It ’s delicious but dumplings, so I ca n’t wear Xiaobai T.

A small white T can be perfectly fused with various coats such as baseball uniforms and knitwear, and can be worn outside. With various skirts, the pants are not stressful.

As for what color matching, it is even more casual. Because it is omnipotent.

The white and black match is an eternal classic, a kind of handsome cool, and it is not inferior to the other colors. The yellow is beautiful, the orange is sunny, the red is confident, the green is fresh, the blue is gentle.

Haha, I really want to sing a song “yellow, orange, green and blue, colorful color”.

This phenomenon is mainly because white is a very tolerant color, so the white T looks very simple, but it is actually a small white item that hides the mind.

Cut the feathers/loose and thin V -neck chiffon T -shirt female white simple wild seven -point sleeve t wide sleeve top summer

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A very gentle small white T. The design is relatively loose, and it is very suitable with black pants. The tight matching match will look very thin. It is said that there is a nasty words in the room called “good girls but not a hundred”, what should we do if we fat people, put on this little white T, everyone can guess your weight. What they see is thin and thin. Well, ok, wipe

Pre -Vcruan2016 summer new small design sensor weaving basic Tee versatile short -sleeved T -shirt female BD62029


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This is a small white T. Although everyone is wearing Xiaobai T, the little white T we wear is still “the most fashionable, and everyone can see it.” I really like the design of bat sleeve, why? Well, the reason is because of thinness. In fact, there are other reasons. Wearing a bat sleeve clothes, when I open my arms, I feel like a butterfly. Oh my girl’s heart.

White sleeveless T -shirt Women’s Summer 2016 Korean version of the new versatile minimalist tide printing round neck school wind top


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“Love and righteousness, worth a thousand dollars, go up the mountain, why not go down the sea.” “Mo Wenwei” played a big sister who was affectionate and righteous in the movie “God of Food”. He had a group of younger brothers and pulled out a row of super -pulling winds. How to be as handsome as her, put on this little white T. The sleeveless design looks very sporty, it is very suitable to wear or skateboards, or jump hip -hop, or do some simple exercise.

Original self -made lower stroke T -shirt loose short -sleeved shirt Female casual versatile and thin underwear summer

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The strap design of the lower part of the sink is the biggest highlight of this little white T. One second makes it different from ordinary people and stands out of the crowd. In fact, there are two ways to wear this dress. The first is to fasten the hem as straps, clean and neat, and it looks refreshing. The second is to put down the strap and wear it so openly, and it looks good. What kind of choice, Ren Jun likes.

European and American literature and art simple style versatile solid color loose bat sleeve linen cotton T -shirt summer new product women’s clothing


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Cotton T with long skirts is very literary, and small fresh first choice. This cotton material is very breathable and is super comfortable in summer. If there is such a day, you don’t have to be annoyed by trivial matters, nor do you have to show your enthusiastic smiles from time to time with the crowd, you may wish to put on such a T -shirt. You go to drink coffee, listen to music, read a book, travel, maybe you do nothing, so go out and hang out aimlessly, and just have a date with yourself.

RLL2016 Xia Xinpin English Embroidery Comb with two -sided cotton T -shirt Female short -sleeved round neck loose and versatile solid color top

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Pure white T sometimes looks monotonous, and sometimes a small design can be here. It doesn’t need too much. A few simple English letters are good. The English letters on this dress are embroidered, which looks much more exquisite than the pattern.

[Su An Family] The texture of the sleeve twist twisting the roller texture is very strong.

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It is like this with a careful design. The overall looks good, but I don’t know why. After careful observation, I realized that “this is the case”, so you have to admire the designer’s mind. This dress has such a careful design. Its sleeves of the clothes are rolled, and it deliberately made into a crooked look, which makes you inadvertently reveal the sense of sexuality.

[Su An Family] Pink Macaron -colored Rubbing Cotton Soft Founded Basic Five -color short -sleeved T -shirt bottoming shirt

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It looks like a boy’s vest, but there is actually another mystery, which can cover the meat perfectly. And the loose design looks simple and comfortable. The inadvertent beauty is the most charming, and this dress can make you have such a temperament.


Normcore piece! Long -sleeved short -sleeved self -made brand showed thin V -neck T -shirt Black and white 2 pieces of free shipping

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In summer, I love bamboo cotton T. This is the one that must not be missed. Not only because of quality, but also because the design of the V -neck of this dress is too special. The opening will not be too big, so that you will leak in spring, and it will not be too small. In a word, one point is too long, and one is too short.

White short -sleeved T -shirt Female Summer Korean Version 2016 New Student Personalized Personalized Leisure Light Simple V -neck top

This little white T looks like the clothes that come out of the Japanese fashion magazine? Put on this T -shirt, with summer shorts or skirts, the whole person will add a laziness. If you go to take pictures, the good -looking index will definitely rise greatly. The trend changes every year, but the classic is never out of date. Xiaobai T has been the darling of the fashion industry since its birth. With such a versatile fashion item, let’s go through the whole summer.


2016 summer new embroidery short loose T -shirt top white

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Playful short white T, with high -waisted shorts or high waist skirts very high and thin, highlighting the figure ~


The design on the chest is used in Korean design, which adds a playful feeling to the simple white T.

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