For the little fairy, the leisure style is the highest out of the world. A good shape in the wardrobe can be recessed, but the equipment in the shoe cabinet always does not feel in place. Let’s take a look at female college students together below to see female college students together. The five -style shoes you wear everyday are made in one minute.

casual shoes


This series of shoes does not have specific appearance characteristics. It can be canvas, stripes, or sports shoes -like styles, but their biggest features are: comfortable. Therefore, with T -shirts or loose jeans, it is definitely a good hand.

Small white shoes

This is the net red of the shoe of the year. How many stars and KOLs bring salt for it. Although it is no longer turbulent in the trendy long river, SEI can’t wipe out its versatile and easy -to -wear advantages. Therefore, the trend of small white shoes can be regarded as thin and long -flowing type. For example, the two pairs of white shoes of ASH have no abrupt shape. Add points.


canvas shoes

There is no canvas shoes in Wenqing’s shoe cabinet? Black, white, striped, canvas shoes fashion can be regarded as enduring. Young people love this tone super love, and the style of wearing slippers after stepping on the heel is more comfortable, casual, and more fashionable.



The legendary small bulbs, light up the whole shape in minutes. Converse’s sequined shoes were once crazyly liked by canvas shoes. They have both casual taste and unruly fashionable and careful machine. If you feel that the sports and casual clothes are not eye -catching, then match a pair of sequins to easily grasp the focus.

Daddy shoes


The trend changes again and again, the status of dad’s shoes in the fashion circle is still as firm as a rock. It is easy to wear, easy to match, and the SEI can refuse the temptation of dad’s shoes. The popular fashion street shooting also frequently appears in Ash Addilt. There are also these Ash Macaron -colored daddy shoes that are almost bursting, fresh and high, and you have to chop a pair of soil.


These five series of shoes cover various brands. Although the styles are different, each has its own fashion attributes, and the shape will not be too abrupt. Then choose Dad’s shoes, after all, it is the most tide cub nowadays.