The Marlon Wallet is basically a brand that everyone knows. It is very popular and the grade is very high. It is also very good as a gift to send friends. Let me talk about it below

How much is Montblanc Wallet?

What is the price of Marlon Wallet?

Montblanc Wallet Price

The price of Wanbao’s wallet is generally around 1,000 to 4,000, which is similar to the price of wallets of other luxury brands. Some friends who like it can enter one to see, and the quality is still very good.

How about Marlon Wallet

For the first time I bought a men’s wallet, I haven’t paid attention to Wanbao Long’s wallet before. I accidentally saw that the LOGO of the six -mang star is so handsome! The leather is really good to touch it, and the packaging value is also very high!

I am super super super super super superb, and I feel awesome! Although it is not a brand that specializes in bags, the wallet is very good -looking and very decent. My philosophy is at least one brand must have one first.

万宝龙钱包一般多少钱 一般在一千到四千左右

I like Xiaobaihua who has no reason. I ran several counters and Ole. They all saw the style that was too favorite, either there were only six or eight -card litchi patterns. Essence Finally found this, two large banknote positions, two grids, six cards, and classic large class series. It is said that the surface pattern is only used worldwide. Is the domestic counter 2900 or 3200 forgotten. The official website of South Korea is 400 knives. It was brought back to friends and people, and used VIP and points. The last 240 knife was 1700, which was very good. #p#subtitle#E#

How to think about the true and false of Marlon Wallet

1: Look at the depth of pattern

The patterns on the fake wallets are almost the same as that, so just looking at patterns and patterns can no longer be used as a basis for distinguishing authenticity. If your eyesight is strong enough, you will also find that the pattern of the real Monogram of the genuine product is mixed with the coffee, and the fake wallet is completely brown.

Method 2: Pick up the cable

The line of the real wallet is made of fibrous fiber with very good elasticity, so careful friends can send the southern car line to obviously present wicker shape, and it is the thicker texture. Line, so there will be no thick wicker lines.

Method 3: Check the internal cloth quality

The inside of the real wallet is made of canvas, and the pattern is thick and there are obvious texture, but the cloth pattern of the fake wallet is more vague, and the obvious cloth structure is not seen.

Method 4: Platform number number

Speaking of the inside of the bag, there will be a piece of skin in the small inner bag in the bag with a unique number of a real wallet with a real wallet. The fake wallet will not be available, and the location will be wrong. In addition, the leather used in the real wallet includes the leather pattern of this small leather. The skin of the skin used in the fake wallet will be unnatural.

How to choose a wallet

Select according to the material of the wallet. If you want to say what material men’s wallet looks noble and durable, then you must count the wallet made of the head layer of cowhide. We know that the quality of the first layer of cowhide is the best. Whether the high -quality men’s wallet is fabric or linny, all layer cowhide manufacture is used to ensure the grade and durability of the product; and cheap High imitation men’s wallets are often just made of cowhide, and the linked will be replaced by PU rubber to replace it. This is a good charge. This is what everyone must pay attention to when buying.

Choose according to shallow practicality. Ordinary men’s wallets can be used to place banknotes and bank cards. With the continuous development of wallet style design, some practical men’s wallets are more complete in design. For example, the design of the card slot is greatly increased, and the location of the card slot has also greatly increased. And there are zipper design, which is more in line with the image of modern men.

The leather wallet, like shoes, is an active substance in another form. It uses the same cortex wallet every day, which can easily cause the elasticity of leather, so it should be used in several interaction like shoes; You can use dry towels to dry water first, and there are some things like newspapers, magazines and other things, and do not expose it directly in the sun. That will make your beloved wallet fade and deform.