Hello everyone, I am Teacher Lin, we met again.

Because I often travel daily, I have a few options for men’s bags. Back or shoulders or todbers go out every day, but I have never dared to discuss the women’s bags. After all, the bag is second for women. Clothing, the favorite is the next one.

I did n’t know much about women’s bags before, so I bought a few models according to my preference when buying bags for leaders. Thousands of bags of bags are unwilling to carry some bags, some simple environmental protection bags, what are the ways.

Most of the bags I bought before were Amazon, and later bought overseas, and some were discounted by Black Five WOOT, but now many good -quality bags may not be more famous. The big -name products are still worth starting.

Some time ago, there was a freshgege unaudimable to buy a bag for the leader. The price was not expensive, but the leader liked it very much, but the face value of this straight man’s face is very ordinary, but the woman woman is a woman. Like it, just don’t understand women’s hearts.

In fact, when I saw the women’s bag in Xidi Mall, I saw many bags of this brand.

▲ It’s no exaggeration to say that it is a little dazzling. Fortunately, the top three colors are the bags I grow grass to you this time.

Italian native Andrea Cardone Classic Ridge Pare

▲ Let’s talk about Andrea Cardone’s brand first. The development history of 50 years, now there are many branches in various countries. Although my straight man’s awareness of the brand is not high, from the perspective of materials and texture, it belongs to a relatively affordable brand.

▲ This bag uses a classic diamond design. It seems that this design is very attractive to girls, and there are three colors, namely black, green and red classic color schemes. The price is 459 yuan.

▲ There are more black occasions in black, and it is more suitable for daily use of the street, so I chose a classic black color. However, if your family doesn’t like it, you can still return and exchange. This is good to support this.


▲ There is only one non -woven bag packaging in the bag. The carton outside has been lost. Isn’t it all popular garbage classification now? You can see that the production place on the Chinese label is Italy and the material is cowhide.

▲ The surface of the surface is neat, and there is no trace of the cutting line between the leather. The texture of the bag at this price is still very heavy when it gets in the hand.

▲ The zipper part of the bag is connected in series with metal and leather. Previously, the leader also had a Tyranni -Bag. The metal shoulder strap was only metal. There was no leather part. Among them. Many times the hardware is the most critical part of a bag. Since this part is the longest part of the bag, my two TUMI zipper ports have been broken after five years of use.

▲ As the most dazzling hardware on the front of the bag, there are paper labels covering the hardware of the protective bag. After tearing off the protection post paper, the brightness is very good. The pressure spring is fixed with a fixed bag.

▲ As a part of the shoulder strap, I pass through the inside of the bag. It is probably that there is no comparison in the legend that there is no harm.

Daily use

▲ As a girl, because the size of this bag is not large, choosing this bag is basically shopping on the weekend. You can carry lipstick, moisturizing dew, hand cream, moisturizing spray, mobile phone. Wallets, card bags and other small things, and with clothes are also very versatile.

▲ Although the size is small, it does not delay the storage of daily necessities at all. Each time the wife changed the package, they lost their ID card or forgot to bring a traffic card. It is also very troublesome to bring important things. Because these trivial matters are often complained by me, you forget to bring things if you change your bag.

▲ The size of the bag is not too large in terms of the parameters, and it is more than enough to bring some daily necessities to carry some daily supplies, but as a man, you should not ignore how many things in the bag. As long as you are responsible for buying, you don’t need to ask.

Out of the streets everyday

Black is actually a very versatile color. If you are struggling with her color when you buy a product, then black or white will not run.

▲ As a professional dress, this bag can also be fully applied. Professional women can easily control it.

▲ Of course, this is a shoulder bag. Of course, it is very casual to carry it on the body. But I still like to feel back on my body. If you want to be young, you can choose to cross your shoulders.


Probably this is the only style I bought for the leader. It seems that the rhombus style is really popular today. As a person who does not come to the world without seeing the pop magazine, I am crooked.

The workmanship of the bag is fine, the wiring is neat, the leather pattern is delicate, and the feel is comfortable. The diamond axis is clear and tidy. The materials in the hardware are also very good, especially the electroplated parts are full of color. There is no color loss, fading, and dull phenomenon. I don’t know if it will last for a long time.

The inside of the bag is not large in size, and it is more than enough to deal with daily perception daily necessities. Can satisfy women’s daily travel.

Wearing versatile, you can hold your hands, you can take your shoulders, or you can cross your shoulders. You can deal with various occasions. Basically belong to a universal bag. The most important price is not expensive.