Zhongshan Stainless Steel Work Tower specification

Shenzhen Obidi Factory Workshop *** Working table production wholesale manufacturer can be non -standard, various workbenches are customized and designed, and the workbench can meet different use requirements, configure drawers and cabinet doors to facilitate user storage tools ; The power holes are reserved on the corner of the table to facilitate the installation of the power socket. Suitable for different applications such as molds, holders, inspection and maintenance, assembly, etc., because the workbench has excellent characteristics such as strong load -bearing capacity, impact resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, ***, ***, ***, shock absorption and other excellent characteristics. Therefore, it is applied to factories, including large -scale machinery factories, automobile factories, 4S shops, shipyards, subways, hardware, nuclear power, electronics, food, chemical industry and other industries. *** Companies engaged in design, development, production, and sales of automated industrial equipment and warehousing and logistics equipment. , Tool car series, hand cart series, parts cabinet, part box series, boarding car, storage cage, file cabinet series, computer cabinet, safety cabinet, explosion -proof cabinet series, stainless steel series, tool car series, plastic box series, assembly line series, students Bed, apartment bed series, sand wheel rack, chrome -plated frame, etc. Welcome to call inquiries

1. The classification of the workbench


1. Divide the workbench according to the degree of load -bearing: light workbench (400 kg of load -bearing), medium -sized workbench, heavy workbench (more than 1,000 kg) and special workbench.

2. The different materials used can be divided into: composite board workbench, iron board workbench, beylum workbench, stainless steel workbench, aluminum alloy workbench, cast iron workbench.


3. It can be divided into: mold workbench, fitter workbench, welding workbench, laboratory workbench, instrument workbench, CNC workbench, *** workbench, packaging workbench, etc.

Common specifications: H800*W1500 (1800, 2100)*D750mm

Second, the product characteristics of the workbench

1. The workbench produced by the company is made of *** cold steel plate precision, and is treated with the *** automated static spraying process.

2. According to the user’s carrying requirements, the workbench can choose different shapes of tables.


3. According to the user requirements, the desktop of the workpur can choose different materials and different thickness substrates such as a special molding polymer fiber plate. Basic desktop options: polymer composite desktop, fireproof board desktop, stainless steel surface, iron plate synthetic surface, beyl wood desktop, the left side of the oak layer pressure plate, *** desktop, electro -panel post, etc.

4. The table table can be licensed on the desk of light racks, hanging racks, shelves, square holes hanging panels, louver -hanging panels, power power sockets, electrical boxes, part box hanging bars, etc., to meet the different needs of users.


5. Various types of tool cabinets can be selected under the workbench table to meet the needs of users loading items

6. Various types of workbenches use combined design, easy -to -disassembly combination, easy and stable, ***


7. The tools of the tools (box), side cabinet (box), beautiful appearance; layer board, drawer ***, large bearing, can be separated as needed as needed; saving space and strong applicability. You can configure the tool cabinet sheds, hanging boards, lamps, etc. according to customer needs, and can be arbitrarily combined into an independent and efficient flexible workstation. You can flexibly configure various hanging cabinets, single cabinets, dual cabinets, etc., can be installed on tables, electrical boards, lights, shelves and other tablet components. It has a variety of options and can meet the needs of various stations.

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