The degree of exposure to personal ultraviolet rays is not easy before, because generally wearable devices, smartphones, or other items that people go out without built -in ultraviolet sensors. It is understood that UV radiation may seriously damage people’s skin and eyes may even cause skin cancer. Thanks to L’Oreal, all this is about to change. L’Oreal today announced the launch of “My Skin Track UV” (my skin tracking ultraviolet rays), which is a wearable device that can collect personal UV (UV) exposure data, which can be shared with Android mobile phones and iPhone mobile phones, especially not Need Bluetooth or battery.

The parts of the “My Skin Track UV” are installed in a round shirt butt -size shell, which is usually sandwiched on a shirt, so that it can measure long -wave ultraviolet and mid -wave ultraviolet rays at the same time. This sensor can also be worn on the necklace, provided that it will always be exposed to the sun. “My Skin Track UV” has a diameter of 12 mm and a thickness of 6 mm. The shell is composed of three colors of white, blue and silver, and is stylish and waterproof. This sensor was developed by the technology incubator R & D laboratory established by the beauty giant Yves Behar 7 years ago. It currently has a powerful team of 35 people. It also brought vitality through the help of La Roche-Posay, a skin care brand La Roche-Posay and Northwest University, and Northwest University.

Earlier this year, L’Oreal showed a new wearable ultraviolet electronic sensor -UV Sense at the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES). This sky blue polymer with a thickness of 2 mm thick and 9 mm in diameter is composed of three parts: sensor, capacitor, and antenna. The functional principle is also very simple: the energy of UVA and UVB of UVA and UVB will activate the sensor. After that, the measured data is saved by a capacitor. Finally, the measurement data is transmitted to the APP of the smartphone through NFC (near -field communication) technology. Users can stick it to your nails like “nail sticks”, or they can also be pasted on the accessories such as watches, sunglasses, etc., in order to measure the body to receive ultraviolet irradiation.

The most impressive feature of L’Oreal’s wearable device to track UV -wearable devices is that this miniature sensor can store ultraviolet data for up to 3 months at a time, and can also transfer it to the mobile phone without the support of the battery. The internal LED is powered by sunlight. Use NFC to share data. You can start transmission as long as you tap your phone. Ultraviolet data is obviously compatible with Apple’s health applications, so that you can determine your current maximum light exposure percentage percentage.

L’Oreal did not allow the sensor to complete all jobs. Instead, it launched a supporting application that can display real -time data such as pollution, pollen, calories and humidity through mobile phones. Like many free weather applications, this application evaluates the overall air quality level, provides pollen counting, and provides detailed information about the current weather, but it also includes personalized skin suggestions for all collected ultraviolet rays and environmental data.

“My Skin Track UV” was exclusively launched in the US Apple Store today. The price is $ 60 and can be purchased on the Internet and some retail stores. Its supporting applications can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play Store.