Woolf Reading Essays

——208 ——

Keywords gaze life

The task of a novelist is to use

One thing to represent a kind of thing

One person to represent one class

Help readers out of the messy and disorderly life

Make readers the novelist

I hope to see what I see in my heart

Look at life

Then write it in the foam -like emotions

Life is like one

Chinese cheongsam you will stand up yourself

It is a miracle that is not controlled by others

Life is like a beautiful bad woman

The closer the novelist has the relationship with her

The better his book

What he is most concerned is what he wrote by himself

Like furry just hatched from the shell

I am annoying to collect the strange epidemics in the strange

The most afraid is outdated and outdated

Every sentence I wrote is a little spark

No matter what kind of spark must be him

Use your own hand to take from the flames of life