With the rise of the takeaway industry, most people’s dining methods have changed. Simple, fast, rich and varied to eat the best choice for workers. However, while pursuing convenience, it is possible to bury a hidden danger for our health.

According to October 9, 2019, the University of Massachusetts Amerst, published the relevant investigation of the concentration of diet and serum PFAs on “Enviromental Health Perspectives”.

PFASS is an abbreviation of perfluoroalkyl and multifluoroalkyl substances, which is a class of artificial synthetic compounds, high thermodynamic and chemical stability, and therefore widely used in food packaging.


However, PFASS is also a class of environmental pollutants with systemic multi-organity-with carcinogenic, reproductive toxicity, mutagenic toxicity, development toxicity, neurotoxicity, immunotoxicity, and more toxicity.

Studies have analyzed more than 10,000 people participating in 2003 – 2014, in 2003, US national health and nutrition surveys, providing blood samples and food source details.

The results show that people who have high cooked cooked at home are negatively correlated with serum PFAS concentration, and more Take more take-out human serum higher PFAs concentration higher.

In addition, the plastic itself releases some bad substances, high food temperature, after touching the dining box, causing a dining box to release more harmful substances – such as phthalic acid esters.

Plasticizer – phthalate

PHTHALIC ACID Esters, one of the types of plasticizers, and is also the most common use. The plasticizer can also be referred to as a plasticizer, a plasticizer, is an additive that allows the material to be more softer.

In recent years, a study of George Washington University found that in the restaurant dining and consumption take-out food, people intake of phthalate content, which is much higher than those cooked in the home.

The researchers use the data collected by the National Health and Nutrition Inspection Survey in 2005 to 2014, and the relationship between more than 10,000 people have the relationship between oxidyl phthalate. The study found that respondents in the previous day, the phthalate levels in the body were 35% higher than those in the home. Young respondents who have eaten fast food restaurants have more than 55% level.

The study pointed out that Chinese people love hot food, while food manufacturing, restaurants and chain fast food restaurants often use disposable lunch boxes, and when these disposable plastic packaging is high or stored for too long, they will naturally release o-bands. Formate, contaminated food, can lead to breast developmental maturity or even increase the incidence of breast cancer.

Plasticulating agents can also induce a variety of diseases

Liver cancer

If you have a large amount of plasticizer long-term, it is possible to cause liver cancer. Some people are less absorbed after using the plasticizer, excluding much, strong tolerance; and some people are more likely to suffer from chronic damage to the plasticizer.


Studies have found that plasticizers will inhibit testomone secretion in men, resulting in low testicular function, affecting fertility, and even causing infertility.


Because young children are in endocrine systems, reproductive system development, plasticizers’ potential harm to young children will be more harmful to adults. The main impact of plasticizers may result in sexual effects.

Damage genital

The main impact of plasticizer on boys is male sexual development, such as deformity of genital, urethra crack, testicular, short penis, and stiff development.

Injury gene, inherited to the next generation

According to reports, plasticizers can cause genetic toxicity, injury human genes, long-term intake of cardiovascular harm, and great harm to liver and urinary systems. And after being poisoned, the next generation will be transmitted through the genetic genetics.

How to distinguish a safe disposable lunch box?

What is the different characteristics of the disposable lunch box, how to distinguish a safe disposable lunch box?

1 look hard, ignorant

You can smell, if there is a clear tab, you can pinch a pinch, inferior disposable meal box is easy to be torn, and the hardness is not big enough, and the food is even possibly burns the dining box. .

2 Avoid low prices, three products

Try to choose a slightly higher price, the material is polypropylene disposable dish, and the stability of polystyrene is not as high as polyethylene, and relative risk is also high.

You can see if there is any related qualified certificate, or choose some unknown three-free products.

3 look at the appearance

Don’t choose colorful and colorful disposable dish cases, colorful and colorful disposable lunch boxes may cover the color of the boxing box.

And pay attention to whether the surface of the dish case has impurities and mildew, such a lunch box may be a “refurbished” product that is re-produced using waste plastics.

4 see safety logo

In fact, in 2008, the “Mark of Plastic Products” released in 2008, the numbers on the cook box represent the plastics of different materials, generally expressed in numbers 01 to 07.

01. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Commonly used in making mineral water bottles, carbonated bottles, heat resistant maximum temperature 70 ° C.

It is not possible to carry hot water, only suitable for normal temperature or frozen drinks, in case of high temperature liquid or heating or deformation, dissolution to the human harmful substance. Many people have the experience of adding hot water in the mineral water bottle, twisted!

At the same time, this kind of plastic product may release carcinogens for more than 10 months. It is recommended to throw it away, don’t use other things any more.

02. High density polyethylene (HDPE)

Multi-use to make the package of personal cleaning care products, high temperatures at 110 ° C, can be reused.

In addition to being used, other things can be installed.

03. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Commonly used in building materials, belonging to toxic plastic products such as raincoats, plastic films. Easy to produce harmful substances in mono molecular vinyl chloride and plasticizers, it is easy to precipitate when encountering high temperature and oil, and if it accidentally enters the human body, it is easy to cause cancer.

Quickly use for food packaging, if you encounter encounters, don’t let it heat.

04. Low density polyethylene (LDPE)


It is often used to make plastic wrap, plastic film, etc.

If the package is heated outside the food, the oil in the food is more likely to dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic film.

05. Polypropylene (PP)


Commonly used in the production of microwave furnace special plaques, high temperature resistant to 130 ° C, melting point up to 167 ° C, is the only material that can be added to the microwave oven, and it can be reused after cleaning.

It should be noted that some microwave oven boxes, the cassette is produced at 05 PP (polypropylene), but the lid is produced in PS (polystyrene)).

The PS transparency is good, but it is not high temperature, so it cannot be placed in the microwave in the same box. Before heating the lunch box, don’t forget to take the cover first.

06. Polystyrene (PS)

Used to make a bowl of bubble frame, the material of the foaming fast food box, and heat resistant and cold.

However, avoid it in the microwave oven to heat or dust (such as a willow orange juice), strong alkaline substance, because it will decompose harmful substances such as polystyrene (carcinogen).

07. Other plastic (PC)


PC is a material that is used in a large number of materials, mostly used to make bottles, space cups, etc., because containing toxic bisphenol A and controversial.

In theory, as long as the bisphenol A is converted into a plastic structure in the process of making PCs, there is no bisphenol A at all, and it is not released.

But no manufacturers can ensure that bisphenol A has been fully transformed, so it is necessary to pay attention during use.


When ordering, remember to pay attention to the lunch box packaging, can determine the martial artist’s tableware according to the number of packages and materials, try to choose a word of mouthful merchants.

In addition, hot porridge soup should not be stored too long in the plastic lunch box, you should eat as soon as possible.

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