The house has been living for a long time, and a variety of electrical appliances will be added at home. Some are purely “IQ taxes”. They do not want to buy a second time, such as bean sprout machines, fruit and vegetable disinfection machines. Can’t go back, such as smart toilets.


The content I shared for you in this issue is suitable for friends who are lazy and yearn for life like me, because now I have been staying in for more than 2 years. I think these 6 home appliances can greatly enhance the happiness of life. If you renovate, you will buy it again.




To us,


The dishwasher is the most happy home appliance at home, none



Because the dishwasher is not only liberating hands, but the focus is on cleaning! Stainless steel pots, ceramic cups, large woks, seasoning bottles, etc. can all be put in and washed. Even the oil that is difficult to clean, it is clean and new.

Especially the glass or stainless steel tableware, after washing, the light tiles are bright without leaving water marks, and this effect cannot be achieved at all.

When I bought it, I wanted to choose 10 sets, but many of my friends said that the dishwasher capacity should be bought a little bit, so that I can wash the pan -toas and wash machine filters. The final 15 sets, the large wok and the 2 stainless steel soup pot were put in, and the space was more than enough. After washing, dry and disinfect it, and take it out very assured.

In the past, when I washing machine filters, people felt unable to start. Either wearing mask gloves, and then washing with chemical oil pollutants for a long time. Now just remove it and put it in the dishwasher, and take it out to clean it, which is surprising.


It is not troublesome to install the dishwasher, as long as the water and electricity location is reserved. Some models need to raise the kitchen table. We need to pay attention to this point. When we installed, we removed the seal on the cabinet and put it in.

If you regret buying a dishwasher, it is to regret buying it. Now the kitchen washing pots and cutting boards are replaced by the material that can be entered into the dishwasher. Put it in every three forks and wash it, clean and hygienic!

Independent dryer

The dryer should be independent+thermal pump, not to wash the drying machine.

The drying effect of the independent heat pump dryer is better, and there are also


The fluff collector is also more energy -saving. High -temperature drying and sterilization and mites are actually cleaner than the sun.

An invisible small drying rack is installed on the other side of the balcony to solve the needs of a small amount of clothes such as clothes and liberate the balcony. In this way, you can avoid seeing the flowers and green clothes dried on the balcony as soon as you enter the door.

The drying effect of the independent heat pump dryer is much better than that of the washing and drying machine. It is soft and not hard. After baking, it can be worn directly like ironing. Especially when “returning to the south”, the rainy weather, the dryer at home was too happy.


The function of the pipe is also very practical. Each time you open the box of the hipe, it is full of sense of accomplishment. Without using a dryer, you don’t know that there are so many impurities on the clothes you wear every day.


Many people think that the dryer has been used for a long time. Basically, it takes an hour and a half. In fact, a few wool balls can be placed in the dryer, which can shorten the drying time. In addition to the large four -piece set, the amount of normal clothes+six wool balls shortened by 1/3 when dried.



The quality of wool ball should be bought better, otherwise there will be odor or hair loss. In fact, the dryer is not just drying clothes, but also completely liberated the balcony and reduced the drying work. For the southern that is easy to wet, the dryer is really fragrant.


Wireless wipe vacuum cleaner

When choosing a cleaning electrical appliance, considering that the sweeping machine cannot clean the dead corner of hygienic and washing the floor washed, this kind of wireless wiper vacuum cleaner was finally selected, which is equivalent to

1 dust collector+1 wiper machine

, “Wipe back and back” one step, even the mop is saved!

In addition to a standard vacuum cleaner brush, there is also this unique rotating ground brush.


When pushing the machine, the front vacuum mouth can greatly absorb garbage such as hair, dust and debris on the ground. The back -end cleaning cloth can quickly wipe the various types of various on the ground at a speed of 220 rpm/minute. Stains and vacuums in place.

The rotating field brush can be precisely controlled the amount of water out of the two gears, and the clean cloth of the special material is not only cleaner than the manual mopping ground, but also easier. After wiping the floor, it did not dry, and there was no water stain. Some stubborn stains do not need to work hard at all, and the machine stays for a few seconds.

After each time the cleaning cloth is dragged, remove it and wash it with water and wash it. It is much better than ordinary mop.

In addition, its vacuum function is stronger, and the inhalation power of the whole machine is as high as 185AW. This is also the largest vacuum cleaner of the domestic vacuum cleaner. Even the floor gap will not be let go.


The front end also has the function of probe lights, so that when the light at the bottom of the bed or the sofa is not good, avoid incomplete cleaning.

In addition to ground brushes and brushes, common cleaning accessories such as flat mouth suction, wide mouth brush, soft feather brush and electric mite brush brushes are also equipped with common cleaning accessories such as flat -mouth brushes, soft feather brushes and electric mite removal brushes. With the strong suction of the host, it is much easier to get the whole house cleaning and dust removal housework.


The removal and cleaning of the magnetic dust cup is very simple. I personally feel that it is better than many foreign big names. After pouring the garbage, wash it with water and wash it.

There are too many cleaning tools. In addition to the economic burden, it also occupies a storage space, and a suction all -in -one machine is enough.

Kitchen waste disposer

The kitchen waste processor can be said to be the best partner of the dishwasher. It is also very convenient to cook. Eggshells and peels can be directly thrown into the sink, and they are rushed away after the sewer.

After the meal, it became much easier. The remaining vegetable residue was poured into the sink, and the dishes were cleaned directly. Finally, rinse the sink with a pull -up water faucet and clean it.


Especially during the isolation, there is a kitchen waste processor at home. Don’t be too happy! A large amount of kitchen waste in the home will not become a problem of cleaning up, and do not have to worry about the odor of the hot kitchen waste waste, but also provoke small bugs.


Installing the waste waste processor, you need to reserve one more power under the sink, and you can connect to the dishwasher, but the master generally does not recommend it.


Steaming and baking all -in -one machine


Eating like me is a non -baking master. There is a steamed fried oven in the kitchen. It is enough. It can steam and fry and bake. It is simple to get started.


The favorite is steamed buns and flower rolls, which can also ferment. Steamed things are not easy to have water droplets on the food, and the taste is very good.

Steamed eggs, steamed fish, steamed pork ribs, steamed seafood, steamed corn eggs, powder steamed meat and other basic home -cooked dishes. It is simple and not easy to turn over, and steamed vegetables can retain the original flavor and nutritional content of the ingredients.

Although it is not very professional for baking, it can reach a very good level after learning to bake several times.

It can also use the air -fried mode. French fries, chicken wings, grilled chestnuts and sweet potatoes are all the favorite of now. The outer coke is tender, which greatly improves the happiness when cooking.

This steaming oven is not used as a normal oven to bake, and it can also be heated.

Steam will make the box easier to clean,

And the capacity is large, there are two floors of the upper and lower layers, and the family’s stomach can be satisfied.


Fingerprint lock

The fingerprint lock is just an electrical appliance. For me, the anti -theft performance does not pay much attention. The main thing is too convenient. I don’t want to go out to forget to bring the key, the whole person feels a lot easier.


Sometimes I am afraid that there will be any situation at home, such as the rain without windows, water pipes leak water or something, which can easily help others to handle it. It is very practical.

I have stayed for more than 2 years, and I think these 6 home appliances can greatly enhance life happiness! Recommended.