The arrival of the autumn and winter seasons has launched the “first shot” for the change of the season. Many girls are looking for their own fashion goals, and what items to wear have become key issues. Many girls are pursuing the style of “beautiful frozen people” and do not pay attention to the warmth effect of wearing. As long as the style looks fashionable, it doesn’t matter if it is wearing a skirt.

This kind of matching method is easier to accept for young women, but for middle -aged women, it is not practical to pursue fashion without pursuing the combination of warmth. However, when choosing a high -necked sweater, the warmth effect will be more ideal, and the fashion effect is the same.


What details do I need to pay attention to with turtleneck sweater?


1. Edition outline

In the autumn and winter season, the fashion items are relatively heavy, so the loose the version, the more bloated will be given. The high -necked sweater is usually loose. It can be seen about which styles are fat or thin.

The design of some turtleneck sweaters is mainly based on slimming styles. This sweater is more suitable for girls with bumpy figures. If the version is too loose, it is not suitable for girls with large skeletons. Girls come to wear, but choose a slightly loose style, which is more ideal with the effect.

2. Color matching to avoid aging

Many colors are typical high -end colors, but some colors look high -level. After the matching, it feels very tacky, making the whole person look very unpretentious.


In order to make the match look younger and vibrant, you can properly add other colors in the overall matching, such as a small area of ​​high saturation color, you can try bright pants, or try a bright color hat. Through these details, these details To build, the overall style will look younger.

3. Match proportion problem

Many people match sweaters. The reason why the fat effect is obvious is because there are problems with the proportion of matching. The proportion of figure is very advantageous, but through the matching of the sweater, the figure has been turned into a five -five -point ratio. There is no obvious waistline. The body of the whole person looks mediocre, and it is not feminine.

Many middle -aged women like to use long coats and medium -long turtleneck sweaters. The loose combination seems to be relaxed and comfortable, but the effect is not unsatisfactory. This is a common misunderstanding in the combination. If you choose a short model, you will look taller and your body and temperament will become better.

2. Multiple matching recommendations for high -necked sweaters

Light color cardigan+dark turtleneck sweater

The style of the high -necked sweater will look more daily, but there is also a retro taste. It uses a light -colored cardigan to match the dark turtleneck sweater. The color looks simple, but the two colors The feeling of creating it will be more advanced, the color is not complicated, and the style presents is relatively pure.


Loose coat+base turtleneck sweater+blue jeans


The daily matching of autumn and winter needs to be more advanced. It can make the match look more casual through the same color system, such as brown coats. On this basis The color is clean and delicate, and then with a jeans, comfortable and simple, to win more good feelings for the image.

The sky is getting cooler, no matter how old you are, you need to have a temperature, and the matching of high -necked sweaters is essential. Get up.

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