Now the pace of life is getting faster and faster, many people have a feeling of tiredness, and the bed undoubtedly gives people a comfortable and comfortable feeling. Being able to complete some simple office learning in bed undoubtedly takes care of work/study and life.

懒人伴侣 — 立太 床上折叠学习书桌开箱试用桌脚大约有拇指粗,是表面上了白漆的空心的钢管,四个桌脚底部有白色塑料脚垫。折叠的阻尼适中,方便收纳又不容易滑动。通过四个螺丝固定在桌底。

Many people are not strangers to study desks on the bed. On the bed, you can place laptop computers for lightweight office, or put an iPad to chase drama; the dormitory student party also uses to complete homework on it, which is a small tool for facilitating work and learning in life.

懒人伴侣 — 立太 床上折叠学习书桌开箱试用

I recently bought a folding learning table for Lita and share this product.

First of all, talk about the delivery speed. The store delivery is slightly slower. The next day will start picking. On the third day, the postal courier is issued. The table is packed in a printed box, and the volume is not very large. The carton is not damaged during transportation, which is more lucky.

懒人伴侣 — 立太 床上折叠学习书桌开箱试用

Opening the packaging, I see the bottom of the red -brown table. The four steel pipes are folded and folded. The four corners of the table are fixed with foam, and at the same time, they have the effect of anti -impact. But this packaging is still a bit simple, it is recommended to add another layer of plastic.

There are about thick thumbs at the table, and the white paint -empty steel pipes are on the surface. There are white plastic foot pads on the bottom of the four tables. Folding is moderately damped, which is convenient for storage and not easy to slide. Fixed to the bottom of the table with four screws.

The front of the table is a very simple color stripe, staggered, simple but not too monotonous.

懒人伴侣 — 立太 床上折叠学习书桌开箱试用

The desktop length and width are 40cmx60cm respectively, which is the common size of the folding table on the bed. The table is suppressed, without odor, with a thickness of about 1.2cm. The weight of the entire table is not heavy, and the movement is effortless. The height after support is about 28cm, which is slightly short.

懒人伴侣 — 立太 床上折叠学习书桌开箱试用小桌上摆放一个15.6寸的笔记本电脑,也有空间进行办公操作。桌子四周的包边略显简单了,是平面的。衔接处有一道明显的痕迹/缝隙,显得不够精致。

A 15.6 -inch laptop is placed on the small table, and there is also space for office operations. The edge of the table around the table is slightly simple, and it is plane. There is an obvious trace/gap at the connection, which seems not exquisite enough.

The design style of this bed folding is relatively simple, lightweight, and the thick steel pipes of the thumbs used in the table legs are more reliable. At the same time, the details are not exquisite enough. At the same time, this price is slightly more expensive. I hope the merchants will use more snacks in details.