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Recently, the reporter visited the major shopping malls in New Taiwan, and the summer clothing had already been quietly listed. However, due to the unstable weather in the near future, the spring dress is not completely removed, but the posture of discount promotion is “competitive”.

泰安新泰市:夏装早上市 春装忙打折

In a brand in a brand in Xintai City, the summer has occupied a large area of ​​”site” with colorful gestures. At the same time, it also attracted the attention of many consumers while bringing the public.

泰安新泰市:夏装早上市 春装忙打折

According to the salesperson, the summer dress has arrived in the summer, the chiffon shirt, the seven-point sleeve dress, the middle sleeve T-shirt, etc. are the mainstream summer clothes for customers. However, the current price is relatively strong, and the hot clothing and signature clothing do not participate in discounts.

At the same time, the spring dress is also busy. Since the temperature in this spring is repeated, the spring dress is not sold, and it ushered in the peak season of summer sales. Many spring clothes have stopped entering, and also launched discount promotions, many customers come to pick up the spring.

Reporter Dong Yan Yan Guo Wei Pangshan