In the sales of military categories, the best one is the backpack except for clothes. After all, go out with a military bag, which is good -looking and easy to use. Like the tide bag with a rivet, or a computer bag with the Crusaders, he blushed out. However, there are many types of backpacks, and various positioning is different.

I chose 17 models in the backpack I have used, and briefly introduce my personal experience, and give you a reference. The selected backpacks are basically below 30L, positioning daily commuting.

1.Combat2000 A3 backpack

Many manufacturers have done this bag of A3 bags, not only domestic, but also many foreign countries. Strictly speaking, the capacity of this package is more than 40 liters of capacity is not suitable for commuting, but there is not much good choice in the past few years in the first few years of the century. However, this package is very capable. I used to install 3 14 -inch notebooks, and I also packed a set of RRV+back water bags and a dog in that era.

2. Camel Hawg backpack

This bag can be described as a generation of classics. It is still one of the two backpacks that are most suitable for military compliance, as well as halo used by seals. The 22 -liter capacity plus a sufficient thickness bag can be installed. In addition, the zipper length accounted for 2/3, and large items are installed. For example, the camera is very convenient. The division of the auxiliary cabin is even more classic. The detailed division is the imitation object of many backpack shoulder bags. The disadvantage is that there are some categories on carrying for a long time, and some aesthetic fatigue. And there is no hard backplane. When used, the back center will be uncomfortable.

HAWG has many generations. The author is most recommended for the old post -type. The 500D fabric is relatively light. There are also molle webbing on both sides of the bag.

3. Camel peak linchpin backpack

As we all know, most military small and medium -sized backpacks are very simple. Basically, two shoulder straps are added with a chest buckle belt, and at most, there is a waist stable band. In fact, these military bags are used for soldiers. Small and medium -sized backpack soldiers are generally used during combat and at the same time wearing bulletproof coats. When wearing a bulletproof coat, no matter how good the carrier is, it is difficult to play a role. At the same time, in order to save costs, it is difficult to see a complicated carrying structure on the small and medium -sized military bags.

Linchpin is the first arms that I have contacted, with long back adjustment, shoulder straps adjustment, center of gravity adjustment, and chest straps. There is no waist seal. From the perspective of the overall structure, Linchpin is the hump HAWG that enlarges the No. 1. There are more ear bags on both sides. There is no Molle strap outside Linchpin.

The linchpin capacity is 30 liters, which inherit the characteristics of hawg, easy to install, and use the carrying structure of the mysterious pasture. It was very happy when it was taken back. suit myself.

First of all, the backpack is a bit big to me. I usually commute in the city. Except for the micro -single, there is not much thing. It takes a long time to bear the time. It is basically driving when I go out. Therefore, the relatively large bodies and complex carrying have become my cumbersome, which increases the volume and weight. Occasionally, the capacity of the day trip is appropriate, but because there is no waist seal weight, the weight is still pressed on the waist, and it is still uncomfortable in one day. If you have a backpack for long -term outdoor use for more than 30 liters, there is still a waist seal.

4.Firs Spear ECP Backpack

I am probably the first to buy FS ECP backpack in China. The two major characteristics of this package are expensive and the other is really good. The size of this package is very suitable for commuting. Lightweight and breathable shoulder straps are very distinctive. It can be back shoulders and can cross the back. There is a net pocket between the main cabin and the auxiliary bag, which can put helmets and clothes. The disadvantage is that the main bag is insufficient, and the magnification of the volume items is not changed. The pockets on the outside of the main cabin are basically waste. The pocket on the side cabin is designed to put the magazine and rope, which is not suitable for commuting, and it will not look good after putting too many things.

In addition, there is no backplane in this bag, and the back is very uncomfortable. Later, the FS was commuting on the basis of ECP, which added the kettle bag. The color matching is pretty good, but I am no longer interested.

5. Tactical monkey adapt backpack

This author is seriously recommended. It is very suitable for commuting as HAWG, but it is smaller than HAWG, and the appearance is more savvy. The bag is thick and the opening is large. A7M2+35 can be easily put in. Open the side cabin side, take off the shoulder strap and pull it to the chest just to open, the auxiliary cabin is not divided, but the entire magic sticker can be equipped with a few magic stickers to finish. The Molle belt on both sides can also be added with a bottle bag.

The disadvantages are as simple as Hawg, but it is right for the author’s up to one or two hours at a time. Therefore, you must choose your own needs. In addition, you need to use a backplane to use it better.

6. Tigo 22L backpack

It is 22L, the actual capacity is large, far exceeding Hawg. The main cabin is full, which is convenient to get. Most of the auxiliary cabin is characterized by it. It can be put in as much as possible. It is convenient to have a pot bag twice. There are many details. There is a waist seal that can play a certain supporting role, and the back pad is very thick. It is more suitable for back heavy objects, such as students, and short -distance playing.

