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By to eat rice, northwest wind



Three trotters

One bowl of soybeans

Ginger 5G


1 onion 1

Five or six dried peppers

Two spoons of rice wine

Old sauce less


Appropriate amount of salt

20 pieces of peppercorns

Cumin a little handle

Two fragrant leaves

1 piece of sauce tofu

2 spoon of soy sauce

Ten grains of rock sugar

Beer 1 can


Practice step


1. Cut the pork trotters into a knife, a cold water pot, add rice wine and pepper, onion ginger to remove fishy


2. Skim on the end of the float, remove the trotters with warm water and wash

3. Cool oil in hot pot, add rock sugar fried sugar color

4. Stir -fry until reddish brown

5. Add pork trotters, fragrant leaves, dried peppers, ginger, stir -fry

6. Add a piece of sauce tofu, a spoonful of soy sauce, a small amount of cumin fry the aroma

7. Add a can of beer


8. Add an appropriate amount of hot water to boil and add old pumping


9. Put the boiled trotters in the pressure cooker and add the soy beans that are soaked in advance

10. The pressure can be pressed for about 30 minutes, and finally add an appropriate amount of salt to adjust the taste

11. The pork trotters are melted in the entrance, and the meals are meal!


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