Summer vacation is in a hurry, and school will start in a few days.

Did your homework finish writing?

Although I have graduated for several years, I will still pay attention to the sense of ritual before school:

Change a hairstyle and enter a few new sets of new clothes to welcome school ~


I also found,

Girls in liberal arts and science

Still not the same,

One is gentle and sweet, one is cool and cricket ~

So today I will arrange a wave of waves:


The start of schools in various colleges!

There are science and sciences,


I hope to find you in inspiration for the start of school.

Most girls at the Academy of Literature are compared


Quiet and restrained

There is a literary style, so

Miss Korean Sister Wind with its own gentle attributes


It is very suitable for them.


(Figure source@(cyim)

I flipped through many Korean bloggers,

I found that they all like to wear floral flowers

, This is also a classic element wearing Korean,

With Korean curly hair

, I have a sense of atmosphere ~

(Picture source@(()

But remember to choose a light -colored bottom, otherwise it is easy to show the old 10 years old.

It is also very simple to match. I have a few formulas, just copy the homework


Flower skirt+sneakers

The floral skirt is a sweet item

, I do n’t pay attention to it, so we can wear it, so we can


Sneakers with casual wind

, This is much fashionable, and there are very students,

You can easily control school, shopping, and dating ~



Flower top+high -waisted jeans+German training shoes

It is also a neutral style to wear:

Gentle floral top+neutral high waist pants


, Bring some lightly feel ~


Prepare for junior and senior sisters internships to wear like this

, Will not be too naive, give people

Symbly and gentle feeling





Tips Broken skirt+knitted cardigan+single shoes

The last one is classic.

Single wearing suspender floral skirt

The exposed skin area is large, and it is easy to expose the body bug.


Coupled with a sweater to cover the flesh on the arms well.

With a pair of single shoes of the same color


That’s how gentle school sisters look like, maybe you can still encounter the schoolmate to want WeChat ~

Everyone speaks beautiful women from the School of Foreign Languages!


They can always be at the forefront of fashionable trends

, Casually, the Icon is the sense of vision ~

“Gossip Girl” and “CLUELESS” are the fashion enlightenment of girls in foreign languages.

The standard vest+half skirt is full of vitality

, Put on it is a retro sweetheart

Of course this is not enough,

With diamond element embellishment

It is very popular in American college

Copy is not difficult to match the same model,

These sets are simple and versatile


You can go out in five minutes

Lingge vest+pleated skirt+sponge hairband


Lingge vest is also one of the hottest items in autumn

It is very layered to wear with shirts.

Don’t forget to wear wide hair

Hole, a second becomes the heroine of “Gossip Girl”! at the same time

Can also raise the skull top

, Increasing the amount of hair, it is really absolutely ~

But pay attention,

Don’t choose the small diamonds that are too full of big breasts

, It looks very cramped,


Double fat

Instead, the scattered large grid will be lighter than

, Showing and reducing the age, two mistakes


Sweater+pleated skirt+sneakers


The sweater must be the soul of American style! I bought seven or eight rounds when I was in college before,


It really does not pick a figure at all

Whether it is a paper person or a slightly fat pear, it will be equal in front of it

(Picture source@(pineapple)

It is also a thief versatile

, CP with all skirts and pants group. However, girls at the School of Foreign Languages ​​want

Still have to match a pleated skirt.



Why do you have a less baseball uniform in the autumn wardrobe!

It can be taken off when it is hot, and it can keep warm in the morning and evening.

Simply match a short top, turn around is a hot girl ~


Can also be used as a couple, high -profile show affection

, Walking on the school is definitely eye -catching!

Good mouth and flexible head are the advantages of girls in politics and law

, Come with a strong aura, so choose to choose from

Only the shirt and small suit can show the funny sense of law and politics.

Don’t look at the item of shirts seems very common, in fact, it is not easy to pick it up.

Ordinary fabrics not only look like real estate agencies


, It will also cause the entire silhouette to be very strong,

If you have a big breast or a wide back, you will directly gain 10 pounds!

Choose like silk, acetic acid, chiffon

The shirt of the drooping fabric is much greater to the tolerance of the figure

Combined with thin buff.

(Picture source @coco@_ _)

As for the suit,

The fluorescent color is absolutely reached, and the color of low saturation looks more comfortable to look at

At the same time, without losing the sense of vitality of youth.

I don’t like the sisters who are too public,

Rice white, gray, and tea -colored suits are more stable and decent

After graduating, wearing it is also capable enough to buy one for several years.

(Figure source@(Cyim, Fan Zhiqiao)

Thin suit+T -shirt+jeans

Many sisters are worried that they will become old -fashioned after wearing a suit,

Actually, just wear a T -shirt inward

, Retaining students’ anger and not feeling too hot.

Long suit+shirt+knight boots

Tall sisters can try long suit

, Walking with wind, the cool gas field is full.

It doesn’t look so rigid with the knight boots

, I usually participate in training activities or go shopping with sisters.

Suit set+Maryzhen shoes

The set is the least wrong choice. It is very suitable for Xiaobai.


You can wear the official event and you can wear interviews

Essence Shoes can be matched at will,


But I prefer to wear Maryzhen shoes/sports shoes

This is more age -reducing HHH.

Artists can be said to be the flower of Gaoling in the school, and concentrate on engaging in artistic creation.


They usually like minimalist cold and light wind, black and white and gray are true love.

