“Leica” is the transliteration of English words lycra. As a kind of spandex elastic fiber, a polymeal polymethyl ester composed of a flexible chain segment and a rigid chain segment. Because it has many advantages and good quality, it is recognized by the peers, so as long as the clothing of Laika will be used to hang a triangular tag, this tag also becomes a high -quality symbol.

In recent years, people who love fashion have been suppressed by the busyness and competition of the city. They do not want to bring them restraint to their daily clothes. While keeping their dress, they need to be unified with comfort. Lycra’s clothing is the characteristics of comfortable body and free movement, which meets the needs of people in contemporary society for clothing clothing. Because Rica has the characteristics:

且 Elasticity and not easy to deform

Leica can enhance the elasticity of fabrics. It can be used with various fibers. Whether it is natural or artificial fibers, it will not change the appearance and texture of the fabric. For example, wool+Lycra fabric not only elastic, but also has better fit, preservation, hanging, and after washing; cotton+Leica not only has the advantages of comfort and breathability of cotton fibers, but also takes into account the cotton house. The characteristics of good elasticity and not easy to deform make the fabric more close, fit, soft and comfortable. Leica can add unique advantages to clothing: personal comfort, free movement, and long -term shape unchanged.


The fabric can use Lyca

Leica can be used for cotton needle fabrics, double -sided wool fabrics, real silk houses, nunlun fabrics and different cotton cloth.适 Laika’s comfort

Can add additional comfort to all types of clothing, including underwear, custom jackets, suits, skirts, pants, knitwear, etc. It greatly improves the feel, hangingness and crease recovery capabilities of the fabric, improve the comfort and fit of various clothes, and make various clothing show new vitality

的 Laika’s influence on style


Introduction to close clothing; the clothing is close to each other, the fit is unrestrained, and it has better hanging nature; children’s clothing is full of vitality and can jump freely after wearing.

色 Laika’s design features

Regardless of the loose or narrow design, the same comfort and nature; without wrinkles, it will not be too loose, and perfectly fit, fully reflects the simple beauty;

Lyca fabric processing and maintenance

Lyca has good processing and maintenance performance. Lycra is capable of dealing with most common chemical reagents, including Lycarta fabrics can be dyed, stamp, and later organized according to most of other fiber processing. Lycra products are convenient for maintenance. If there is no special explanation, the washing method required by most fiber components in the fabric can be used. Lyca can be cleaned with ordinary washing soaps and detergents, but should be avoided with chlorine bleach and strong alkali.

Tell you a fact that there is no pure Lycra fabric, Lycra must blend with other fiber, but you can bring Laika’s tag.