Remember not to use the new cast iron pot directly. The trick of opening the pot will tell you that the better the pot is, the better. We usually use the most useful cooking is non -stick pots and iron pots. Although it is easy to use without sticky pots, it can be used for a short time. Basically, we have to change one non -stick pot every six months. , I am accustomed to iron pot. Although there is no coating, it is healthy and has a longer life than non -stick pot. Many people use the iron pot and use it as soon as they do not open the pot. This is completely wrong. , It’s a waste of new pot. How to open the new iron pot and cast iron pot? Don’t use it directly when you just buy it. Teach you to open the pot. The pot is not sticky and rust. The trick told you, it is very simple.


Preparation tool:

Lancium, wire ball, edible oil

specific methods:

1. I just bought a cast iron pot in the past two days. Today I will share with you how to open the pot and maintain the cast iron pot. For the first time, you must clean the pot first. Pour some water in the pot. Add some detergent into the water to the water. Fine, wash with a wire ball, rinse twice after washing.

2. Then put the water inside in the pot, dry the pot, turn to low heat, pour the oil into the pot, dip the oil in the pot with oil and wipe it in the pot, so that every place in the pot Wipe the oil evenly, and the oxidation reaction will be produced after the oil on the hot pot will cause an oxidation reaction. A protective film will form in the pot. While wiping with oil suction paper, let the pot slowly absorb this oil.

3. After the oil in the pot was absorbed, continued to pour the oil and continued to wipe it like this. I added 5 times to the pot like this, and it took about ten minutes before and after.


4. Test the pot now, make an egg in the pot, and try to fry the egg. At this time, the pot basically reaches the degree of non -sticky.


5. Let the pot cool, clean the pot again with water, dry the pan with low heat, and evenly apply a layer of edible oil to turn off the fire in the pot. This will be completed for the first time. Wash the pot and apply a layer of oil. In this way, if you continue to raise the pot for several months, you will become permanently non -stick. Friends who like it can try it at home.