IT House News on December 30. Today, Sony announced the launch of two wireless bass guns, as well as a surround speaker, which can be paired with the HT-A9 home theater system and HT-A7000.

The models of these two subwoofers are: SA-SW5 and SA-SW3, and

Equipped with 180mm and 160mm speaker units, respectively

The power is 180W and 150W, respectively. The bass cannon uses wireless ways to bring strong and shocking bass sound effects to users.

▲ SA-SW5


▲ SA-SW3

The magnetic units of the two bass speakers have been redesigned, and the two magnets are placed on the coil, and the coil is located at the seam. This makes the magnetic sensing line more dense, which can enhance the bass effect and reduce distortion.


The edge part of the speaker unit also uses a special pattern groove with different lengths. This makes the sound clearer.



Using passive diaphragm transmission bass, the subtitle of the bass will be deeper

Users can feel a deeper bass effect. When watching movies, the sound effects are really from their side. The SA-SW3 adopts the bass inverted pipe design, which can make the bass more on-site. In terms of connection, after opening the power, the two bass speakers will automatically connect to the supported echo wall / home theater system, which is more convenient.

▲ SA-SW5 structure demonstration


▲ SA-SW3’s bass inverted tube


Sony has launched a wireless rear-time surround speaker model: SA-RS3S. This product is adapted to the HT-A7000 home theater, which can further strengthen the effect of the back of the ear.


Enhance sound positioning ability and detail performance




This product is a dual -frequency structure, which is separated from high -frequency and full -frequency speakers. The product supports two ways: wall hanging and placement. The volume is small and can be flexibly configured according to the environment in the home.

IT House was informed that the Sony HT-A9 home theater system contains four same speakers.

Products can be placed in the room in the room

Use the detection microphone to measure the distance between the speaker distance and other speakers, so as to use the algorithm to restore the indoor sound effects.

This product has


360 space sound field positioning technology

, A sound waves that can synthesize four surround sounds, generate 12 illusion speakers in the specified location, which brings a 7.1.4 effect.

The Sony HT-A7000 is an echo wall speaker with a physical 7.1.2 channel. It can use wall reflection to enhance the surround effect of sound.