Which is the best way to flush the toilet water?

1. Straight rush toilet

The straight toilet is the huge force generated when the water flows down to discharge dirt. Generally, the wall of the pool is steep and the water storage area is small. In this way, the water power surrounding the circle is reduced, and the water flushing efficiency is high. Utilizing the large thrust formed by compressed air, the water was quickly washed, the volume was large, the speed was fast, the water was small, and the air leaked was not much. Due to the instantaneous power of the water flow, the sound of the impact tube wall is relatively large. Most of the drainage systems in the back are straight. The diameter of the water pipe is large, and it is easy to rush down the large dirt.

Advantages: The straight structure is very simple, that is, a flushing pipe, the gravity acceleration of water can make full use of the effect of flushing the toilet. It is not easy to cause blockage during flushing. In terms of water saving, the toilet watering method is more savvy than the siphon type.

Disadvantages: The biggest disadvantage of a straight toilet is the sound of flushing, and because the water surface is small, it is easy to have scales. Discosit work is not as good as a siphon toilet. In addition, the toilet watering method has a straight toilet. At present, there are fewer types on the market, and the choice is not as large as the siphon type.


Second, siphon toilet

The siphon -type water pipeline is “∽” type. After the drainage pipe is filled with water, it will cause a certain water level difference. The inhalation of the flush water under the toilet pipeline will be discharged from the stool. Because the launching method of siphon -type toilet does not rely on water flow, the water surface in the pond is large, and the noise of flush toilet is less.

Advantages: The biggest feature of the siphon -type toilet is that the sound is very small when flushing. In terms of cleaning the toilet, the siphon type is also more likely to rinse cleaner than the straight type, and the anti -odor effect is better than the straight punch. There are many types of siphon seats on the market, which can give you more choices in the style of the toilet water.

Disadvantages: When flushing the siphon -type toilet, the water must be discharged to a very high water surface, and then rinse the dirt. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain amount of water to achieve the purpose of cleaning, and at least 8 liters to 9 liters of water at a time. Therefore, the use of siphon -type toilet water is relatively expensive in terms of expenses. The diameter of the siphon -type drainage pipe is also about 56 cm, and it is easy to block when flushing. Therefore, toilet paper cannot be thrown directly into the toilet. The installation of the siphon seat is generally equipped with paper baskets and water baskets.

In recent years, due to the siphon -type toilet, quiet sound and powerful toilet ability, most families choose to use siphon type toilet toilet in the toilet water.