(Picture source@-7-)

Because the color is relatively vegetarian, if you choose the ordinary version, you will be a passerby. So art students are generally

Like special styles, such as irregular tailoring, cake skirt, etc.

To highlight the romantic personality of the artist.

Bubble sleeve top+vest skirt+beret


This year’s hot bubble sleeves, everyone said that it was too picky. Actually like bloggers

Choose knitted fabrics, the soft collapse is much, and it will not seem too strong.

The belt skirt attributes are very literary,

And it can cover most of the shortcomings of the figure, and it won’t make an error when watching the exhibition ~

Short suit jacket+T -shirt+irregular skirt

This set is very suitable for short children with small skeleton,

The short suit directly pulls the waistline, plus the small shoulder repair the narrow shoulder

It looks even more neat.

In addition, with irregular skirts, it can still be


Use the poor vision to quietly show long legs.


Chessboard skirt+pants/knight boots

How can art students miss the chessboard of this year?

Fashionable value is full! The routine method is to match the knight boots, and the hot girl wind is grasped.

If you think it’s too ordinary, you can try it


, Rose in Blackpink also likes to wear it like this, which can highlight the personality of the art student.

Can also cover thick legs!

Sisters with thick legs and legs can rush a wave ~

Next is the home of the School of Environment! Because girls in environmental majors often do monitoring and investigations outdoors,


Therefore, daily wear is more comfortable and casual, such as neutral Boyish style is very suitable ~

(Figure source@(II)

Boyish wind is more young than neutral wind

It doesn’t look too mature and old -fashioned, but full of youthful vitality.

I have sorted out a few formulas, just moved away without wearing inspiration!

Vest+shirt+loose trousers


Like the Foreign Language Academy


Fanfan combination, as long as you want

The color and pattern choice is partial

There will be neutral sexy.

The lower body with loose trousers looks more lazy


The same color canvas bag must not be less. It can light up and match, and when you go out, you are not afraid of losing HHH.

Sweater+shirt+checkered pants

The sweater+shirt is a conventional combination, but


Putting on checkered pants will make the whole set look less monotonous

, More like the feeling of rebellious teenagers.

oversized sweater+dad pants

Since you want to wear a sense of youth, you don’t need to pay attention to your body lines,


An oversized sweater is enough

It is comfortable to wear a community in class.

Dad’s pants are the essence of the whole set of look

It can create the feeling of Japanese teenagers than ordinary jeans. and

Not to pick a leg

, Sisters with thick thighs can also lose 10 pounds in place!

Economic management girls

, I usually look a good girl, but when I get serious, I can feel it.

The ingenious Royal Sister Qi Field

So they will not fall on ordinary wear,

I prefer publicity and personality.

It’s like a sweet wind

Perfect interpretation of the contradictory attributes of the girls’ own girls


It will not be too soft, but also gives a certain sense of distance.

This year’s hot “blouse” is the essential item for each sweet cool girl

Whether it is matched with skirts or pants, it will produce a wonderful chemical reaction, and it is written on her face.

In order to take care of these lazy worms, I also got the dressed templates and followed the most beautiful cubs on campus.

Big sweater+suspender skirt

If you are afraid of the sun but you are afraid of hot, the sisters,

The sweater is definitely YYDS, and it is not afraid of being tanned with a camisole.


The fashionable value is still rising!


It is more convenient to wear and take off with buttons ~

Big sweater+high waist mopped pants

When a shirt meets high waist pants, it feels like a light European and American style!

High -waist mop pants can pull the legs long no matter what height, and even the later trimming is saved.

Simple match with dark vest,

Going to the festival on the weekend is super eye -catching!

Big sweater+vest+pleated skirt

This set is slightly retro,

There is a feeling of “Millennium Hot Girl”

Essence It can be worn in class daily, and can be seamlessly connected to the post -class community.


Retro contrasting blessing, I saw it at first glance in the crowd.

Girls who can learn mechanical are basically Xueba, but because the proportion of men and women in the college is unbalanced, they are usually too lazy to take care of themselves.

Sisters don’t have to abandon themselves too much,

The work style is pretty good with you

Intersection The work of the work clothes has evolved from work clothes at the beginning.

It has enough pockets, tailoring, and the machine room will not be too cumbersome.

(Picture source@wgud8)

Coupled with the version of the tooling, it is made wide,


Whether you are tall and thin, you can easily control

No wonder so many fashionable essence is rushing to wear ~


I found three sets of workers LOOK, the sisters are coming to the bowl

Belt pants+T -shirt

The strap pants are definitely the TOP1 items in my heart, with a classic T -shirt to explode.

Because of the loose version, the flesh in the belly can be perfectly covered.


But the strap is really easy to drop, when the selection of money

When you buy a cross -strap, you will not be afraid of slippery.


Worker vest+shirt+dad pants


Unlike regular vests, the vest of the work style has pockets, and


A lot of functional attributes have been enhanced, and it is convenient to let go.

Girls only need simple

With a T -shirt+five -point dad’s pants, it is very retro

, I love it!

Sweater+shirt+work pants

Shirts+work pants are not well worn, it is easy to seem to have no spirit,

But after adding a sweater, it will be a lot clean!

As for color,

The hottest Claine Lan must have the season

, It’s a white artifact,

Sister Yellow Pippi can also make a degree in vain.

That’s it today!