Winter is coming, and embroidery does not need to be curtain. Its existence has nothing to do with time. This ancient art has played gold supporting roles in clothes for thousands of years, or lively and interesting, or elegant and gorgeous, all left a deep impression on people. Essence The embroidery elements are incorporated into the down jacket, just like the beautiful artwork, with a magic power of a little stone. Use an embroidered down jacket to light up the cold winter, creating an elegant and expensive goddess image.

Embroidered hair collar over the knee down jacket

The atmospheric tweezers, fluffy and high -end, adding girls’ sweet temperament, contrasting stitching brings a strong visual impact, chic embroidered embellishment, exquisite and beautiful, full of details, plugs on both sides, decorative decoration, decorative decoration At the same time, it is practical, built -in 80%white duck down, very warm

Embroidered plush lapel down jacket

The wide back -up collar highlights the beautiful face and soft lines. The body is added to the star moon embroidery pattern. The retro is elegant and unique. The big pockets on both sides are more appropriate and natural. With a slender waist, 80%white duck down in the inside, warmth everywhere.

Long Fox Mao Ning down jacket


The oversized fox hair collar brings a gorgeous visual experience, coupled with the waist band out of the waist to shape the perfect figure, the cuffs and hem embroidery patterns, beautiful and romantic, 90%white duck down light warmth helps you to deal with the cold winter.


Duzi hair collar slimming powder down jacket


The oversized tadpole hair collar injection into luxury temperament, the romantic heavy work embroidery pattern of the hem is chic and elegant, showing the sweet and romantic temperament of the girl. 90%of the white duck velvet warm and low temperature without pressure. Comfortable and thin

Middle -length embroidered down jacket


在寒冷的冬天,无论如何要保暖,90%的白鸭绒,保证了轻盈和温度,以单排包扣有序点缀,增加一丝别致韵味,精致的绣花装饰衣身,起到画龙点睛的效果,让A person’s eyes are bright, and the large fox hair collar down jacket allows you to enjoy “thin” in warmth.


Hat embroidered lace down jacket

The stand -up collar+hooded design has both heating and reducing the age. The removable fox hair collar is on the hat. High -content white duck down, excellent warmth.


Retro embroidery mid -length down jacket

The high -quality big hair collar echoes each other at the neckline and the cuffs, fluffy and full, highlighting the sweet temperament, with a bow to set off, showing the ladylike style, exquisite embroidery embellishment, Yu Xianxian and stable, the unique lace is treated, and the waist treatment is treated. Highlighting the curve of the figure, the sense of fashion is out, the light and warmth of the white duck down helps you to deal with the cold winter elegantly.