How many clothes are the kindergarten in winter? 6 pieces are just right. If you wear one more, the child will be hot, if you wear one less, the child will be cold.

Children in kindergartens are just right in winter. If it is a boy, you can wear it like this:


(1) Wearing a cotton autumn clothes can help children absorb sweat;

(2) A sweater or sweater on the outside of the autumn clothing can help keep warm.



(3) Underwear

(4) Wear a cotton pants to make children sweat better;

(5) A piece of cotton pants outside the autumn trousers, it is not recommended to be too thick.

Finally, with a jacket, it is recommended to wear long models. It can be cotton jacket or down jacket. It can help children on the way to school to resist the cold.

If it is a girl, you can wear it like this:

(1) Wear a cotton autumn clothing to base in order to better sweat.

(2) You can match sweaters, sweaters, dresses, etc. outside the autumn clothes, which is warm and beautiful.

(4) Wearing a piece of cotton pants, it should be longer, which can not only suck sweat, but also help keep warm.

(5) The outside of the pants is paired with bottom pants, and it can also be paired with the child’s physique, which mainly plays a warmth.

Finally, prepare a long cotton or down jacket, which can resist the cold on the road to school. If girls are cold, they have a greater impact on their physique. Therefore, you can prepare scarves, hats, masks, etc.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, the coat can be taken off after the kindergarten. Wait until school, put it on.

The reason why children in kindergartens are recommended in winter to wear 6 clothes in winter, mainly considering two reasons:

1. In winter, kindergarten teachers

Will increase the amount of activities to children.

If you exercise a lot in winter, you can improve your child’s physique and reduce illness. so,

Even in winter, children sweat.

Considering this reason, it is necessary to prepare a set of cotton base clothes for the children.

Help sweat absorption.

Otherwise, if the child can’t get out of sweat, it is easy to get cold and cold.

2. There are heating in the kindergarten garden, although the road is relatively cold. However, as soon as the child enters the park, it is

Indoor temperature

It’s right. On the one hand, the child will take off the coat and wear it easier. If the children are too thick or too bulky in kindergarten,

Not conducive to their activities.

It may also be caused by thick heat, which is caused

The child felt irritable and even cried.

Dressing to children is mainly to consider weather conditions and kindergarten curriculum arrangements, temperature differences in inside and outside. Moms and dads wear clothes for their children,

Both children like it and the children are comfortable.

Otherwise, the little baby at home is not so easy to fool.





(3) Underwear