Eliminate Da Xiu! Daily maintenance of the engine, learn these tricks

The life of the car,

To a large extent depends on the life of the engine.

Want to love a car durable,

It is essential to do daily maintenance.

I will explain for everyone today,

Daily maintenance of the engine ~


Oil is the “blood” of the engine operation, which can play a role in lubricating, cleaning, cooling, sealing, and reducing wear.

If it is not replaced for a long time, it will cause the engine parts to wear seriously and reduce the service life of the engine.

Maintenance tricks:

1. When selecting the oil, you should strictly refer to the guidance of the user manual and select the high -quality oil with the appropriate specifications and levels.

2. In the case of conventional vehicles, semi -synthetic motor oil is replaced by 5,000 kilometers per year; full synthetic motor oil is replaced per year per year. Whether it is driving kilometers or the time limit for using a car time, it is necessary to replace the car oil for the car as soon as possible to avoid huge losses caused by the engine abnormal wear.

During the engine operation,

The factors that have a greater impact on engine performance and life is “impurities pollution”

They are the “road killer” of the engine, and

Installing “three filters” is a better protection method


The so -called “three filter” refers to:

① Air filter: ensure that the air entering the engine is clean.


② Gasoline filter: ensure that fuel is clean and prevent gas resistance.

③ Oil filter: filter oil impurities to ensure the normal operation of the engine.

The conventional maintenance cycle of three filters is the same as the oil. According to the road conditions and oil quality of the vehicle, every 5000km -10000km three filtration is replaced. If it is a new car in the running -in period, when the first maintenance is maintained, the oil filter is also needed.

Cooling liquid is also known as antifreeze, which has the functions of winter anti -freezing, summer anti -boiling, full -year waterproof, anti -corrosion, etc. to ensure that the engine can work within the normal temperature range.

In the case of conventional vehicles, the coolant needs to be replaced every 40,000 kilometers per year. In daily maintenance, the cooling system also needs to be checked to ensure that the liquid level in the tank is between MAX and min. Once the coolant is found to be significantly reduced, it is likely that the cooling system has a failure; at this time, not only the need for timely replenishment of the coolant, but also a comprehensive inspection of the car.

The battery is an important power supply and power storage device for the engine.

When the engine starts, it provides a powerful startup current; when the engine is low -speed or the engine is insufficient, the engine is provided for lighting, vehicle aircraft, ignition and other systems. When the engine runs at high speed, the excess power is stored when the power generation is sufficient.

1. During the daily car, avoid using the electrical appliances for a long time after parking, such as listening to music and watching movies for a long time after parking, avoiding the battery loss after the battery depth discharge.


2. When the vehicle is not used for a long time, the negative electrode of the power supply needs to be removed to reduce the battery discharge.

After using the car for a period of time, dust, mud oil and other dirt will accumulate in the engine cabin.

These dirt will not only corrode the inside of the cabin and rubber parts, but also affect the heat dissipation of the engine and shorten the engine service life.

It is often checked in the engine compartment, and regularly go to the 4S shop for cleaning and maintenance, which can effectively extend the life of the car.

Maintenance tricks:


Maintenance tricks:

Maintenance tricks:

Maintenance tricks:

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