What does the stone look like 3 billion years old?

In Tsinghua, you can not only see


You can also touch!

do you know? There is a “boulder” in Tsinghua Garden

There are nearly 300 strange stones with different shapes

Some look strange

Some stones have grown trees

Here you can see the inscription of my country’s sediment water conservancy Thai Dou

You can also see the big scientist Einstein’s handwriting

This is Tsinghuali–

“Horn of Geology”


Place of origin: Sichuan

# #

The stone at the entrance of the geological corner is very good

Green words on the stone

It is my country’s water conservancy and hydropower Thai Dou

Zhang Guangdou, an academician of the two houses, wrote

During the War of Resistance Against Japan

Zhang Guangdou gave up the good treatment of Harvard University and returned to the motherland


With the determination to save the country with industry and save the country

Do your best to run around the construction of China’s water conservancy

Design hydropower station in Sichuan

This piece of sandstone from Sichuan


It is the testimony of Zhang Guangdou as the country

# The oldest #

The most “young” stone of the geological corner

Jurassic from the Mesozoic

It has been about 150 million years until now

And the most “old” stone here

Already more than 3 billion years old

These two old puppets


Place of Origin: Fuping, Hebei

Dynasties: Too ancient times

Tinge rock

Don’t look like nothing

They were born in the middle of Taikoo

Taikoo is the oldest geological era

Started 4 billion years ago

End at 2.5 billion years ago

Due to many crustal changes and magma activities

Most rocks are in high mountains or buried underground

Because of the horn of geological

We can be in Tsinghua Garden

Recent contact with these 3 billion -year -old babies

# #

The largest rock specimen of geological angle weighs 38 tons


It comes from Miyun Reservoir

“Beijing people drink three glasses of water for every three glasses of water


There are two cups from Miyun Reservoir “

The Miyun Reservoir was designed by the teachers and students of the Department of Tsinghua Water Conservancy in 1958

Zhang Guangdou Host

Most teachers and students in the whole department participate

The main force of the classmates of the 1958 graduation class


“True knife and real gun for graduation design”

In the period when the country is extremely difficult

Teachers and students are struggling and pursuing excellence

This glorious task is completed high -quality


Place of Origin: Beijing Miyun (Give away from Beijing Water Affairs Bureau)

After the Miyun Reservoir starts

More than 200 teachers and students have participated in various tasks in various departments of Tsinghua University

More than 60 years have passed

This “big water tank” is still loyal to guard

“Water of Life” in the capital

This giant granite stone from Miyun in the corner of the geology

It has also become Tsinghua people courage to practice

Witness to serve the country

# 最 最 #

it’s here

You can also appreciate the “works” with rich cultural connotation

for example

Seven large columns of pillar basalt constitute “Beidou constellations”

Xuanwu rock column

Place of Origin: Jining, Inner Mongolia

Times: Third Book

Two of them are engraved


Scientist Einstein’s Monthrus

And my country’s sediment discipline Thai

Academician Qian Ning’s translation

Einstein’s motto


Einstein had a motto of his motto during his lifetime

Give his son Einstein


And Einstein

It was Qian Ning’s teacher who stayed in the United States in his early years

After the death of Little Einstein

His wife copied the motto of this seat and gave it to Qian Ning

As a commemoration of the dead

I remind myself countless times a day

My inner and outer life

All are based on other living

Based on the labor of the dead

I must do my best

As I have got and what I am getting


Make the same contribution

——En Qian Ning (translated)

Qian Ning’s translation is engraved on the stone

A few words

Show the great mind and strong responsibility of scientists

Qian Ning also mix Einstein’s motto

As your own guidelines


To the motherland and science

Selfless dedication and exhaustion

# #

In order to cooperate with professional teaching

Strengthen the study of geological conditions for important domestic hydropower engineering

Ge geological corners have been collected 8

At present, my country has been built or under construction

Several of the world’s largest water power stations dam sites

Large rock specimen

British alkali

Place of Origin: Panzhihua, Sichuan (Yazhenjiang)

Among them, Erdan Hydropower Station Project

It is the largest hydropower station built in the 1990s

Provide extremely preciousness for the corner of the geology

The “two beach cornerstone” when the foundation was founded

In addition, you can still see


Hubei Yangtze River Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project Dam area


Grand Hydropower Station, Dahua County, Guangxi (Hongshui River)

Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station

Sichuan Leiboxi Luotu Hydropower Station Dam (Jinsha River)

The dam site of Jinping Hydropower Station, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan (Yazhenjiang)

Yazhenjiang, Yazhengjiang, Yajiang County, Sichuan Province

Dam area of ​​Guandi Hydropower Station, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan (Yayi River)


Rock specimen

Rock crumbs long stone quartz sandstone

Place of Origin: Yibin (Jinsha River) in Sichuan

Corporal Glutter Changyan

Place of Origin: Guangxi Dahua (Hongshui River)


Place of Origin: Sichuan Leibo (Jinsha River)

# #

Ponds, rivers, drizzle

Gully, glaciers

Xiangyun, Meteor Shower, Ripple

After years of sharpening and erosion of wind and rain

The stones here are full of attitude and interesting

Some produce animals

Tiger, seal

Another like the fur pattern of the giraffe

Baiyun Rock

Place of Origin: Suzhou, Anhui


Sandstone cracks and wave marks

Place of Origin: Hebei Handan


Some look like food

Pork belly, grilled bread, braised pork

Xuanwan volcano bomb


Origin: Ulanchabu, Inner Mongolia

Positive rock

Place of Origin: Shanxi Daixian

Deposition tuberculosis

Origin: Yichang, Hubei

Hidden angle arg

Place of Origin: Sichuan Jindouhe

Some are God’s Reward

Born in extraordinary, comes with “treasure”

Volcanic clotter

Place of Origin: Zhongjiang, Yunnan


Coral shell stone rock

Place of Origin: Shangnan, Shaanxi

Coral fossil

Place of origin: Guangxi

Siliconized wood

Place of origin: Mongolia

Some stones work harder the day after tomorrow


“Breeding” new life and wild growth

Place of Origin: Indonesia

Dynasties: Mesozoic

Debris lime rock

Times: Cambrian

# the story behind #

a decade ago

This is just a desolate corner of a pine and cypress covering

year 2004

Under the coordination of Academician Zhang Jianmin, the Department of Water Conservancy

After more than 7 years of hard work

Deepen more than 50 rock producing areas


Overcoming the unpredictable difficulties and hardships


Explore and examine carefully

Choose, carefully design and install

Finally, this time was listed in Tsinghua Garden

my country is the first at the natural scale


Concentrated, comprehensive, systematic, and conveniently displayed

Typical crust rocks and typical geological phenomena

Campus Land Practice Education Base



There are more than 90 types of large rock specimens and more than 280 pieces

They come from 28 provinces across the country

Famous Mountain Dawa and Famous Water Conservancy and Hydropower Project

Three major rocks are covered in the crust

(Large magma rocks, sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks)


The corner of the geology has a metal tag

Mark the identity, place of origin and other information

In addition to expo geological sciences


Listen to the story of the stone

Here is also a landscape and elegant realm

Small pavilion flowing water, Songzhu surround

Qingquan Waterfall, Jinxin Swimming

There is also a hexagonal wooden pavilion in this landscape stone forest

Name “a pavilion”

Pavilion plaque

Hu Xianzhang, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University


“One Pavilion” Harmony “One Stop”

With the integration of knowledge and action, dare to be the first

Focus on the meaning of one, the unity of heaven and man

In order to thank the donation of the 1981 alumni of the whole school, the word “August” is engraved with 8 “August 1”


Wisewater Le Shui, benevolent Leshan

Education, entertainment, enlightenment, leisure, education and art

Science, art, and natural coordination and unity

Time flows, vicissitudes of vicissitudes

Casting of Ceremony, Ocean View

Leisure time

May wish to walk here

Touch the memory from 3 billion years ago


Come to feel the magical greatness of nature in person


Waiting for you to discover

Kind tips:

The horns of the geology are located on the northeast side of the Wujiao and the west side of the sediment laboratory

Written text | Yuanjie

Photography | He Kang

Graphic Data Source | Water Conservancy Department

Data overall plan | Wang Chunhong

Capture & Edit | Yuan Jie

Source: Tsinghua University WeChat account

Place of Origin: Fuping, Hebei

Place of Origin: Fuping, Hebei

Dynasties: Too ancient times

it’s here

Rock crumbs long stone quartz sandstone

Place of Origin: Yibin (Jinsha River) in Sichuan

Siliconized wood