Recently, Hunan guy

Liu Zhicheng

Will pretend


10,000 yuan



One note


High school alma mater to your own

Just to fulfill the commitment two years ago

How is this going?

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△ Source: Nine Pai News

Farewell to fill in the college entrance examination volunteer


The cost of re -reading for 10,000 yuan for the principal

2015 summer

After taking the college entrance examination

To reduce the burden of the family

Choose to work in a factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong

“The conditions at home are not good

Parents set up stalls in the vegetable market to maintain their lives

Two sisters were still studying at the time

I want to go out to make some money “”

Liu Zhicheng does not have a mobile phone communication inconvenience.



He and the college entrance examination volunteer filling time passing by

△ Liu Zhicheng

At that time, Liu Zhicheng had more than 500 points in the college entrance examination

He is unwilling to decide to repeat

The total cost of more than 10,000 yuan made him commit difficult

He gathered courage, trying to give it to his high school

President Luo of Puyang Zhengyuan School


Send a text message explanation situation

Two days later, he received the principal’s reply

“Can reduce the cost of 10,000 yuan”


Excited Liu Zhicheng made up his mind to study hard

“Within two years of university graduation, you must come back and pay back the money”

He becomes an engineer after graduating from college

Save money and use only for the tuition fee of the contract

After one year of re -reading

Liu Zhicheng was successfully admitted to Changsha University of Technology

Become one after graduation

Electrical Engineer

Although just work, monthly salary is limited

The salary also subsidizes the family

Liu Zhicheng save money and use

The first year has been paid off for four years in college

30,000 yuan of national school aid loans borrowed

△ Liu Zhicheng (right)

Before paying the high school alma mater, before the “borrowing” of 10,000 yuan

Parents have suggested that he wait for work to stabilize some and pay back the money

Liu Zhicheng told his parents

“The commitment to make is to be fulfilled

This will live up to the teacher’s trust “

After two years, he “repay” to fulfill his promise

“Being a young man who is a country for a country”

Recently, Liu Zhicheng came to high school alma mater


Considering the cause of the epidemic


He is at the gate of the school

A carton with 10,000 yuan in cash will

The former head teacher transferred to President Luo

There is also a handwriting letter in the carton

Liu Zhicheng reported his recent situation in the letter

Thanks to the school for helping his hands when he is in trouble

And say that you want to be one

A good young man for the family, the country, the nation, the people, and the school


△ Liu Zhicheng’s handwriting letter

“I have forgotten this

I didn’t expect this child to do it … “


The principal can’t help choking after reading Liu Zhicheng’s handwriting

“Cultivate children to college

Is a kind of glory

Cultivate children’s good ideological character

It’s a gratification and pride “

△ The staff transfer to President Luo (left) carton

President Luo said

This money has been given to the school’s student assistance center


It will be used to help other students in need

Netizen: Like this pair of teachers and students!


Teacher care for students

Student grateful Shou Nuo

Netizens have a thumbs up for the teachers and students

“Teacher gives opportunities to trust”

“The guy’s integrity is gold, the future is expected!”

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Liu Zhicheng