Recently, I looked at the English grammar and planned to organize it. However, it was found that the speed of your own speed was slow, so the update became slower.

The English grammar books that are read are mainly Zhang Daozhen and Zhang Mansheng. Zhang Daozhen’s “A Practical English Grammar) and Zhang Mansheng’s three books (named” New Thinking of English Grammar “,” English Grammar’s New Thinking Tutic Essence Zhang Daozhen’s grammar book is more academic. There are 696 pages. Sometimes it is easy to read it, but some content will help yourself suddenly understand the hazy grammar point from another angle. Zhang Mansheng’s grammar book is preferred to “practical”, which is mainly aimed at the grammatical difficulties in the usual reading or exams, which is not so boring. From primary to advanced, progressive, plus supporting exercises (I skip it directly, so many pages have been reduced), which is more suitable for people who need to break through the English grammar in the short term.


Because there is also the “Complete English Solution of English” in my hand, I read the grammatical framework of this book. This book is more targeted to “college entrance examination” to China. Aside from the exam, the framework and content of this book are very clear, and the focus is on. In fact, you are not afraid to master these priorities. Those who are interested can find relevant resources by themselves.