For many riders, cycling is a very life -like thing. With the rapid development of the Internet, the impact of online shopping on physical stores has made many car shops more focused on the quality of after -sales service. The full set of maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle and the vehicle, and the more difficult transmission system upgrades and replacement … In these things, most people also choose to go to the car shop for professional technicians to complete, but there are some simple maintenance and debugging. Do not only make your sense of accomplishment, but also make you better understand your car, so put a few small tools available at home to ensure the normal operation of the car. What are the tools in a bicycle enthusiast?

骑行常备小工具 简单修补不求人

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骑行常备小工具 简单修补不求人


Even if you have not exploded, you should pay attention to check whether the vehicle needs to be cheered every time you go out. It is best to be able to take a bumper at home to ensure that the tire pressure of the car when going out is normal. Some air tube will have measuring tables to display air pressure. The quality is recommended to tell you how much gas should be used for highway cars, mountain cars, and commute cars. If you find that there is no tire pressure, you can generally see from the tires from the tire Suggest number.

Merida’s portable air tube is only one iPad size and is also equipped with a pneumatic meter.

The floor -type pheasant with a pressure gauge is very suitable for the home for the family.

骑行常备小工具 简单修补不求人

Star wrench

Star wrench is still needed, because the star screws on the bicycle can only be processed. The screws of the disc brake tablet are basically this type. Campagnolo also uses a lot on the latest kit, as well as SRAM’s XX kits and FSA tooth tray screws. Start with the three models of T-10, T-25, and T-30, it is enough.

骑行常备小工具 简单修补不求人

Shida Star-shaped wrench kit, from T-10 to T-45, is basically suitable for daily simple maintenance.

Inner hexagon wrench

Also known as Allen wrench, it is almost a must -have for bicycle enthusiasts. The fixed screws of the main components such as brakes, transmission, horizontal, and wrist sets on bicycles need to use 5mm in the hexagon in 5mm, which can be said to be the most commonly used tool. Others generally use a 4mm wrench. For example, the screws of most rear shelves need to be adjusted by 4mm or 6mm; 8mm can be used to remove the tooth. Other sizes are not commonly used. Except for 8mm, most of them are available on the combination tools of various brands. With the above models, they can basically be invincible.

The Shida inner hexagonal wrench package covers most bicycle maintenance needs.

Tire, tire replenishment tools

It is divided into two sets of tires and tires. It is also possible to use a word screw knife for picking tires, but it is more convenient and fast to use a special tire stick, which is also conducive to protecting the tires and circles. It is a very practical tool. The tire replenishment requires a knife, tire replenishment, and tire supplement patch. After practice, it is found that the patch bought online is not good. It can’t stand the high pressure. Without the right one, you can also use the scrapped inner tire to cut into a suitable size to use it.

Tiger replenishment tools, inside the tire rod, tire supplement, tinchlifting, and instructions for use.

Multi -functional tool

Go out and take a palm on the bicycle. Multi -functional tools can save you when you are the most uninstalled. For example, a small portable bag of lightning, this tool has a total of three specifications of hexagonal and 1 specification of star wrench, one word screwdriver. There are many commercially available portable tools, and there are more functions, such as (the actual situation of 1, 2, and 3 versions of the left and right) has 6 specifications of hexagonal wounds, 3 types of sleeve tools, and one cross screw knife. A multifunctional screwdriver is very convenient and easy to use.

骑行常备小工具 简单修补不求人

The small and portable combination tool produced by Lightning is only the size of a match box.

With a combination tool with a sleeve function, the function of the function is large.

骑行常备小工具 简单修补不求人

If you want to be good at work, you must first benefit your instrument. If you want to play with your friends happily, you must prepare some “hard goods”. Perhaps there are many tools with a single scattered function. I won’t repeat them one by one here. In short, it is necessary to prepare a special tool for bicycles. It is not only important for the installation, debugging and maintenance of the car, but also plays a key role in effectively improving efficiency, protecting parts and accessories. Of course Tools, if they are not used properly, may cause work difficulties, and even bicycle parts damage.

骑行常备小工具 简单修补不求人

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骑行常备小工具 简单修补不求人

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