The microphone brief review today is the one -dragging two (A2) wireless microphone (hereinafter referred to as Fengke G2) of Fengke G2, high -value design and good pickup sound quality, and high cost performance, which can basically meet the user’s camera for the camera for the camera for the camera. Wait for multiple device recording requirements.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

In Fengke’s 2.4GHz microphone category, there are three options for the wireless microphone of the “G series”. One is the G1 without screen version, the other is the version of the mobile phone of the G1T/L mobile phone. It is divided into two versions of one (A1) and one -darling (A2). These three versions of the microphone use a consistent design language, which is a bit different in functionality. Users can be based on their own actual situation. Select needs.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

Exterior design

Both Fengke G2 and Fengke G1 adopt the design language of the front, side stripes and frosted shells. Compared with Fengke G1, Fengke G2 has a TFT color screen on the front. Of course, it is not just as simple as the screen. It has improved a large improvement in transmission distance, transmission stability and functionality.

G series microphone side stripes

Let’s take a look at the storage box of Fengke G2. It uses a pure black woven jacket storage box. All accessories and three microphones are stored. The red zipper design echoes the official logo of Fengke. The storage box is very designed.

Open the zipper, the three microphones are placed on the side of a velvet protective layer, and above is the storage area of ​​the grid mezzanine. This area can be placed in all wires and accessories.

Fengke G2 has rich accessories, two collar wheat, two windproof hairs and windproof sponges, card needles, three-in-one USB Type-C charging cable, and TRS line × 1, TRRS cable × 1. It is adapted to equipment that requires radio, mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

The charging cable of the USB Type-C triple one, eliminating the trouble of three charging cables and three chargers

The receiving end and the transmitter do not have a large distinction in design. The volume and weight are the same, both of which are 42 × 52 × 17mm, and the weight of 39g. From the point of view of the three people, users can distinguish the sending and receiving end through the positive “Transmitter” launch end and “Receiver” receiving end.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

There is no obvious difference between the launch and receiving end in the appearance, and the words of TX and RX are also small. Before use, you need to identify it carefully, otherwise it is easy to get wrong on the set of panic; The difference, even a protruding shape, can increase the efficiency of recognition.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

Left 1 and 2 are the launch end, and the right 1 is the receiving end

The left button on the launch end is the switch button and the USB Type-C interface, and the 3.5mm collar wheat insertion entrance. The switch button is mute in a single press.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

The left side of the receiving terminal is the switch button and the USB Type-C interface. The switching key can be in the statement.

Switch between a single “MONO” and the dual -channel “STEREO”

Essence However, this single and double -channel operation can be used only when using the camera as a radio device. If you use a mobile phone as a radio device, you can only use monocular tracking function.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

On the right side of the launch end, there is a compulsory shutdown RESET key (need to use a card needle to assist presses), and

“Low -cut” function keys and “pairing keys”.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

The right side of the receiving end is the “RESET key” and two “gain adjustment” buttons on the forced shutdown. These two function keys are corresponding to monocular and dual -channel functions, and they regulate the gain of the A / B transmitting end. At the time of single channels, both keys can adjust the overall volume, and when the dual -channel is dual -channel, the A / B launch is controlled.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

The use of card needles for compulsory shutdown or restarting is more troublesome, but it is conducive to the aesthetics of the overall structure and appearance. Considering that the probability of such small microphones is less likely, this design is also acceptable.

At the top of the launch end, there is only a omnidirectional microphone radio interface. This interface can be used to use the windproof hairs. In actual use, after the windproof hairs are connected, it is a bit not firm and easy to drop. The top of the receiving end is the audio input interface and 3.5mm audio monitoring interface.

Back clip

Judging from the above description, the function of Fengke G2 is relatively small compared to the other drag -and -two wireless microphone. However, although there are few functions, there is no multi -level menu settings in the system menu. Such a design benefit is that it does not need to perform long/short -press operations on the menu over and over.

The identification design of each function in the menu is also relatively easy to identify. It can make corresponding adjustments through the function button of the entity. For users who use this kind of wireless microphone for the first time, there is not much learning cost.

In addition, the color screen on the launch end is 3 minutes, and then it will enter the state of the screen standby, which can ensure the battery life of the transmitted end.

However, in our actual use, it is found that because there are no other indicators on the launch end, after the recording is over, if the launch end is not turned off in time, it will always be in a standby state. no power. After the user is used, if there is no other recording demand, the launch end should be turned off in time. It is also hoped that the official in the later firmware update can optimize the bright screen mechanism of the launch end.


001 pickup test

In the pickup test, we recorded directly in the machine, the airplane in the machine to record and wireless collar wheat recording, and when simulated interviews and VLOG recording, the microphone in the handheld was recorded and installed on the windproof hairs to record it. Essence

Judging from the five recording methods, when not recording the chest, a certain amount of noise is recorded. It will be much better to use the recording of the windproof hairs. In the actual recording process, it is recommended to put on the airproof hairpin Come on to record. In addition, the microphone in this machine is a full -directed microphone. The location of the launch end is closer to the sound source. The better the recorded effect. When using the Fengke G2 microphone, the transmitting end will be at the position of the neckline and can get it. Better sound quality effect.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

From left to right, divided into direct recording in 1 machine, windproof hairs in 2 machines to recording, 3 wireless collar wheat recording, 4 handheld microphone to record, 5 handheld microphone windproof windproof hair cover recording recording

At the same time, through the comparison of the microphone and wired microphone in the machine, it can be seen that the sound quality of the built -in microphone is relatively balanced, and the compression traces of the sound are relatively light, but the sound of sound in the surrounding environment will increase, and the sound bottom noise is obvious; and the wired microphone will The sound is cleaner and more suitable for recording pure human voices.

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

002 long -distance test

国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

The experimental data recorded by this microphone in the open space is 150 meters. We tested this microphone on the noisy road. The roadside was relatively open, but it also had signal interference. We put the microphone in front of our chests and play a white noise of the sound of rain in real time. On the premise of the launch end and the receiving end, the testers walked backwards.

Through the distance test, we can see that signal transmission is still relatively stable. There is a brief mute situation at 120 meters, but it can continue to be recorded at this time, but the audio is intermittent. It’s any audio.

The suspension in the figure is a short mute situation at 120 meters

In actual use, the sending and receiving end is basically moving around the character of the person, and the use distance will not exceed 20 meters, so it can basically meet daily use needs.

003 low -cut test

In the microphone, low -cutting can remove some extra low -frequency or ultra -low frequency noise, because most human voices are more than 100Hz frequency, and below 100 is the high incidence of current sounds. Essence

Fengke G2 provides a low -cut adjustment of 150Hz. From the actual sense of hearing, it is not obvious to close or turn on low cutting. After opening, it can effectively suppress the low frequency generated when the air conditioner is turned. The actual environment decides whether to turn on the low -cut function.


国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

Fengke G2, a wireless microphone, is small, with frosted materials on the front and back. The overall appearance has a lot of design ingenuity; the functionality is a bit single, but the main operation is on the first screen. Solution, no need to jump back and forth and press multiple times, the operation is relatively simple and easy, it is easy to get started for novice users.


国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

1. Small size, only 39g

2. Good appearance design

3. There is a low -cut function

4. The menu operation is simple


国产一拖二无线麦克风快速上手 奉科G2

1. After wearing the launch end, it is not firm

2. The bright screen mechanism of the launch end needs to be optimized and improved

Left 1 and 2 are the launch end, and the right 1 is the receiving end

Left 1 and 2 are the launch end, and the right 1 is the receiving end

Left 1 and 2 are the launch end, and the right 1 is the receiving end