In the enthusiastic summer, all kinds of fashion complement each other, but this is not just a season that belongs to a woman, and men can also enjoy it! No matter what age you are in the men, you don’t need to give up the needs of fashion taste, just like these low -key and connotative men’s wallets below, no matter from which perspective, you can show the extraordinary charm of mature men. Do you feel heartbeat?

Men’s choice of this high -quality wallet is not only very durable, but also improves personal charm. For example, this leather wallet can bring more confidence to men, clear litchi cowhide, make the bag more quality, soft The inner lining design can give you sufficient protection for your items.


Woodpecker Crossing Wallet


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The most popular leather wallet with men, the perfect fusion of fashion and classic, integrating beauty and practicality, anti -fleece leather bodies, high -end and rich texture, tentacles are moist and delicate, can show men’s taste, large capacity design, can be able to design, can be able to design. You can install more, it is definitely a must -have for successful men!

Kangaroo men’s wallet

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This summer’s retro trend is coming. This leather stitching wallet has incorporated modern popular elements into the classics, showing a different fashion taste of men! The imported oil wax head layer of cowhide interprets the romantic style of retro. The moderate size brings a comfortable grip and highlights the style on the fingertips.


Manberg short wallet


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The good taste requires a good wallet to set off. For successful men with experience, this handbag is a good choice. The design of the hand band is soft and rigid. The temperament, no matter what occasions attending, are just right around.

Frame Mueller handbag

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The elegant and fashionable style originated from Europe and the United States, which is perfectly reflected on this leather wallet. The scrub cortex has a strong retro flavor. The simple version looks atmospheric and calm. The card design is very practical.

Tripsticks of leather horizontal money

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High -end classic leather wallets show a distinguished business style, bringing you a different feeling, double -sided kraft material, high -end and rich texture, multi -card large -capacity design, so that the change of change, paper banknotes, and credit cards all have exclusive ones Location, you can also install a large screen mobile phone.


Kangaroo zipper leather wallet

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If you want to enjoy the different ways of life, start with a creative magnet wallet. The simple and capable lines, the low -key consolidation of a kind of calmness. Putting the card, the unique magnetic buckle design, the super magnetic perfect adsorption, giving you enough security.


Injoylife short wallet

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