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【Character Business Card】

Jin Xiaoming, male, member of the Communist Party of China, was born in February 1972 and joined the public security work in August 1992. He is currently the captain of the brigade of the Immigration Authority. He has won the honor of the G20 Hangzhou Summit’s advanced individuals, outstanding party workers in the province’s public security system, and advanced workers in the province’s entry and exit system.

“Hello, I am the immation police officer.please show me your passport.”

(Hello, I am the police of the Immigration Authority, please show your passport and cooperate with the inspection.)

A uniform tie, a fluent English, 1.8 meters tall, handsome!

Jin Xiaoming is the brigade captain of the Entry -Exit and Exit Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, and is mainly responsible for managing foreigners in Hangzhou.

This year is a special year. The epidemic has made foreigners apply for entry. The procedures for going abroad to go abroad are more troublesome than usual.


For those who need urgent help, Jin Xiaoming and colleagues have always been urgent and special, and they will help contact the consulate of the embassy. They will never delay time.


In order to prevent the epidemic from blocking international personnel and economic and trade exchanges, Jin Xiaoming shot high -level talents from foreigners in Hangzhou through existing databases, and conveyed the latest policies and reminders of the State Immigration Bureau to experts during the epidemic situation.

Such a warm way and friendly and tolerant position gives foreign friends to the greatest extent to work with the confidence in the difficulties. He also dealt with more than ten people in the embassies, consulates, foreign affairs, and other departments in China in a timely manner, and was well received by relevant departments.

Jin Xiaoming also used big data to sort out more than 800 visas who are about to expire with foreigners in Hangzhou. Statistically arranging colleges and units with more foreigners, actively docking, visiting the door, and making appointments while preaching legal policies. It is convenient for everyone to reduce the flow and gathering of personnel, and reduce the risk of cross -infection during the epidemic.

Since the beginning of this year, the National Immigration Administration has implemented an entry and exit convenient policy, and the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Department has organized the “double quotes” through traffic. Caixiu “” and “2020E Road” and other activities have benefited nearly 50 foreign students in Hangzhou and obtained an innovative and entrepreneurial visa.

In addition to carrying out policy propaganda on traditional media such as radio and newspapers, they also use new media such as Douyin to shoot short videos. Please tell foreigners from all walks of life in Hangyongju, work, study, and entrepreneurship from all walks of life. Policies bring the actual convenience for them.

Jin Xiaoming feels that foreign -related management work should not only rely on sweat, but also rely on technology and brain.

In 2018, Jin Xiaoming and colleagues joined forces with the Hangzhou Scenic Area Public Security Bureau and Technology Company to develop the “Huiying” smart external management information system to change the registration and registration of overseas personnel from traditional manual registration to OCR intelligent identification, which greatly improved data collection. Efficiency and accuracy.


This scientific and technological achievement was recommended by Zhejiang Public Security to participate in the selection of technological innovation awards of the Ministry of Public Security’s “Smart Public Security I”. use.


A city like Hangzhou’s beautiful, highly civilized, and loved by travelers around the world. Every year, there are millions of tourists from abroad, and more than 20,000 foreigners usually work, study, live, and live.

Jin Xiaoming and his colleagues are like a friendly and persistent principles, helping them to solve their emergency and start a business smoothly in China.

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