Have you found that there is a “suit pants” wind this year. The effect of this straight slim pants is extremely thin, and it can also improve the gas field instantly. No wonder the fashion circle has a hand.

As soon as I entered the autumn, Cici Song Yanxuan wore velvet suit pants, and it was super handsome and gentleman’s taste with the same suit jacket.

Qiu Tian’s gray suit pants are classic, and double straps show the high sense of neutral style.

The two suit pants that Liu Shishi recently wore was very personal. The high -waisted version showed her good figure. Both the suit or the shirt were stable.

Ni Ni also put on white suit pants in the new drama “Night Traveler”. This pants and legs are relatively wide. Walking on the road is elegant and agile, setting off her cold temperament.

Who doesn’t want to have a simple and individual suit like this? So this time I will recommend 5 fashionable suit pants this season, let’s take a look.

Among all suit pants, the most thinner must be the style of this straight seam. At first glance, it seems that it is not much different from other versions, but it is actually such a small detail that can have a clear self -cultivation effect.

General suit pants will be sutured on both sides, but you will find that if you wear it, if the suture line protrudes outwards, the legs will expand on both sides, and an elephant leg will be worn accidentally. The stitching line of this suit pants is designed in the middle of the legs, so that the legs can be accepted visually, so as to achieve a thin purpose. The version of the trousers itself is also very moderate. It has the cultivation effect of wide -leg pants, but also avoids the lines of excessive wide and covering the legs of their legs.

The fabric of this suit pants is relatively thicker, imitating the texture of light cashmere, and has a clear sense of granules, which is very suitable for wearing in autumn. Ink green is also very stable, with simple basic T -shirts or shirts, it can be very good.

It is also a suit pants with mid -sutures. This beaphill is also the most commonly worn after I started with it recently. The middle stitching continues from the feet of the pants to the waist, and the lower body is stretched visually. For the girls of the small man, the effect is high.

The fabric of this suit pants is relatively thin. If you look closely, there will be a tiny pores similar to weaving. It is very breathable. When the weather is hot, you can avoid sweltering when you are hot. The legs of the trousers will not be close to the skin. There is a certain space from the legs. It looks straight and not stereotyped, and the effect of trimming the legs is still obvious.

Because the pants are relatively long, I usually wear high heels inside. When the legs are covered with the heel, the legs of the hidden heel will be more slender, and they can easily wear long legs. Girls who are used to wearing high heels can also try it, walking with wind is you.

There are many basic suit pants, but because of the satisfactory version and simple design, for many girls, in fact, it is not easy to control like other basic models, but it is easy to wear old -fashioned. So when choosing basic trousers, I usually try to use light colors as much as possible to avoid heavy colors.

This suit pants I have been worn recently is a light -colored basic series. The beige is soft and refreshing, and it will not look at the layers like fluorescent white. As a lower dress, the light -colored system can reduce the monotonousness of the lower body, and it looks lightweight. Usually, whether it is a commute shirt or a suit, it can easily create a workplace style that is not wrong. The length of this pants is moderate, and when the small man is wearing, it will not mop the pants. Basically any body shape can be controlled.

The high -waisted style is very friendly for my waist -length figure. Based on adjusting the proportion of the figure, it can also be effective and thinner. If you also belong to the long waist -shaped figure like me, then you can try it all ~

Autumn is here, and a textured suit pants have also become a fashionable item in our wear. I have always liked to wear this core pants in autumn and winter. The soft material is smooth and smooth, and it is surrounded by the fabrics mixed with satin and goose down. It is comfortable and warm, without losing retro style.

The velvet is particularly difficult to wear in everyone’s impression, and it is a representative item for being fat. Indeed, the velvet is more personal, and a slightly tight version will expose the body curve. And my experience of wearing a velvet is that we must avoid it that it is a tight item. For example, like a tight suspender skirt with velvet material, this type of single product will definitely be fat. But like this suit pants I wear, it is not as A -shaped from top to bottom. The narrow and narrow and lower width can move the center of gravity down, so that the lower body can naturally be thinner. Essence

Another point is to pay attention to the choice of color. Because the velvet itself will reflect, it will increase the area in the bright place, so the bright or light velvet items will be fatter than dark colors. If your lower body is not slender enough, then choose dark velvet trousers.

To say how black suit pants are fashionable, then this popular slit suit pants this year can definitely poke everyone’s aesthetics. Although the upper part is a satisfactory style, the slit design of the trousers will definitely make you inadvertently modify the shape of the body while increasing the fashion.

The slit part of this pants is designed in the middle. Don’t think that the effect is not much different from the side slit. The slit can actually highlight the ankle in the middle. It will be even higher. The pocket design of the pants is also very unique. The zipper -type design avoids the embarrassment of opening the opening. The pockets that are served will not increase the area of ​​the crotch, which can make the lines of the legs look perfect.

Elastic fabrics are also an advantage of this pants, which is more convenient for stretching the limbs than ordinary suit pants. Moreover, elastic fabrics are not easy to wrinkle. Even if you stand up for a long time, you will not leave wrinkles. It is very decent to work at work.

Alright, today’s suit pants are recommended here. Although there is a fan jacket, it is more available with a suit. I hope you can also find the one that suits you best, wearing your personality.