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Autumn wearing

More and more problems are that everyone knows that in the face of sudden “autumn”, everyone is a bit overwhelmed. In fact, I feel very blank. Obviously it is only in the early September, why is it “cold and cold”.

But no matter how the weather changes, the days still have to live, and we must continue to wear. Therefore, although the weather changes have brought difficulties for matching, they will not give up because of this.


No, after the material has just been sorted, I will bring you

Latest wearing guide


After recently, it is found that although there are many items in autumn, the most durable and most suitable for the current weather is


The suit jacket is not exclusive to the workplace. It can appear in all walks of life and even various occasions, and there is no sense of abruptness. Facing the impermanent temperature difference between changing

Early autumn

The suit has played a vital role.

So today I will make a comprehensive analysis of the suit of a suit jacket. I hope that after reading this article, everyone can get inspiration.

How should I choose 01 color? Bleak

The most attractive design in the shape is


Color is the first feature that people noticed, so if the color is right, then the matching becomes much easier.

TIPS1: Don’t be too “conservative”, try more in color, and find new “vision”

When it comes to suit, many people think of classic models. For daily life, basic color matching can meet basic needs, but it cannot fully meet fashion needs. If you want to become beautiful, then you need to “hug” other color matching.

Color attempt refers to the color of the suit, which can also be the color of other items. If the wardrobe in the home is full of basic suits and the color matching is relatively single. At this time, avoid waste of money and time, you can choose from the wardrobe in the inside and the lower clothes. With the color changes of the color, the basic color suit becomes “colorful”.


Such effects will

More layered

It can also break the monotonous of several basic suits. So even if there is no popular suit in the season, you can use other items to do it



Many people do not need to be too colorful in daily life, and the color contrast is really difficult, so if the first solution is not feasible, we can choose the second solution.

TIPS2: The transition of basic color, the combination of classic and fashion, the sense of layering

The collision of popular colors is not feasible? Then you can choose

Basic color collision

It is much simpler compared to the first plan, and it is clean and durable.

The so -called foundation color is the black and white gray and earth colors common in our daily life. These colors are classic and durable, so we don’t have to worry about errors at all.

Basic color+basic color, although there is no popular color, then it can also be fashionable and distinctive. Although it is less eye -catching than the popular contrasting color, it

It’s easier to control, suitable for daily life

If you want to try the popular suit, but you worry about making mistakes, then it doesn’t matter, you can serve you intimately.


TIPS3: Choose a “gray” suit to increase the sense of advanced and stable the fashion atmosphere

The third plan is very intimate, just pay attention to the color tone when choosing the color, that is, try to choose the rich

“Gray tone”


The same is blue, and the blue tone will appear more advanced. This is the little secret in the color.

After mastering this, you can master the careful machine of matching. Even if you do not choose the popular color, you can improve the sense of fashion.

Advanced and temperamental

Putting grass:

Insert one here

Grass Tips

Recent discovery

Sea water blue suit

It is really super beautiful, and it is especially suitable for mixed design. Various high -level popular colors are matched, retro and stylish.

I do n’t know how to choose a color suit, then you can refer to it and love it really.

How should I choose version 02?

Loose version can


, Loose version of laziness and fashion, so many girls especially like loose suit. But the loose version is not necessarily suitable for you, especially when matching,

If you are not careful, you will become fat and bloated

Tips1: Choose a loose version, you should pay attention to the following points

Therefore, when choosing a loose suit, you must pay attention to the matching method, otherwise you will show “twenty pounds”. If the jacket version is relatively loose, then you choose to choose a lower shirt

Pay attention

, You ca n’t be loose, so like a barrel, it will definitely be fat.


1. Curvey

The sense of curve means to say


Exposure of our more slender places

Or the legs or waist, as long as these curves are revealed, it will not look bloated.


2. Cross -body bag

Because the version is relatively loose, the appearance of the messenger bag can

Weaken a sense of roundness

Increase some edges and corner lines to prevent the loose version from being too bloated, avoiding the trouble of showing fat.

Obviously it is a similar version. Why is it completely different to wear?


Any problem.


TIPS2: Try to avoid “hard” design, otherwise it is easy to show strong



The suit is very popular and it is really easy to wear, but when they meet the same “hard” lower clothes, they will

Particularly strong

, Especially the shoulders.

1. Still feel > Strong sense

Many times the error of this version is likely to be confused. For daily life,

Falling texture suit

It is obvious that it is better than the stiff design, and the upper body is even more



2. Pay attention to flatness


Don’t look at the design of the suit is very simple, but it pays great attention to changing materials and models. In order to better present it, it needs to be diligent enough. so


The items are indeed “intimate” to avoid ironing, which is more convenient and fast.

03 How to match a suit jacket?


Although the suit is known as


, But if you want to be beautiful and fashionable, it is definitely not enough to rely on the name of the versatile.

So in the end, set up a few matching solutions for reference.

TIPS1: Academy Wind = Bei Ruck+Uniform+pleated skirt+Menshuo

Even if they are not student girls, many girls like college style, because they are too young. In fact, a suit jacket is also fine

Reducing age

Both the beret and the middle socks are decorated, which can be used as a embellishment. But the pleated skirt and the “uniform” suit must be possessed.


College style



TIPS2: Intellectual casual wind = suit suit+T -shirt


Suit jacket is a one

Mix and match master

, Mix and match with other styles, the effect is wonderful. For example, it is like this in summer, which can show a kind of casual fashion and get any occasion.

TIPS3: Elegant Wind = suit jacket+jacket long skirt

Don’t underestimate the matching ability of a suit and suit jacket, and use a long dress to become a long dress.



, Performance. Therefore, the suit jacket can also be worn on dating, and the goddess of temperament is turned into a minute.

TIPS4: Cool Girl Wind = suit+small suspender+black straight pants

Short small camisole to create hot girls in minutes. After matching a suit jacket, the hot girl has become handsome and cool. If you are not careful, you can be full of girls.


Handsome and sexy


TIPS5: stacking wind = inside+shirt+suit

The suit is particularly suitable for stacking design, especially with shirts as the best.


Essence Among them, the shirt is stacked to expose the inside as possible, making the shape more layered and full of personality.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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