Rumors: Spontaneous heating clothing is a scam. How can it be unprepared?

Truth: Energy does not produce out of thin air, but spontaneous heating clothing actually uses heating fiber materials. Under certain conditions, it can produce heat and make people warmer.

In the winter warm clothing market, many close -fitting underwear have a “spontaneous heating” function, claiming that the clothing itself can heat itself to the human body heating. Is this “spontaneous heating” function true?

From the perspective of energy conservation,

Of course, calories cannot be produced out of thin air

, So there is no “spontaneous heating” clothing that can be “out of place”. However, there are indeed many types

Heating fiber material

Under some conditions, provide us with a little extra warmth. Use these materials of clothes. You do n’t need to be particularly thick.

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So how does these magical materials produce heat? What should we pay attention to when we usually wear and wash these clothes? Let’s reveal it today!


Magical heating fiber

No doubt,

All types of spontaneous heating fibers are actually heating with external force.

For example, light energy thermal fiber relies on absorbing the sun and reflects human thermal radiation; electrical energy thermal fibers are powered by power and heat; phase -changing fiber uses material phase transformation to release or absorb submarine heat to adjust the temperature. but,

Daily clothing

The most commonly used heating mechanism is

“Wetting and fever”



The wet and hot fiber mainly absorbs the water vapor from the human body, that is,


, Formation of hydrogen bonds emit heat. In the structure of the fiber, there are some hydrophilic bases -simply understanding as an atomic group that “likes water” -will combine with water molecules to generate heat, and the kinetic energy of water molecules will also be converted into calories.

Hydrogen bonds are a special chemical bond, between molecular force and covalent bonds. It is usually common in water and constantly breaks and reorganize between water molecules. | From the network

Common textile fibers have the ability to absorb and fever

However, the thermal ability of different varieties is different.

Specialized spontaneous heating fiber

, The number of hydrophilic groups in chemical composition is more, fiber

Better hygroscopicity

After moisture absorbing, more calories are also produced.

In order to improve the moisture absorption performance of fibers, it can not only increase hydrophilization of the hydrophilic group to the fiber, but also use the surface morphology structure of the fiber to facilitate the fiber surface to face the adsorption of water molecules.

For example, by increasing the number and depth of the grooves on the surface of the fiber surface, the fiber has the ability to adsorb water vapor. In the figure below, the two types of hygroscopic and heat fibers on the right side have exceeded the number and depth of the surface groove exceeding the leftmost ordinary acrylic fiber.

Different fibers in the form of scanning electronic microscope. | From the quoting the literature, the wet and hot fibers are used to heat up by the hygroscopic, but

After the fiber “absorb full”, its heat -heat reaction will slow down, and the fiber that absorbs moisture will also discharge moisture. This process will absorb calories

Essence If it cannot be delayed in time, the fiber of moisture absorption will bring discomfort to the wearer.


Therefore, in order to improve this discomfort, many fabrics use hygroscopic heat and heat fibers and other types of fiber blending to achieve the balance of hygroscopic heat insulation and dampness and dryness. Such as acrylic fibers and polyester fibers.


There are many types of spontaneous thermal underwear | Screenshot from a certain e -commerce website

So, how should we choose in the face of a variety of spontaneous thermal underwear products?

Spontaneous heating clothing has “standards”

Although my country has not adopted mandatory standards for wet-absorbing and heating underwear, it can refer to the industry standard FZ/T 73036-2010 “Wet Wet and Heat Knitwear” to evaluate moisture-absorbing and heating underwear. This standard proposes two indicators about hygroscopic heat absorption and heat,

First, the maximum temperature increase value is greater than equal to 4.0 ℃, and the second is the average temperature increase in 30 minutes greater than equal to 3.0 ℃

Consumers should pay attention to preventing exaggerated propaganda when buying hygrotchyfall and hot underwear, and can choose a brand that can be used with formal channels and trustworthy. In addition, underwear that meets the standards will perform the standard column on the product tag, which clearly indicates that it is in line with FZ/T73036-2010

“Wet Wet and Heat Knitting Underwear” standard

For reference when buying.

For infants and young children with delicate skin, it is not recommended to wear moisture -absorbing and heating underwear.

Because moisture absorption and heat underwear reciprocate in the cycle of hygroscopic-heat-heating-dampness-heat absorption, it is easy to cause skin discomfort in infants and young children.

Standard description of a certain water -absorbing and hot clothing. | From the network

In addition,

Costumes containing electric energy fever fibers are also a good choice

Essence There are generally metal fibers, carbon fibers, and composite heating fibers. Its principle is almost the same as the electric blanket: the heating fiber is woven into the fabric, or the special heating unit sews into the mezzanine. The power supply can be transformed into thermal energy to the human body through the external power supply.

Electric heating clothing is generally used for external power supply. As long as the electricity is continuously electric, it can last for a long time. The commercially available electric heating clothing generally uses small charging treasures to supply power. The voltage is small and safer. Consumers mainly pay attention to when wearing, do not bend or fold in electrical fibers, causing local overheating burns.

The heat of electric heating clothing is more long -lasting, and it is very suitable for the workers of the cold and outdoor ministers for a long time. | Figure insect creativity

How to clean the spontaneous heating clothing?

Wet and hot fiber

After daily cleaning, its performance is not affected, so it is

Can be cleaned normally

of. However, because the fabrics of hygroscopic and heating underwear often use a variety of fibers including hygroscopic and heat fibers


In success, some fabrics will also use special weaving processes, which are still recommended when cleaning


Wash gently in warm water

, Avoid using high temperature water washing and rubbing hard, and avoid exposure.



Electric energy thermal clothing is generally not recommended to use water washing,

Washing will cause damage to the heat fiber or heating unit of electrical energy, reduce the fever effect or bring hidden safety hazards. Finally, when you sum up, although the qualified “spontaneous heat” underwear can not really be hot, it will really be warmer when it is worn. When you buy it, you can choose on demand to buy products that meet industry standards.

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