“I wanted to thank him in the past, but the people were gone in a blink of an eye.” On December 22, the Chengdu Metro Line 1 Guangdu Metro Station. Be careful, and after the police in the station looked for nearly an hour, I was lucky to see the pockets waiting here for a long time at the subway entrance. The handbags were lost, but too late to thank, the picker had left.

According to the police officer Xie Bing, the picker was a man in red. After picking up his handbags, he did not know who lost it. He was afraid that the owner would return to find it. Encounter. “

↑ The police and the owner are inquiring with the people around

Handbags are accidentally lost

19,000 cash and important documents are both

20:30 pm on December 22nd

Xie Bing, the police of Chengdu Railway Public Security Branch

Receive an alarm

, A male passenger named Xu was in Guangdu Station A and accidentally lost his bag. There are important items such as 19,000 cash, ID cards, bank cards, and air tickets.

After receiving the alarm, Xie Bing and two auxiliary police quickly rushed to the position of Mr. Xu, the owner, and after finding the owner, he took him to the police room while looking at the monitoring.

When checking the monitoring in the police room, Xie Bing thought that it was also very cold outside. “Pour the cup of hot water and warm his body first.” “He was anxious at the time, and we thought to let him calm down, and then ask about it.”

After checking the monitoring, after confirming that the lost position was at the entrance of the Guangdu Metro Station, the police and the owner rushed quickly to inquire with surrounding shops and pedestrians.

Around 9:20 that night, a red guy took the initiative to ask if he was looking for a black handbag

Essence Under the verification of the police, the items in the handbag are not bad to what Mr. Xu said, with 19,000 cash and other related documents.

↑ Mr. Xu’s handbags


I was anxious at the time

Urgent use of bank cards and ID cards

Mr. Xu, the owner, told reporters that he was carrying a backpack that night and a large bag. He never found the small bag in his hand to lose. It was not until I went to buy a ticket to buy a ticket.

“At that time, I was very anxious, mainly because there were various documents inside.” Mr. Xu then said that although he was from Meishan, Sichuan, he had been doing business in Tibet for a long time. Because the next day, he had to make an appointment with people. Also set the air ticket to Tibet one day.

“Originally I was going to live in a friend’s house, but I was afraid that I couldn’t catch the plane later, so I went to the Taurus District that day.” Mr. Xu said, but I did not expect that the handbag was lost later, which made him feel very anxious at the time. Essence Later, he quickly called the police.

“The police quickly arrived, very warm, and good attitude, so I don’t worry.” After the police’s joint search, after finally successfully found, Mr. Xu finally took a breath.

↑ Mr. Xu’s lost handbags lost and recovered

Be more than “thanks”

Pick up the bag will not see the figure

“It was the winter solstice that day, and the outside was very cold. He also had to rush home.” Xie Bing recalled that at that time, because of time, he just had a brief communication with the man in red. Wait for about 50 minutes in place.

“He stood beside the entrance at the time, and kept looking for it. He didn’t know who dropped it, and he was afraid that someone would take it up and pick it up.” When talking about the scene at the time, Xie Bing felt that although the outside was cold, it was warm at the time, but it was very warm at the time. Essence

Mr. Xu thought that maybe the handbag had been picked up and the money may have been taken away, but the document may be thrown into a trash can, and it may be found. “The police accompanied me to check the nearby trash can.”

“Fortunately, I found it in the end.” Mr. Xu breathed a sigh of relief. He said that after the police had found a handbag at that time, he asked him to confirm whether the items were lost and the procedures were completed. After finishing the office, I wanted to thank it in the past, but I found that the picker was gone.

Red Star Journalist Du Yuquan Intern Liao Xiaoqin (Photo Conferring in Interviewees)

Original title: The man lost 19,000 yuan to the Chengdu Metro Station and waited for 50 minutes outside the station

↑ Mr. Xu’s lost handbags lost and recovered