I believe that for the soft girl, Lolita’s style must be their primary choice! Especially this year, Lolita’s style has been sought after by many people and has become more and more popular.

But to perfectly present the sweet and cute Lolita style, not only to rely on gorgeous costumes, many Lolita’s accessories are also very important! Especially to have a pair of sweet and cute Lolita -style single shoes! At present, more and more shoes are used to match Lolita, but not every one is beautiful enough.

In this issue, I will share with you a few sweet and cute Lolita -style single shoes, elegant and playful and cute, the cute artifact must be a must -have for soft cute girls! Let’s take a look together!

The tongue of this sandals is embellished with a bow, which adds a sense of beauty, while highlighting the sweet and cute femininity.


Combined with the selection of round head design, the legs are easily stretched, and the image of the goddess of long legs is perfectly shaped. Coupled with the closing method of the word buckle to make the upper foot not picking the foot type, more comfortable and free.

This fashionable sandals are particularly simple to match daily. The upper body selects a sleeveless loose plaid jacket skirt to easily show a slender arm curve, setting off the beauty of the body. With this sandals, swaying in the steps, it looks more agile and casual.

These pairs of Lolita single shoes. The design of the Baotou version is very fashionable.

The oblique ring buckle design is convenient to wear. The use of high -quality soles is very comfortable to wear on your feet!


Sandals can be said to be a must -have item in every exquisite pig girl shoe cabinet. It is a kind of enjoyment in summer. This sandals adopt a design sense, so don’t like it too much. The elements of the shoe oblique buckle are versatile and fashionable.


This girl’s single shoes full of Lolita style selected wine red to set off in color tones, showing the French elegant retro style.

The lace embellishment of the upper shows innocence and innocence without losing elegance and playfulness. The design of the butterfly knitting point adds a clever kawaii style. Combined with soothing rubber materials, it has greatly improved the safe out index!

This sandals, the main theme of the sweet girl, is a very romantic and beautiful atmosphere, whether it is red or such pure white!

The effect of reducing the upper body is extremely significant. Supplemented with eye -catching bows, full of playful and cute charm.

The thickened rubber soles easily stretched the proportion of the legs. Cross -ups are treated with sexy and seductive charm. The adjustable buckle can self -adjust the degree of tightness.

This soft girl -style sandals with a cuteness with a cute atmosphere. Shoes are designed by small and medium heels, which not only increased a lot, but also guarantee the stability of walking.


The lotus leaf edge of the upper and a fixed small bow, very sweet and cute! The ribbon decoration can be wrapped on the feet by itself to modify your feet.


With these sweet sandals, it is easy to match the image of a soft cute girl.

The upper body printed and kimonal cardigan, with a strap pleated skirt, exudes a retro style as a whole.

It also showed a cute and playful sense, and finally wrapped the sandals on the feet, which was very elegant.

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