Due to the tension of the housing area today, the bathroom space is not enough or the balcony has no water, which causes the washing machine to have no place. Many people think of the kitchen, the kitchen has water, and it is more appropriate to put a washing machine. Generally, the washing machine is hidden in the cabinet, so that it does not take up space and maintains beauty.

洗衣机橱柜一体设计 实现厨房多功能

The area of ​​the kitchen is somewhat irregular. It uses the wall trend to customize the appropriate overall cabinet to hide the washing machine in the floor cabinet and perfectly blend with the cabinet. It does not affect the cooking of the kitchen and easy to clean the clothes.

The operating table is extended at the corner of the cabinet. The kitchen supplies such as rice cookers and induction cookers can be placed on the countertop. The washing machine was reserved on the stage. The kitchen space was fully used to solve the dilemma of the laundry machine nowhere to place.

This small kitchen adopts a one -shaped cabinet design, and the floor cabinet hanging cabinet combines strong storage space; the high and low design of the floor cabinet plays a functional partition role, distinguish the cooking area from the laundry, and does not interfere with each other. The washing machine hidden under the table and was integrated with the entire cabinet.

Today, home appliances are embedded in the main decoration method of kitchen appliances. Embering electrical appliances in the cabinet can not only save space, but also beautify the environment, and it is convenient to use. As shown in the picture above, the washing machine was embedded in the cabinet, forming the whole with the cabinet, and it did not feel unusual, and the beauty did not affect the use.

If the kitchen space is large enough, high -power electrical appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines can be included in the kitchen. As long as the layout is reasonably planned, the kitchen can be made into multi -functional places. Reserve the location of the electrical appliances reasonably, and the washing machine and refrigerator are perfectly incorporated into the cabinet to achieve the practicality and aesthetics brought by integrated design.

On one side of the double -shaped cabinet is the cooking area, and on the other side is the storage and other functional areas. As shown in the figure, the small floor cabinet is designed with symmetrical forms, leaving space in the middle and placing washing machines. The upper operation table can be prepared for meals, or small appliances such as stew cookers and induction cookers can be placed. The overall beauty is beautiful, and it is very practical.

洗衣机橱柜一体设计 实现厨房多功能

This kitchen uses Liangzhu to separate the kitchen from the cooking area and storage area and laundry area to make the kitchen space richer. The combination of floor cabinet hanging cabinets has added a lot of storage space. The washing machine and the floor cabinet are integrated. The fuselage and the cabinet are perfectly fitted. It does not take up space and is convenient for laundry. It does not affect the cooking operation of the kitchen.

If you also want to put the washing machine in the kitchen, you must choose a drum washing machine with a small volume and not how much area. The washing machine is embedded in the cabinet to determine the size in advance, reserved a suitable space, and it is best to choose a washing machine with drainage to facilitate the discharge of wastewater.

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洗衣机橱柜一体设计 实现厨房多功能

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洗衣机橱柜一体设计 实现厨房多功能

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