Chongqing: Women were stolen for 30 pairs of underwear for 2 months, and were stolen and anxious and scared: “No change, sometimes going out overnight to buy”

Worlds, full of wonders!


Some people like money, some are fascinated by power, and some people don’t see beauty. However, some people are fascinated by things like underwear, and they really can’t figure out mysterious and secrets.


The true story of this issue comes from the news of women in a community in Chongqing.

On May 7, a certain monitoring of a community in Chongqing appeared on the Internet. This has attracted the attention and heated discussion of many netizens. During this period, a large number of netizens couldn’t cry and laugh at what happened in the community.

The party is a woman. According to the woman’s memory: I live in the 8th floor and frequently lost my underwear. It has been more than 30 months in 2 months. I thought it was blown away by the wind, but as the underwear lost frequency more and more, the woman began to find something wrong. Therefore, in the corner of the balcony of the panties, the monitoring probe was secretly installed. The original committee who wanted to lose the underwear was clear.


The monitoring did not live up to the woman’s painstaking efforts, and it turned out that a strange man stole the underwear and took a moment.


Monitoring shows that at about 1:30 in the middle of the night, a mysterious man stealing panties on the balcony. Fortunately, there is a small platform outside the balcony on the 8th floor. If there is something, it is a bit unclear, and the man’s location is particularly dangerous.

In addition, men’s crimes are very clear. Do not have other ladies’ socks. Because the man was wearing a mask, he did not take a picture of his appearance for a while. But from its hairstyle and other body characteristics, it can be determined that it is a man.

In this way, the woman has been stolen for 2 months, and more than 30 is lost frequently. In the meantime, the woman was anxious to catch the thief again, and she was afraid of such interesting thieves to stare at herself. What makes women even more angry is that the loss of more than 30 underwear in 2 months has made women and roommates start to be a little depressed: “Sometimes it is gone, and you have to go out to buy it overnight.”

Think of the woman being stolen like this, so she was angry and anxious for the woman. Besides, the thief’s interest is really hateful, and it is completely inconspicuous.

At present, because the stealing behavior has seriously troubled women, the local police are already actively following up.


Since ancient times, stealing has been underestimated. It is too large to the Jiangyang thief and the thief to touch. Although it is sometimes forced by life, the stealing is still stealing, and the impact on others’ lives is not great.

Once some thieves were caught, all kinds of tears, various guarantees and regrets. After returning to freedom, return to the old career again. He always said that he was forced by life, and he always said that he had no other craftsmanship, and some people laughed that they had always been doing the rich and poor, that is, the consequences caused by stealing things were absolutely unbelievable.

Regardless of the original intention, stealing is still stealing, and this fact cannot be changed. Just like the woman in the text, who is stolen and depressed, who can underestimate the serious consequences of stealing!

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