What is the disadvantage, there is no characteristic.

7. Tigo 6L folding backpack

This bag is very distinctive with a folding backpack with simple structure and lightweight. Suitable for traveling when you travel, you still do n’t occupy much space in the box. When you come to the hotel, you can go out to play. The disadvantage is that there is no backplane because there is no folding. My method is to put an iPad or aluminum mouse pad in it, which will be much better.

8. Rhino ANTERO Backpack


This package is very beautiful, but the capacity is by no means 24 liters, and it must be 30 liters. The U -shaped open is easy to put, and the oblique opening kettle bag on both sides can also be installed. The oblique opening pot is not tightened with telescopic, but it is extended to the oblique opening. There is a glasses cabin on the top of the bag, which is also very convenient to put a bit. It is relatively simple to carry, but the merit of rhinos is still very comfortable, and the special waist pad is very powerful.

The disadvantage is that I do n’t like the 1000D test La Luo, which is too heavy, and there is no waist seal, but there is an interface with an expansion of the waist seal, which requires a single match. The supporting waist seal is also very powerful, which can effectively share the burden on the shoulders.


9.LBT 8000A backpack

This package is very savvy, and I am my own camouflage. The structure is simple and simple, just a shoulder strap and chest buckle strap. The bag is wide, the opening is large, and it can be installed. Suitable for short -distance commuting, not suitable for long -term outdoor activities. It is very eye -catching for shopping. But there is no hard backplane.


10.HSGI MP24

There is nothing to say, the bag is very thin, suitable for office workers to squeeze the subway back to the subway to reduce the chance of scolding.


11.Tyr Huron

It is not ugly. The net bag outside can be removed. Adhering to the TYR perverted work, the craftsmanship is very good. But the bodies are thin and can’t install anything. It is purely because SFLCS’s D-MAP has received one, NSN 8465-01-632-9644.

12, SDS English backpack


This package is designed to be used to carry the radio station, so the back is very strong, with long back, shoulder strap, chest strap, waist seal, and center of gravity regulation. The back lining plate is comfortable and breathable. The waist seal is wide and can be matched with the shoulder straps. The interesting thing is that this backpack can still be used for umbrellas. There are two umbrellas connected to linked parachutes.


The disadvantage is that the main cabin is not thick enough, just put a radio thickness, it is not suitable for me to put the camera, and the back notebook is good. It is also a self -weight and volume problem, which is not suitable for people who drive.

12, mysterious ranch Street fighter

One of the main topics of the mysterious ranch city series, high value, rich color matching. The capacity of 17 liters, but the mysterious ranch has always been low, and it should actually be 20 liters. The classic Futura Frame is carrying the structure, and the typical small backpack is bears a lot, so it is still very comfortable to carry, but there is no waist seal. However, for the small bag, it is embarrassed to be difficult, and a stable belt is enough.

The top of the glasses cabin, the kettle bag on both sides of the elastic fabric, is very practical and easy to use. The auxiliary cabin is slightly smaller, and it is difficult to organize debris.

The disadvantage is that the main cabin is too small! too small! It’s troublesome to put a camera or big thing.

14, mysterious pasture x17

The classic mountaineering punching bag is simple, but there is a removable waist stable belt, which is enough for such small bags. The shape is also good. The design of the roller mouth is really easy to use. I like it very much, and there is a opening on the side, which is convenient to get things quickly. I think it ’s good to use the mouth+side opening on the commute.

The disadvantage is not suitable for back too much.

15, mysterious pasture KW FLIP

The shape of the classic barrel, the street or vacation, forced the high. Being a simple structure, but the shoulder strap is very comfortable. Because it is a barrel, it is very wide and easy to put anything, but the disadvantage is that there is no separation, so you can stop it.

16, LII Gear 13L Battleframe joint version

It is mainly based on the LII Gear13L backpack. Some changes have been made. The small barrel bag has a good face value. There are top glasses compartment. The pots are added on both sides, which is very suitable for commuting. The disadvantage is that it is too small to bring too many things. There are not many things like me. If you want to have a hiking traveler or something.


17, tad azimuth

All XPC fabrics, lightweight, simple carrying, and the same position as X17, which is also the mouth opening+side opening. But I think it’s ugly. And it is better to trust the composite XPAC of ultra -thin fabrics, it is better to start at 330D.


18, mysterious farm one day


Personally think that it is better than the popular Sparta. The Y -type full opening is more useful than the Sparta U. It is similar to Urban’s shape, but the adjustable carriers of the farm are well comfortable. The top of Bao has more miscellaneous warehouses than Siba, which is more suitable for daily life, but the overall auxiliary cabin is a little less, and one more directly opens the outside. In addition, the disadvantage is that the overall shape is large and long, but if you are tangled, you must have a good military bag, which is also a very good choice.

