Ten years ago, my dad was very enthusiastic about sucking the ceiling light. Press the switch to change the color once. The hand speed is fast.

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It was my turn to decorate myself, and I took all the related to the purchase of the other categories. The other categories were handy, but the ceiling light was stuck for a long time.

The minimalist style of the big brand sucking the ceiling light is not suitable for my family’s style. If you want to order features, the process of searching is like a sea of ​​needles.

I wondered, this treasure, known as a certain treasure, can’t let me pick one

Good -looking and reliable

Is the ceiling light?

Today I will talk to you, in the process of buying ceiling lights, some of the dry goods I have dug. There are recommended styles at the end of the article. Those who want to see violent recommendation can slide directly.

In Chinese families, ceiling lights are the most fragrant

Among the fans who live in Fan’er, although many people have no main lights, there are not a few on the main lights of the team.

In fact, whether there is a main light or a main lamp, the core of the lighting is: 1. Brightness 2, there are levels


There is a main light that does not mean to sacrifice the atmosphere of the space. Multi -point cloth lights are the essence.

We have written a lot about lighting design. You can read the “Lighting” in the background.

The reason why everyone likes to suck the top lamp is nothing more than: 1. Worried about the level of the layer 2. Good cleaning and taking care of 3, saving money and practicality


From the perspective of design, the top lighting light is soft and uniform, and it is also very suitable for small spaces, elderly and children’s rooms.

Similarly, it is recommended that you use other lights to create a sense of layering.

Why are rare and beautiful ceiling lights?

On the one hand, many good -looking lamps are copied abroad, but Europeans and Americans do not have a cold on ceiling lamps. There is no historical heritage nor a applicable environment.

IKEA did not suck the top lights before, and later designed several models for the Chinese market.

There are only 31 ceiling lights on the official website, half of the number of chandeliers.

Photo source: IKEA

On the other hand, everyone was really scared by the layer.

Blind the ceiling light pursuing thinness! Thin! Thin!


Especially after the popularity of LED technology, it is obsessed with Bo, except for Okamoto Durex, it is a variety of style ceiling lamps.


But we feel,

The core reason why the top light is not good -looking is! Yes! too! Thin! It’s!

Don’t be super thin


As a main light, if it is too thin and there is no sense of volume, it is easy to hold the field.

And when the lightness encounters plastic materials, the cheap sense does not run away.

There is also a part here


The composition is because the ultra -thin plastic ceiling lamp is cheap, usually the landlord’s choice.

When you see this kind of light, it will naturally make people feel like a rental house.

In the same way, many people cannot accept small white bricks because many public toilets used to use it before.

Seeing this retro mosaic, conditional reflection thinks of Hong Kong -style tea restaurants.


Therefore, our suggestion is: even if it is sucking the top lights, we must brush the sense of presence.


Since you want to pursue stimuli, implement it in the end, and take it directly as a decoration!

At least 10cm of thickness can bring a visual weight, and it is easier to make diverse shapes.

If you must choose ultra -thin top lights, then you have to be beautiful.

Although it is also ultra -thin, it is not stingy because the area is large enough.

If it becomes smaller in percentage, it is obviously timid.


To what extent is it appropriate? The diameter range of the lamp should be 1/10 to 1/8 of the size of the diagonal diagonal of the space.

Simply sorted out a form for your reference. Remember that the power must be seen with the luminous.

Lamp diameter

Power (brightness)

Application area


Applicable space


16W (about 1900LM)





26W (about 3100LM)


Bedroom/study room



42W (about 5000LM)


Living room/bedroom



56W (about 6700LM)




80W (about 9600LM)



Choose a thunder area with ceiling lights

When picking the top lights, there are the following lightning areas. Please avoid it precisely.

1. Too cheap plastic lamps

This cheap ceiling lamp is very poor, not to mention that the workmanship is relatively inferior, and the gap is very easy to get ashes.

Speaking of the material texture, it looks more HMMMMMM.

If the budget is not high, then it is better to choose fabric and paper lamps.

2. Ultra -thin top lamp with color

In the past few years, the ultra -thin top lamps with colors were popular. Recently, it has been light luxury, and it has to be set with the lamp.

This shape is embarrassing, it looks flat, and it is difficult to notice it.

The point is that it is really difficult to buy back.

Unless it is like the picture below (yes is this picture again),

There are also large -scale colors echoing on the ceiling and walls


The atmosphere was immediately full.

If you do n’t believe it, do we replace the ceiling of this picture with white?

“New Chinese -style ceiling lamp” is also the hardest hit area of ​​this shape. Can you reach the Chinese -style soul? Big NO Special NO!

3. The strange shape of the easy rollover

Although we say that the main light must have a sense of presence, do not choose some strange shapes.


Hunting is a taboo for choosing lights and even the entire decoration


There are many examples of turning over for “new differences”.

For example, this kind of ceiling lamp below is dizzy when looking at the annual rotation.

Looking at the lower part of the high -level modern wind, look up, and the tree is cooked on the tree.

The narrowing ratio is the cake of the ninety birthday of grandma.

If you want to take a minimalist at home, make the design of the main lights honestly, or choose a weak smart ceiling lamp.

