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As a daily basic skin care product, it is not necessary to chase luxury brands. Our domestic water and milk also has treasures.


Moreover, domestic skin care has been brilliant in recent years. Compared with other cheap water milk at the same price, the formula of domestic water and milk is also excellent, and the sense of use is online.

Xiao Yan will share with the sisters today to share a few recognized and easy -to -use domestic water milk, including basic moisturizing, brightening, and anti -aging. I believe there is always a suitable skin texture.

1. Nature Hall of Snowy Water Lotion


For the student party, the worker, and the mother, staying up late is the norm, and the skin condition is easy to dry and unstable after staying up late, and the skin tone is dark.

Therefore, basic moisturizing and antioxidant are critical. This water milk is the main thing

Antioxidant and hydrating

The main component is

Himalayan small molecule silk glacier water

, It is small for molecules

Say more quickly to the bottom of the muscle, and fully moisturize the skin

, Improve the skin’s water locking ability.

There are also dragon gangsmate composite essence and nicotinamide,

Improve skin resistance, antioxidant ability, and improve dull skin tone.

In terms of ingredients, it is still very sincere, and it is comparable to some of the essences that repair and moisturizers. I have to say that old domestic products are still trusted.

The texture of water and lotion is very strong,

It is refreshing skin, and the effect of hydration is also obvious

, After absorption, it will not bring a sticky skin, so


Oil skin will like to use, dry skin can be used in summer.

This set of water is within a hundred yuan, and the cost performance is still very high, which is worth trying.

2. Po Ben 6D hyaluronic acid water milk

This set of sisters with dry skin and sensitive skin.

It contains


Hyaluronic acid and 2D polygutine of 6 kinds of molecules

,were able


Say into the skin at the level, deep hydration and long -acting water lock moisturizing

Essence and also


Icoto and di -crack yeast


, Can improve the ability to repair the skin,


Balance the skin of the skin to make the skin barrier healthier.


For the skin that is easy to be sensitive and dehydrated in the season, it can not only repair the skin, but also allow you to moisturize and moisturize all day.



And it is

Universal skin texture

, Especially the sensitive sisters, do not know what water milk to choose, this is a good helper to repair and maintain stability.

At the same time as the hydration ability, it

The skin feel is also very light, without the thickness and stuffy feeling of general hyaluronic acid water milk

And the absorption speed is fast.

Also, it is true

The design of the air pressure pump is convenient to control the amount

Don’t worry about too much one time, it is more conducive to the activity of the preservation of ingredients.

3. PMPM white loose dew water milk

Sisters want to fight old, don’t just stare at the lady’s water milk, this domestic water milk is also excellent.

Its ingredients also laid the XUE book,

The precious white loose ingredients of the lady, AA2G and dual yeast filter fluid

, Repairing the bottom of the muscle, supplementing collagen can brighten the skin tone.

Do both internal and external practice, so that the skin can better correspond to the problem of early old and oxidation

, Even after staying up late, you can avoid dry and darkened skin.

Like sisters who often stay up late and have no shiny skin, they can use it.

And as anti -aging water milk, it

The sense of use is very mild, and it will not cause irritation to the skin.

Coupled with waterless fragrance, no alcohol, no preservatives,

Sisters with sensitive skin can also be gentle and anti -aging.

The texture of the essence water is very refreshing, and it is okay to apply wet compress

; Lotion like diluted yogurt texture, strong liquidity,

The upper face is thin and moist, and the skin is moist and dry after using the skin


, The skin feels very comfortable, and the skin feels soft after wiping.

On the whole, its ingredients and sense of use are very good,

As a high -cost performance of anti -aging water within 100 yuan.

4. Fresh tea and water milk

To be honest, Xiao Yan has always wanted to vomit, and it is obviously why the Chinese goods are so Korean.

But aside the name, this old domestic product is also very capable.

Small molecule fresh tea polyphenols

This ingredient is not easy, it can penetrate the skin

, Repair oxidized damaged cells and brighten dull complexion.

Sisters who often stay up late can also try this set to improve the dull effect.


In addition, it also contains patented elastic protein, horned sharkane, composite hyaluronic acid and amino acids.

Improve the dry lines brought by water shortage and make the skin more moist.

Even if you stay up late, you can keep your skin full and translucent. (But staying up late is still not desirable.)

The texture of this water is thick, it is gel water, a bit similar to the diluted aloe vera gel. Apply it to feel the skin water duangduang, and there will be no sticky feeling in the future.

The lotion is not thick, but it can also lock the moisture in the skin well, and the skin feels equally refreshing. And the cost -effectiveness of this set is really high, less than a hundred sets, and there is no pressure on the student party GET.


In short, domestic skin care has been improving. The above sets of water milk is enough to let us see that they are making products attentively, and the materials are also willing to use it. This kind of conscience is worthy of our support.

So today’s content is here. What do sisters want to see what they want to see can be left in the comment area.

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