guaranteed, and products are durable.

Second, look at quality

Most of the sockets of the sockets are made of engineering plastic or PC materials. If the quality is qualified, the product should have excellent flame retardability and insulation.

Third, test feel

If you need to manually insert the protective door of the jack, you can feel the feel by trial before buying. If it is very tight or very loose when inserting into the jack, it means that the quality is not very good. The high -quality protection door should be moderate.

Fourth, look at the price

You cannot blindly pursue high prices or low prices, but should be selected according to the actual budget under the condition of qualified quality. But the price is a purchase that needs to be valued. If the price is not suitable, it will easily affect the experience.

How to install the socket protection cap

After having children at home, parents will always pay attention to home safety, hoping to create a safe and worry -free living environment for their children. This can be reflected from many small details, such as installing a protective cover for the socket. So, how to install the protective cover of the socket?

The first step is to prepare the props

The protection cover of the installation socket is very simple, but the props must be prepared first. According to the number of sockets, types, size specifications, and colors at home, select the protective cover that matches the color and quantity.

Step 2, clean protection cover and socket

Before the installation, in addition to preparing the tools, the socket and protection cover should be cleaned. Use a dry cloth to wipe the dust and stains on the cover or socket.

The third step, the official installation protection cap

Power off the socket and press the protective cover corresponding to the jack directly. Although it looks simple, it should be noted that before installing, it must be disconnected. It is important to say three important things, otherwise it is prone to an electric shock accident.

Will the socket protection cover be conducted?

For the protective cover of the socket, although many friends know what kind of thing it is, and it is also used to protect the electric shock. But in real life, some families will have an electric shock accident even if they install the socket protection door. What is going on? Does the protective cover of the socket will conduct electricity?

什么是插座保护盖 插座保护盖有必要吗 插座保护盖如何安装

Generally speaking, the protective cover of the socket is made of insulating material and will not conduct electricity. But now the protection cover on the market is true and false, and the quality is also worrying. Even some protective caps have not passed the national compulsory 3C certification, and the anti -electrical resistance performance is poor. It is easy to make people think that the protective cap will also conduct electricity.

Therefore, when buying a protective cover, you should check whether the quality of the protective cover meets national standards. If you cannot start with quality, you should try to choose products with regular brands and formal channels, so as to avoid buying fakes.

In addition, the latest national standard sockets have increased the protection door. If you don’t want to re -use the traditional protective cap, you can choose to buy a new national standard socket.