If you want to be a new Chinese style, you can easily find things similar to this kind of fish play, Caiyun Daiyue …


Children’s furniture is also a home aesthetic disaster area. Brands and parents always stand on their own perspective, thinking that children will like this so -called “innocent” design.


But in fact, these weird ceiling lamps can only lower your face value, and it is not conducive to cultivating children’s aesthetics.

In terms of styling,

Round, ellipse is better than square


With the square changes or decorative squares, it is better than a square that is nothing.

The ceiling is already horizontal and vertical, and the top lights are selected for a regular look, and the overall view of the space will appear rigid.


If the non -square is not available, the three -dimensional square combination below is good, but it depends on whether the lines at home are enough.


4. Cold light and color -changing ceiling lamp


Not to mention that we (including national specifications) do not recommend cold white light with color temperature exceeding 4000K, cold white light with white ceiling lights will definitely make the entire home cold.

And the kind of three -color adjustable, the color changing ceiling lights that change the color temperature at one time are the minefields in the lightning area.

Not to mention, you have to press three times every time to adjust to your favorite light. It is mainly to stay at home. When you need other color temperature, it is really very very small.

And the color of this kind of discolored lamp is generally poor, and the price is more expensive than ordinary lamps.

There are no differences that you choose


Color temperature 2700K ~ 3000K



No gray, and be beautiful again!

Common ceiling lights are buckled on the ceiling, and naturally do not accumulate ashes, but if you want other styles, it is recommended that you choose this.


First of all, expand the vision, let

Short -arm chandelier

Incorporating the option, it is between the ceiling lamp and the chandeliers, and there is a certain height, and the top will not be against the ceiling.

There will be short stents (not lamp lines) between the base and the lamp.


It not only avoids the problem of high chandeliers, but also has certain decoration.

The base is close to the lamp on the ceiling, and the shape is

Bell type, waterfall type or spherical shape

In short, the vertical structure is the main, and the lines are smooth, and it will never fall ashes.

The horizontal structure does not have too many planes, with only some lines of lights, like this Globen Lighting Ray Ceiling Light.

Picture source: Globen Lighting

There is also the straw hat lamp below, all of which are thin lines, not easy to accumulate ashes.

It was originally a chandelier, but it was not ugly.

The plane of this ceiling lamp is hollowed out, and naturally it will not be ashes.

Picture source: Living Fan’er Super Home Mall real shot Taichang Sunshine Flat Light

The structure like below is simply ash.

We don’t know what the designer thinks, anyway, it is difficult for me to accept it.


Finally, you need to pick the lampshade and the base tightly. There is no open gap to avoid the ash and small bugs inside.

A few plastic ceiling lamps with a dozen pieces of plastic. The gap is very large, so it is very easy to fly in.

Photo source: Living Fan’er self -photographed

According to style matching materials

If you want to suck the ceiling light and the environment high, you can look at it from the material.


The most common top lighting lights on the market are two major camps.

The first is materials with light texture, convenient shape, and relatively low price, such as acrylic (PMMA), plastic (PVC), and thermoplastic resin (PE). It is also recommended for good and uniform acrylic materials.

Most of these materials are white, reliable and versatile. If your family does not matter, you can use it with peace of mind.


For example, the lamp with a rounded shape and heart is suitable for the light color and soft atmosphere.


The light material, which is also lightly made of a new Chinese, Japanese -style style, and silent home.

There are also more special fabrics, grass, and bamboo lampshades, which are suitable for the popular ground wind in recent years.

The other is a thick metal material. In recent years, the hottest is brass.

Comes with dazzling traits, and put a proper visual focus on home.


Generally, the brass is made of a base and the glass is a lampshade.

The transparent glass and protein stone glass, the former has a lot of tricks, frosted, striped, cracks, water ripples, hand -blowing is better than the texture of the mechanism;

The latter is more gentle whether it looks like or emitted. Both are suitable for retro style, light luxury style, American style and French style.

Pay attention to the entire copper material of the industry standard H65 to reduce the possibility of rust and fading.

In addition to brass, iron, steel and other materials are even more niche, but if your home is industrial or MCM wind, you may wish to try to emphasize the sense of space and cosmic.

Of course, the materials above are only recommended, and you have to follow the tone of your own home.


For example, my porch area is to cooperate with the ground to pick a cement -making ceiling lamp.

If you want to emphasize the overall style, you can echo the other soft furnishings in the home with the material of the lamp.

Violent recommendation

Here are some ceiling lamps that are adapted to common styles

(No wide, but only recommended styles)

Essence The top two are my own money.

Changle sucking lights ️ light light lamps


Cementing top lamp 本 ️ Local creation BENTU

Solklin brass glass lamp © ️ IKEA

Simple ceiling lamp ️ Taichang Sunshine


Cloud -sucking lights 月 ️ Moon Shadow Lights

Lisbien Paper Camel Suissure © ️ IKEA

Simple ceiling lamp 光 ️ 灯 灯 简

Metal glass ceiling lamp ️ Picking Picking up the Light

Metal flying saucer lantern ️ Jue Rui Lighting Flagship Store

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Living room/bedroom

Living room/bedroom

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