1. Belt pants are the most suitable for pregnant women’s pants type

The uterine bottom of the expectant mother will gradually increase in the three -year pregnancy. From the middle of pregnancy to the before giving birth, the waist circumference will be several laps.

After the waist circumference is enlarged, wearing pants will decline.

If you tighten your trouser belt, you will

Restriction of the growth and development of the baby’s baby

, And the gradual increased uterus has no room for development, so I have to expand outward


, Thus swelling into a “lower hanging belly”


If the lower abdomen is formed, the recovery of the uterus after birth and the reset of the abdominal wall will be affected, and it may also form a large belly cover.

At this time you should choose a pair of “back pants”

(Lin Xinru, who is the most suitable for pregnant women after the marriage is married, is also a posture of pregnant mothers)

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers wear strap pants are the most suitable, and the straps of the strap pants are relatively wide.

I won’t straighten my breasts


And it is more suitable for changes in abdominal dysfunction during pregnancy,

I won’t go to the waist

You can wear it on your body

Cover the abdomen, chest, and hips, giving people a loose and natural beauty

Two: Size selection

After 4 months of pregnancy, the abdomen needs to choose a strap pants. Many pregnant mothers also think that strap pants are more comfortable than flat waist pants.

Choose a strap pants without having to consider the problem of fat and thin

Because the waist of the strap pants can be adjusted,

The most convenient part of strap pants is that the pants are long


Because you can adjust your shoulder straps, so

Under the circumstances that the trousers are not very long, they can be adjusted to the length that suits you by adjusting the shoulder straps.

(What Huo Tai has stated this, saying no one believes that no one is pregnant)

Three: style selection

The design of the band pants and the underarm area is very important,

Choose a piece of slices on the chest is relatively wider

In this way, you can go to the body in front of the chest, and you should choose as many as possible to wrap your body’s back pants as much as possible.