How do I choose the dining room lighting? One article understands

Smart classmates recently want to give the guest restaurant a good look, but after brushing a certain treasure and a certain sweet potato, it is even more confused. The store and blogger

Recommend 100-300 LUX, but what is LUX? What color is the color temperature 3500K? What does the color rendering index (RA) 90 mean?

In short, the proper noun of the lighting does not understand. The online product map cannot imagine the real effect. When you go to the physical store, you will be even more confused when you see a variety of dazzling lamps …

In fact, everyone has nothing to do with the choice of lighting. It must have a high value in itself, and at the same time, it can also achieve the decoration and lighting function of the home space. Xiaoqi today

Teach everyone how to match the guest restaurant lighting


Decoration noun for lighting

First of all, simply understand

Three proper nouns of lights: illuminance, color temperature, color rendering index.


The unit is Lux (Lux), in simple terms, “Is my family light bright enough?”

For general values, you can refer to the following form,

Different housing area, there are different watts recommendation

It is right to buy according to it:

Color rendering index (RA).

Represents color reduction. Many businesses will double the price of the product under the banner of “Gao Xian Finger”. Nothing at all! Generally speaking

The living room color rendering index reaches 80 ~ 85 to meet the daily needs.

Color temperature.

The color of the light, in general

The guest restaurant 4000K is more appropriate

Essence If you like warm owners, you can choose 3500K.


Buy adjustable color temperature lights

, Switch the family atmosphere according to needs and customize your home life.

Which places need lighting in the guest restaurant?

How to choose lighting?

Choose the main light according to the living room area and height.

Generally speaking, the living room is basically based on

A suction or chandelier as the main light

, With other auxiliary lights, such as floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, downlights, firearms, lights, lamp bands, lamp tube, etc.

Calculate formula.

Main light diameter

Estimated through the living room area

The specific value is as follows:

Flat the top light.

The area of ​​the living room is about 15-20 square meters, and the ceiling lamp should be installed as the main light, which seems not crowded. The effect is more obvious with a pint, a spotlight, or a floor light.

▲ ceiling light+floor lamp

▲ ceiling light+fire light

The top lampshade.


Acrylic (organic glass) material

The advantages of the lampshade is that the light transmission rate is as high as 92%, the weight is light, the toughness is good, and it is not easy to break. The atomization effect is good and the lamp has an overall glowing effect.


It is mainly divided into single -head chandeliers and multi -head chandeliers.

Compared with ceiling lights, chandeliers are both strength and beauty. Choose some light and simple and artistic chandeliers to change the temperament of the guest restaurant in minutes.

▲ Wooden vortex modeling art lamp

Fan fan lamp.

There is also a chandelier,

Safe energy saving, remote control, wall control.

Two wires need to be reserved during installation, which are connected to the fan and lights. If only one wire is reserved, you can control the remote control circuit.

How to choose chandeliers according to the height of the living room.

① The net height is more than 3m.

It is advisable to use three to five chandeliers or large -shaped chandeliers, which can make the living room look magnificent.

Don’t recommend the lampshade facing the chandeliers

Although the light source is hidden and not dazzling, it is easy to get dirty. The lamp seat will cover the light. There is often shadow in the bottom. The light can only be transmitted by the lampshade and the ceiling reflection and the efficiency.

② The net height of the living room is 2.7-3.0m.

It is advisable to use a mid -range chandelier, such as a multi -head chandelier with a height of 60cm, and a high -grade and slightly larger size ceiling lamp.

③ larger living room or villa hollow.

Then you can choose some large crystal chandeliers, or European-style copper chandeliers. Here you need to consider choosing the light body of the 2-floor-4 layer, which can more reflect the atmosphere of the living room and make the wide halls full of vitality.

Precautions for chandeliers.

The complicated long -head chandelier should be used in high -level high -level space. The lowest point of the lights and the floor of the floor should be above 2.1m. In the duplex or jump floor, the minimum point of the lobby chandelier should not be lower than the two -story floor.

When choosing a multi -head chandelier, the number of lamp heads is generally determined according to the living room area, so that the proportion of the size of the lamp to the size of the living room is harmonious. But as the lamp head increases, the price of the lamp has doubled.

Throw away a house and one light and use decentralized lighting.

For the living room, a main lamp illuminates the whole house, which can meet the basic lighting requirements. But the light is too strong and single, which is not conducive to the creation of the atmosphere.

Select local lighting to embellish.

floor lamp.

The lamps with lampshade, bracket, and base are convenient to move. They are generally arranged in the living room and rest area. They are used in conjunction with sofas and coffee tables for local lighting and creating corner atmosphere.

▲ Create a Christmas atmosphere

▲ Creative floor lamp

▲ Internet celebrity sunset lamp

The lights are down.

The lights are projected directly downwards, suitable for reading and other spaces that need to be concentrated. Open the balcony and living room, arrange the floor lamp here, a rocking chair, a cup of tea is one afternoon.

The lights are around.

Used as background lighting, adjusting the height of the light source can change the diameter of the aperture, thereby controlling the strength of the light and creating a hazy effect.

With a downlight or shooting light to create a high -level sensory district.

This type of lamp emit light from different angles and directions. Each light source spreads into rules and rounds, blooming outward, and the circular light and shadow are incorrectly integrated.

Placed next to the TV cabinet, with the cultural brick background wall, don’t have a flavor.

Precautions for landing lights.

The floor lamp next to the sofa is suitable for adjusting the height and the angle of the lampshade. Generally, 1.2-1.3m high, it can not only provide supplementary lighting for reading, but also alleviate the stimulus of the TV screen when watching TV.

Shooting lights.

The shooting light is a “master -wash master”, which can achieve the face value of the wall through the presentation of light.

The spotlight has three categories: rail type, dot -hanging, and embedded type.

The orbit and dot -hanging type are installed on the wall and the roof surface, and the embedded type is generally installed in the ceiling.

▲ Railway

▲ Point hanging style

▲ embedded

Matching the lights.

It can be used with the main lights, and it can also be designed as a living room without the main lamp, but the number should not be large, preventing the circuit from overloading and not beautiful.

▲ With the main light

▲ No main lamp design

The shooting light rollover scene.

have to be aware of is,

The distance from the wall/corner should not be too small

Otherwise, there will be attached spots, and multiple hills will easily make people dizzy.

If you are hitting the shooting lights on decorative paintings, you need to match the appropriate light arc in advance.

Dip lamp.

There are two types of downlights: embedded and external types. The lamps embedded inside the ceiling require the ceiling thickness of more than 15 cm.

▲ Built -in downlight

▲ External downlight

How to distinguish down lamps and shooting lights.

We can distinguish down the downlight and shooting lights through the state of light. The light of the spotlight is gathered, and the light of the downlight is scattered.

Choice of downlights and shooting lights.

Bright surface tiles are recommended to choose down lights, because the lights are illuminated with bright tiles and reflected to smallpox, which is easy to pollute.

Table lamp/wall lamp.

The wall lamp can be designed on the background wall of the sofa. The moving table lamp is placed on the ground or coffee table according to the needs of the owner to increase the value of the living room.

The above is how Xiaoqi teaches you how to match the guest restaurant lighting,

How is your home lighting design? Let’s talk together!

The above is the introduction and description of PLASTIC LIGHTING, I hope it can be helpful to you.