Shimura Xiu Green Tea New Muscle Cleansing Oil


Reference price: 280RMB/150ml

Oil quality shows a faint yellow -green color

The touch on my hand is relatively heavy, but the face has no burden at all.

Emulsion is very fast, which can dissolve makeup thoroughly.

There is no bitterness of green tea, which is what kind of

The more natural “oil” taste



They have common

Six cleansing oil

, Different characteristics:


Green: antioxidant, thick texture but refreshing face.


Pink: Cherry blossoms are gently, the texture is water, but the moisturizes is high.

Brown: Anti -aging nourishment, suitable for all skin types.

Blue purple: broken black and whitening, the taste is the best in all series.

Yellow: Classic moisturizing, moisturizing.

Orange: Chamomile is soothing, suitable for dry sensitive muscles.

Shimura Show Macuretta Eye Pen

Reference price: 200RMB

It is said that this is a single product that will be available in every makeup artist bag


Alive formula

, I can hardly see the color when I test the color on the back of the dry hand, only


Only on the skin with the base of oil can it be colorful

And it is not easy to remove makeup.

Core hardity is


, Able to create moderate eyebrow color


Basically, after using it, no other eyebrow powder and eyebrows are needed.


Probably considering that consumers cannot cut the shape of the “machete”, they have launched

Automatic version of the eyebrow pencil

The color of the old version of the eyebrow pencil is better mastered, suitable for novice. The new version of the brow pen is softened, and it is easier to color

Essence But the other end is equipped with eyebrow brush!


Shikura Show, colorless limited soft fog lipstick

Reference price: 215RMB

Color saturation is very high

It can cover the original lip color very well.

There is a kind of silky feeling on the mouth, which will not be skinned at all.

The key is

Silver white tube

It’s really simple and advanced, matching

Transparent lipstick

This kind of “cold” color scheme is very poke!

There are 20 colors in total,


I spoke to the Ambassador of Takamura Show, and several of her representative color numbers performed by her are super beautiful. Put a few pictures to watch the beauty of beauty.


Pk375 and RD187

, It’s a must -have lip color for relatives for the New Year.

Not easy to drop makeup

, After eating and drinking water, it will not take off very mottled.


Shimura Show Petal Misty Light Foundation


Reference price: 420RMB


Matte makeup effect

Try it!


The texture is soft, the liquidity is strong, and the moisturizing degree is sufficient

It can be used in winter without moisturizing makeup in winter.

The makeup is natural and thin, and the concealer is enough

Can cover most of the flaws on the face.

The fog surface makeup is very high -level, and the shot is very beautiful. The upper face can be integrated with the skin color,

It is not natural. The ability of invisible pores is also very strong

There will be no dull situation after 6 to 7 hours, and the skin is not tired after makeup removal.

Takamura Xiu No. 55 without trace foundation brush

Reference price: 480RMB

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you can use it to make makeup as you want,

You can complete a makeup surface in 10 seconds

There is a pointed on the top of the brush type

, Better enough to take care of details around the nose.

The overall width is 55mm, which is composed of about 198,000 fluff.

The upper face is soft and dense, leaving no brush marks at all


Essence It can create a high -concealment base makeup without the power of ash.

The disadvantage is expensive …

Zhicunxiu Professional eyelash cotton

Reference price: 180RMB

A professional eyelash cotton, which is worth investing in,


The design of the mouth is relatively flat, which is more suitable for Asians’ eyes.

Ordinary eyelashes can only be tipped in the longest part of the eyelashes in the middle of the eyes, and the small eyelashes at the end of the eyes cannot be taken care of. The eyelash cotton of Shimura can completely avoid this problem,

Follow the eye shape and take care of each eyelashes.


Use like this

Three -stage fixture

You can easily clamp the effect of C -shaped solar flower eyelashes.

The eyelashes are good, and the eyes can look bigger and more powerful. Remember to use it for a while

Change rubber cushion

, This small eyelashes can be used for many years.

Tosamura Showy colorless blush


Reference price: 165RMB ~ 190RMB

This blush


The powder is super thin, it is suitable

Essence The color tone is very good, and it will not float on the surface after the face, but it is a good look of puff puff.

Classic color




Purple can neutralize the dullness of yellow tone skin

, Brushing it on the cheek, not only looks white, but also very transparent, to the vast yellow skin girl Amway!

Shimura Show Bubble Isolation Makeup Cream

Reference price: 390RMB

A very practical pre -makeup milk has four colors in total, and the face has all the face


Uniform skin color




Modify dull skin

, Create Bai Li’s red makeup effect.

Shake well before use, and press it gently when spraying out

Otherwise, it will come out a lot at once. Use sponge powder to dip the face on the face


Apply it from the inside to the outside direction

Make -up effect is light and delicate

, Have the effect of brightening skin tone to refine the pores,

Concealer power middle and lower

Essence Subsequent use of liquid foundation can make the entire makeup more adequate.

Okay, buy it quickly