Friends who have bought mink coats should know that the mink coat is divided into mink and mink. The price of the two types is also very different, and it will be different from what they wear. Let me talk about it below

How much is the whole mink coat?

What is the price of a whole mink coat?

The price of whole mink coats is generally starting at 6,700, many of which are tens of thousands of yuan, very expensive, the whole mink coat is very precious, and the production will be more cumbersome, so the price will be more expensive.

Is the mink coat warm?

The mink is one of the three treasures of Northeast China, known as the “King of Qiu Zhong”. The mink belongs to fine fur fur, with excellent leather plates, gentle and strong, plush, luster. The fur clothing made with it is graceful and luxurious, and is an ideal fur product. The mink is known as the “king of Qiuzhong”. The mink belongs to fine fur fur, with excellent leather plates, gentle and strong, plush, luster. The fur clothing made with it is graceful and luxurious, and is an ideal fur product. In the mink, the sable is more expensive. Because the sable fur production is very small, it makes it expensive, so it is known as the “king of Qiu Zhong”. Therefore, it has become a symbol of people’s wealth. In foreign countries, it is called “soft gold”. The mink has the three major characteristics of “the wind blows fur hair, the snow falling fur and the snow disappears, and the rain falls fur and the hair is not wet.”

How to choose a whole mink coat

At first glance: look at gloss. The brighter the brighter appearance of the mink, the higher the price. As the saying goes, “The horse’s thin hair is long and the mane”, the fur of the animal is closely related to its nutrition and health, and the sick marten, residual mink, and second mink lack the lack of smart luster. However, it should be noted that there was a common counterfeiting method on the market: “oiling” is to add the gloss of the fur with gloss. The method of identifying is to gently brush with your hands, and some hair needles will be briefly sticking together. After this fur is touched, it will feel a little greasy. Wearing such a coat, as the glitter volatilizes and gray, it will soon be ashes. Will lose gloss.

Two touches: Feel the density of the needle velvet with your hands. Good mink, needle, hair, and fluffy, the proportion should be moderate, the needle should not be too long, and the hair should not be too sparse. The good mink has a smooth feeling full of tension when stroking, and there is no astringent or greasy feeling.

Sanbiao: Blow a large piece of mink, and within the range of the air flow, the needle and hair can be restored immediately after the needle and hair are down, indicating that the quality of this mink is good. At the same time, while the airflow passes, you can also notice the density of short fluffy in the inside.

Four wearing: When trying on, buyers can feel the version of the clothing, as well as the weight of the clothing, the same length, the same style of mink clothing, and the commonly used raw materials for quality It’s a female mink. Usually the raw materials of small mink are good, and the price is the most expensive. #p#subtitle#E#

Mine coat maintenance method

Method 1: Pay attention to keep clean

Keep cleaning the mink coat. If the fur is wet or stained, it must be dealt with in time, wipe the water with a dry cloth, and then dry the dry and ventilated place. Go, use a hot towel to wipe the dirt in the direction of the fracture to prevent the fur from polluting and it is difficult to clean up.

Tips: When the mink coat encounters different degrees of dirt, it must be dealt with in time to avoid it difficult to clean up.

Method 2: It is not suitable for direct sunlight

Before putting it in the closet, you must dry it first.

Tips: It is not advisable to directly illuminate in the sun when drying. It is recommended to cover a layer of cloth to avoid exposed to the sun in the sun and the elasticity of the mink coat.

Method 3: Can’t use heavy object pressure

Before putting it in the wardrobe, the mink coat first removes the surface dust, and then puts the sanitary ball wrapped in paper in the clothes, placed in a dry wardrobe, and cannot be placed directly on the clothes with heavy objects.

Tips: Pay attention to take out the clothes and dry it regularly, ventilate, scatter the moisture, and prevent mink hair mold and insects.

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Method 4: moisture -proof

The mink coat is the most afraid of moisture, especially after the fur leather plate encounters water, it is easy to mildew, rot, and hair loss. The lightest impact will also harden the plate.

Tips: Once the fur is dipped in water or wet, it must not be roasted with fire or iron to avoid shrinking, hardening the leather plate, and even cracking.

Method 5: regular cleaning

Washing fur cannot be cleaned in a normal method. It is recommended to clean up the fur shop regularly. Do not touch the mink coats such as perfume and cosmetics eruption supplies.

Tips: Do not buckle anything on the mink. It is recommended not to carry the back of the back of the back, so as not to rub the backpack strap and the mink coat, causing the damage of the fur.

How much is the whole mink coat?