19, rhino urban run

There are many appearances, and there are many auxiliary cabins. And you can be equipped with a backplate with a storage function. After using this back panel, you will only suspect that your fragmentation is not enough. The disadvantage is too big, why is this 20 liters? Obviously a capacity of 30 liters! If you are a student of the backpack every day, there is no problem. If you just go shopping and go shopping occasionally, it is too big. More suitable for short -distance travel backpackers. Also because it is too big, after you are full, your back will be a bit weak.

20, the Arctic Fox Raven 20 liters

I am the name of Aimpoint and the Arctic Fox. I won’t buy it by Aimpoint, but after getting started, it is really fragrant. This is a commuting bag. What bicycle and military bag do you want. The thick computer cabin, the auxiliary cabin and glasses of the debris have places, and there is no military bag to put the division into a pen to put it on how to put a pen. , 20 liters of small bags are okay. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to dirt. I don’t know if green is not good.


In addition, the domestic official is extremely stupid. I don’t know if it is because of the good reason for the Arctic Fox’s small square bag. Such a curvic is a good -looking bag, whether it is a physical store or a Taobao flagship store. There is no desire to buy.

21 in and out folding backpack

A folding backpack, which is stored 12 cm to see square. Very easy to use. Every time I travel, I take a business trip. When I went to the destination, put down the suitcase and large bag, and took out this small bag and walked around, which was very cool. However, because the folding backpack does not have a backpack, you need to find something inside.

Like Tigo’s 6L folding backpack positioning, but the shape is better, and there is a side pocket to put things.


22 Mysterious Farm Sparta Backpack

The appearance is coquettish, the performance is excessive, and the division is not suitable for daily life. This is actually a radio or equipment package.

It was very hot for a while, but I had no love in just 2 days, not to say that this bag was not good, and this was obviously not a daily backpack. Like the SDS radio bag, the volume is not very large, but it has a relatively powerful carrier, and the shoulder pads are thick. There is no division inside. At that time, there will be prefabricated Molle straps to hang small bags, but too many small bags will further occupy the internal space and gain weight.


23 maxpedition US and Malaysia Entity 21 liter backpack

This is a very commute backpack. The U -shaped full zipper is easy to use to install items. The internal division is meticulous. Considering the full -time, regardless of the flashlight, wallet, passport, iPad, key, you will be taken care of, but it will not be used in a single, and there are thick buffer layers. Whether it is, whether it is, whether it is Putting the camera or the notebook is very secure.

If the disadvantage is that I don’t like the appearance of the drum, although the capacity is easy to use, the second is the always folding of the tail of the shoulder strap.

The workmanship and design are so thin that are not like Americans, but the boss is indeed a Chinese American.

24 Mysterious Farm Street Zen 25L Street Backpack


This is a backpack with a very sloppy shape. The carrying structure is similar to an arcade but more comfortable. The capacity of 25L. The main warehouse adopts the roll -up bag design. Many people do not like the rolling mouth, but in fact, the rolling mouth is very easy to use. It is necessary to put things on and open, and most of the rolling mouths can also expand to a certain extent. The upper part of the outer layer has a division, the top of the magic sticker on the top, and the side zipper on the side. The side of the backpack is a good design, so that you can take out the bottom things from the side, so many small things can be thrown directly in the attached cabin, just find it from the side. And the side is also convenient to pull the backpack directly from behind the chest to take the key or something.

Although this bag is located, I think it is also suitable for short -distance hiking and travel.


This is a schoolbag! This is a schoolbag!

Buying this bag is purely marked by Eagle. For many old players, EI is a feeling. Before FIRSTSPER, EI’s military products are nobility for noble. This package is named AII, like the old -generation AIII, which has a tough guy, a large main position in the end. The small cabin in the front can only put a sunglasses or something. The attached cabin below is open on the side. You can pull the chest and get things as mentioned above. What is more useful is the elastic and deep water bottle cabin on both sides.

Experience summary

About bearing:


The carrying is usually composed of 6 parts, the shoulder strap adjustment, the center of gravity adjustment, the back -length adjustment, the waist adjustment, the chest strap regulation, and the back of the back pad.


Being carrying is important, but what bottoms do depend on demand and positioning. Generally speaking, small bags in 30L will not have too complicated burdens, just try to be comfortable. At the same time, users must also have a clear positioning for their own needs. There are many long -term backs, and there are many back heavy objects. They are just to facilitate carriers. Usually, it is nothing more than back from the room to the garage.

Regarding separation:


The backpack segmentation does not need to be as fine as a debris, but it is better to separate a few more separations. If everything is piled up together, it is not convenient to find something, and it is not good.


Regarding the thickness of the main cabin::

Like the miscellaneous bag, the bag has enough thickness to use it, but it depends on the positioning. If it is squeezing the subway and the bus, it is thin, so as not to scold.