Because many people do not know much about the silk quilt, they do not know which are genuine when they buy it.How to distinguish the silk quilt?PCHOUSE takes everyone to understand.


There are also many advantages of silk silk, such as strong toughness, and some indicators such as acid resistance and alkali resistance are better than mulberry silk.Silk silk can also be processed into quilts, but generally a mechanical silk quilt.

1. According to the feel

If the silk silk is made directly into a quilt without processing, consumers are usually difficult to accept whether it is color or feel.The silk silk feels dry and rigid, and the fiber distribution is uneven.The latest silk released by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Quality Supervision was clearly instructed by the industry standards, and the feel and hard blocks were also clearly instructed. Therefore, the quilt made of mulberry silk was more delicate, durable, and not easy to settle.

2. Different from color

The color of the silk silk is light yellow -brown, and the silk silk is silk in the silk. Its fiber is relatively thick, and it feels particularly good. Its natural light yellow has no artificial addition and is more environmentally friendly, so it is also liked by many people.