Summer solid color men’s T -shirt

Customized simple Tee. Cotton, soft skin. The texture is really great, and the style is generous without losing the details. It is a versatile T -shirt suitable for everyone.


T -shirt is a popular item in summer. Choosing a beautiful T -shirt can improve your temperament. It is so simple to match a pair of trousers.


Basic matching up and down in summer

1: Short -sleeved 9 -point straight trousers


2: Five -point sleeve T -shirt with straight jeans

3: striped short -sleeved T -shirt with casual pants

4: Pure color short -sleeved shirt with 9 points of microcontroller trousers casual pants

5: striped short -sleeved shirt with denim short pants pants


Why choose the combination of striped TEE and shorts?


Because wearing this refreshing, simple, and a little bit can also adapt to different occasions

Summer and loose shirt in summer

The so -called minimalist style is from the aspects of clothing color and style.

Generally, black, white, and gray are the three main colors of the simple style. The three colors can be combined with solid color and mix and match.

Summer Gongdue Japanese Men’s Pan Pants

Working shorts. Cotton cotton, slippery and glutinous feel is really comfortable! It is still a multi -pocket, uppercase real model. The pockets are more distinctive. Irregular design, fitted version, and dark T -shirts, will not gay in gay to wear, and the upper body is comfortable and comfortable.

Summer men’s cotton and linen pants

In the hot summer, cotton -linen texture shorts or shirts are becoming more and more popular.


This method of dressing with comfort and casualness also explains the internal inner of the simple style!

The length of the sports shorts just shows the knee, which shows the length of the legs and not too girl.

Low -key black can also be separated from the light -colored Tee of the upper body.

If you have a male ticket, then this dressed man’s ticket, if you have no girlfriend now, you can try to dress like this, maybe you can find your girlfriend tomorrow