People are accustomed to using high -temperature liquids with stainless steel water cups, whether water, coffee or tea, but stainless steel water cups with straw function cannot be equipped with high temperature liquid. Why not install high temperature liquid?

There are mainly these two reasons. Stainless steel water cups, especially stainless steel double -layer insulation cups, can not use the temperature of the liquid in the cup from the outside. If the cup lid is changed to a straw structure, people cannot judge the temperature of the liquid in the cup in time. It is easy to cause burns, especially when the vehicle is driving, if such an accident occurs, it will also cause other irreparable major accidents.

The second reason is that the stainless steel double -layer insulation cup is changed to the straw structure. If the high temperature liquid is equipped in the cup, because the high temperature liquid will make the pressure larger in the water cup, at the moment when the cup lid is opened, the pressure releases the high temperature liquid to the high temperature liquid towards towards the direction. External spraying can cause burns to users.

It is recommended that when using a straw insulation cup, the internal liquid temperature should not exceed 50 ° C to avoid the air’s heating and expanding and shaking physical spraying phenomenon.

Why not install high temperature liquid in the stainless steel straw cup


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