As a new trend of autumn and winter match, a pair of suitable boots can not only play the effect of modifying the legs, but also have a high effect, but also brings the effect of “painting the finishing touch” to the overall match.

Choosing boots should not only consider style and figure, but also the foot shape is also important! Starting from the two aspects of beauty and comfort, the selected boots are not good -looking ~

Key points: Picking boots depends on dressing style

1. Knitwear+brown naked boots = literary and retro style

Knitting sweater and nude boots are single products that are biased towards light mature women. It can reflect the gentle and generous charm of women.

It is also easy to be a literary and retro girl. You only need a loose and soft sweater, a pair of simple pointed brown nude.


It is best to match a type A or straight body skirt with the same color as the same color as a picture.

That’s a sense of atmosphere!

2. suit+black Martin boots = cool handsome president wind

Boots can also wear cool styles. Cowboy boots, Martin boots, knight boots, etc. are typical neutral wind boots, which can be used boldly.


When wearing these neutral wind boots, you can also use other clean neutral winds items to strengthen the coolness.

Just like the black Martin boots here, the slim -fit leather shark pants highlight the female curve.


3. Color bag+shorts Martin boots = French modern style

The most important thing is the most important thing to wear bias and retro -style boots. You need to choose the basic design and overall loose clothing to match.

Choosing different styles of neutrophils with sweet style items can give people deeper memory points. Don’t forget the most critical fluffy curly hair ~


There are two main ideas for choosing boots by dressing style:

One is to choose a neutral simple design. Basic boots to match atmosphere costumes; the other is to choose boots with style characteristics to strengthen the atmosphere.

Key points: Consider the figure when you pick your boots


Each boot has its own characteristics. Their upper body effect is also thousands of people. Choosing the right boots will make you look more delicate and beautiful.


1. Standard legs

The calf is tough suitable for the loose boots that over the knee, but don’t choose the velvet and knitted materials that are too soft and skinny.

The length of the knee boots can be optimized by the calf lines.


If the thighs are slender, you can try to match with loose boots with slim pants. If the thighs are thick, you can try to match the thighs with shorts, skirts, etc. to match the same color boots.

2. The leg shape is not straight

For some little fairy with not straight legs,

If you want to choose your legs and wear boots, try to avoid choosing boots that will show your calf.

The change of leg shape is mainly reflected in the knee and calf position. Choosing a loose and middle boots with moderate length can blur these two positions, and the leg shape will look more straight.

If you have to wear short boots, remember to match the loose and can modify the leg shape.

3. Rough toes and necks


Of course, girls with thick and necks need to avoid the ankle boots, short boots, and naked boots that will expose their ankles,

Tall people can choose long boots, and small girls go to choose the middle boots or knee boots designed with wide and down!

This loose V -shaped shoe -designed denim is very suitable for girls with thick and necks. The design of the upper slimming can make your legs look slender.

4. Short legs


The most important thing for girls with short legs is to adjust the proportion of the body and try to extend the lower body lines.

You can try the above -mentioned ankle -like boots. The boots of the knee are easy to press, and you need to choose cautiously.


Important three: Pick up boots to consider foot type

1. Egyptian foot

The length of Egypt’s toes decreases from the thumb to the little finger from the thumb to the small finger, and the width of the instep is moderate.


Recommended boots: oblique pointed boots, hood head boots, round head boots

Not recommended: the middle of the pointed design of the boots, such as positive pointed boots

For girls with round head design, for girls with Egyptian feet, it is a single product that can liberate their feet, which looks good and comfortable to wear.

Round -headed boots are not easy to make mistakes, but choosing boots will be more colorful.

You can use the simple black round -headed knight boots like this to match the splicing skirt, which is cool and advanced.

2. Greek feet

Greek’s feet are narrow and long, usually the longest toe.

Recommended boots: pointed boots, almond boots, oblique pointed boots

Not recommended: Daping head boots, big round head boots, fish -mouth boots

Take the most common almond -headed boots, the design of the almond head is between the pointed and round head. It can modify the foot shape and comfortable to wear. It is an excellent choice for autumn and winter.


The most popular almond -headed boots this year are knight boots,

With the short dresses designed above, the high -waisted dress is simply beautiful!

3. Roman feet

The instep is wide and flat, and the length between the toes is not much different, and it is basically flat.


Recommended boots: flat -headed boots, square boots, round head boots

Not recommended: pointed boots, narrow -length design boots

This year’s fashion circle suddenly set off a trend of flat -headed shoes. Among all foot types,

Girls with Roman feet are most suitable for wearing flat -headed boots, which are both beautiful and comfortable.

Ping -headed boots recommend this solid and slim version.

The bottom is equipped with a white flat -headed naked boot with the same color, and the sea blue shirt is placed on the upper body embellishment, full of high -level sense.

4. German feet

The most typical feature of the German feet is its high -toe toes. Usually the length of the large toe is longer and the width of the instep is moderate.

Recommended boots: square boots, round head boots, open -toe boots

Not recommended: Positive pointed boots

Round -headed boots are particularly comfortable, and most people can control it. Tall or thin people can try this large round -headed boots with the design of work style and knight boots.


The cool, the more handsome the boots, the more simple items must be matched. The thick -bottomed round -headed boots are recommended with neutral style, cutting simple basic suit jackets, and boots will expose the skin of the thighs.


Stepping on a pair of boots, you can not only perceive the little beauty of autumn, but also easily harvest a beautiful autumn. It is a must -have item for fashion!

Choosing boots in autumn and winter, in addition to being beautiful, is also important. In addition to the two keys of style and figure, the foot type is also the key to choosing boots. Did the sisters remember the small book?