The redness is not old, and the youth is not influenced. People don’t have their own people to middle age, even the hair is not controlled, and they will leave their house. In the past, people envied the top and smart people, but now they are envious of the full of you. I used to float in the past, and now I have a few monolithic seedlings. I dared to drum all kinds of hairstyles, who dared to touch my hair now. As the age is growing, the hair on the head is getting more and more sparse, the hair on the ground is like a movie, the hairline is growing, and the skull is increasingly presented.

Experts pointed out that hair loss is due to internal and external factors, the internal factors are mainly nutrient, metabolic abnormalities, hormone disorders, endocrine disorders, emotional disorders, high pressure, excessive or genetic factors. The external factors are mainly seasonal factors, chemical residues, external force stimulation, environmental pollution or fungal infections. It is a multifacence of hair loss, the more you are in a hurry, the more you get the hair; you more care, the hair is not given. Therefore, it is necessary to have a bit of Buddha’s spirit. The troubles are not natural, and there is no naturality. Look at it, look at the frankier, see the world, eat well, sleep, play, want to open, I believe that the hair will return again.

Keep a good habit

It is best to clean 2 to 3 times a week, too much washing is not conducive to hair growth. Shampoo should choose a non-stimulated regular product, it is best to replace the brand after a period of time, and the two brands can be used alternately.

Before cleaning

To comb, the water temperature should be appropriate, can’t be too cold, the shampoo should be fully squatted to the hair.




To properly push the head with your fingers, don’t use nails to scratch, easy to destroy hair follicles, accelerate hair loss. Do not let them contact the scalp when using the conditioner, and finally the hair is necessary to rinse, shampoo or conditioner residue will block the hair follicle, and increase the hair loss.

After cleaning


To press the wet hair with a good cotton towel with a good water-absorbent, suck dry, don’t pull it, it is best to dry. If you need to use a hair dryer, you should pay attention to the temperature can’t be too hot. The hair is not too close to the hair, and the time does not have too long. Everyday, try not to be dyed or perm, the curls and straight hair clips are preferably not used, too tight ponytails and hair distribution will also increase hair loss. Long-haired sisters can try as short as possible within the scope of acceptance, summer sun sunscreen, more umbrella, and wear a hat.

Keep balanced nutrition

As the saying goes the best hospital is the kitchen, the best medicinal material is food. For the raising, everyday diet is also very important. To eat less spicy and greasy food and sweets, don’t smoke drink. To keep nutrition balance, don’t pick it up. Meat, egg, milk can supplement the protein required for the development, fresh fruit vegetables can supplement the vitamins, black sesame, peanuts, jujubes needed to raise the hair, and can pour the iron. Many sisters who love the beauty use low-carbon water to lose weight. This method of do not eat staples will increase the hair loss. Nutrition can not affect the new metabolism and hair nutrition supply, less, more, natural hair is increasing Sparse. Diet is a long but healthy process, slowly, don’t worry.

Keep the law

Go to bed early and get up early, work and rest combination. Plenty of sleep can promote metabolism, often staying up late, will only increase hair loss, growing white hair. A three meal timing is quantified, and the habit of developing the timeline defecation. Exercise properly, can either relieve stress and enhance immunity. Reduce playing computer, watching TV, can reduce their radiation of scalp, but also protect your eyes. Adhere to your sleeping foot, which is both beneficial to sleep, and can raise it. In addition, you can prepare a width round head of the peach, the woolen comb, do not use the plastic comb, combing the massage in the direction of hair, strength, each other, at least two minutes, this helps to promote the blood circulation of the head . The law is lawful, the mood will also relax, the emotions are natural and stable, which has a promotion of the hair.

I don’t want to become a good greasy and uncle’s mother, we have practiced, for the road to the war, don’t give yourself a psychological line, don’t give yourself a psychological pressure, put a flat mind, relax, Buddha’s hair Start from now.

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