Famous domestic digital accessories websites @国 网 shared a spy photos suspected of the iPhone 8 data cable Lightning connector on Weibo this afternoon. The connector in the photo is very different from the previous data cable released by Apple iPhone. According to industry insiders, “the integration is higher.”

iPhone 8 data cable lightning connector

It is found that the iPhone 8 data cable Lightning connector uses BGA packaging. It turns out that this area consists of four main chips, namely NXP 20P3, ST USB2A, Ti BQ2025, etc. From the figure, only one model is NXP 6B0A. The rest of the chip is obstructive, and the integration is very high.

iPhone 7 data cable lightning connector

This time Apple quietly upgrades the Lightning connector, which is expected to prepare for fast charging. Quick charging technology has been promoted and promoted by many Android manufacturers as a major selling point. The fast charging technology on the market is Qualcomm QUICK Charge, MTK Pump Express, OPPO VOOC, Huawei FCP/SCP, USB-IF USB PD. Apple started to add USB PD fast charging on iPad and New MacBook, but the iPhone mobile phone is still charging 5V 1A (5W) and 2A (10W). This is a bit dwarfed compared to the current mainstream 15-18W fast charging.

In addition, Apple quietly upgrade the lightning joint to improve power supply, and it is also expected to join the latest encryption agreement. In this way, it will increase the difficulty of cracking. Where will the cottage data cable on the market go? to be observed.